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Trouble with harsh burn cCell new coils

Discussion in 'Vaporesso' started by CrazyNight, May 11, 2016.

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  1. CrazyNight

    CrazyNight Senior Member Verified Member

    Sep 10, 2014
    NY USA
    Hi Vaporesso folks, I need your help please. I'm posting here because I'm having trouble with the contact form on your site.

    A few weeks ago I purchased a brand new Vaporesso Target 75 VTC kit with the Target Tank, and also purchased a Gemini Tank as well.

    I immediately fell in love with the whole rig! Fantastic flavor, fantastic coil life with the cCell coils, and I just love the way the mod itself fits in my hand. I love the design and the "trigger" style fire button really works nicely for me.

    BUT now just a few weeks in, something bad has happened / is happening.

    A few days ago I decided to replace the coil in both my Target Tank and my Gemini tank, and in both cases after installing the brand new coils and letting the tanks sit full of juice for an hour (to make sure it had time to soak in to the coil) I got a horrible toxic burnt vape that burns my mouth and lungs instantly. I literally could not take a single full vape from either tank without instantly getting a "burning smoke" that burned my throat & lungs to the point where I almost vomited and it took quite a while for the burning to stop and the terrible taste to clear from my throat & lungs. It felt like I had set a plastic bag on fire and inhaled the smoke from it.

    On the chance that perhaps coincidentally those two coils were defective, I immediately removed them from their respective tanks, fully cleaned the tanks and let them dry overnight, then put brand new coils in each tank yesterday (from 2 different packs of your cCell coils) and let them sit overnight full of juice to seeing if waiting 12 hours for the juice to soak in would fix the issue.

    No luck.

    I have now gone through this process 3 times with each tank, wasting 3 brand new coils in each tank, and each time I get the same result - a severely toxic burning taste that instantly hurts my throat and lungs. It is absolutely 100% not vapeable.

    I know you're probably thinking that I must be doing something wrong, but I'm fairly certain I'm not. I'm actually pretty well experienced now as I've been vaping for over 2 years. I own a wide variety of mods and tanks from Eleaf, Innokin, Kanger, Aspire, and Wismec. I own and use everything from basic VW mods to modern high-end mods with with Temperature Control, Ni, SS, Ti, NC, VW etc... capabilities. I own and use a wide variety of tanks including Kanger Subtank, Toptank, Aspire Nautilus and Triton, Uwell Crown, etc... etc...

    But if you think I'm doing something incorrectly after reading this I'd be happy to receive your input.

    I have a good understanding of safety and proper settings on each mod / tank / coil combination that I use.

    I've now done thorough testing with my Vaporesso Target VTC 75 with my Target Tank and Gemini Tank and have the following detailed info for you:

    The coils I'm using:

    In the Target tank - Vaporesso genuine cCell, 0.9ohm Kanthal
    In the Gemini Tank - Vaporesso genuine cCell, 0.5ohm SS316L

    The batteries I'm using:

    LG HG2 18650, 3000mAh (brand new)
    Efest IMR 18650, 3000mAh (brand new)

    I'm using the proper coils matched to the tanks and I'm using the proper batteries that I use in my other similar mods, and I'm giving ample time for the liquid to soak in to the coils before attempting to vape with them.

    I also make sure to never start out at a high wattage.

    When I install a brand new coil and let the liquid soak in for a couple hours, I start out in wattage mode at 18 watts to slowly break in the new coil and normally work my way up to about 22 - 25 watts once I'm sure the coil is breaking-in nicely.

    But now I've wasted 3 brand new coils in each tank (3x 0.9ohm in the Target Tank and 3x 0.5ohm in the Gemini tank) and with each one I immediately get a very harsh toxic burnt smoke that burns my lungs instead of the fantastic perfect vape I was getting from each tank with the original coils in them.

    As another troubleshooting step - I just removed the Target tank from the Vaporesso Target 75 VTC and placed a Kangertech Toptank with 0.5ohm Kanger Claptop Coil (and same exact juice) on it, and it's vaping perfectly at 22 watts.

    I really love this mod and I really loved my initial experience with the cCell coils in the Target Tank, but can't for the life of me figure out why I'm experiencing this problem with every replacement cCell I put in the Target Tank and Gemini Tank.


    Are there any other reports of this issue coming to you from other experienced vapers?

    Are you aware of anything other than the coils that could be causing this issue?

    Do you know of a defective batch of coils that were manufactured?

    I'm unable to find any firmware upgrades / updates for the device itself.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. Vaporesso_Eve

    Vaporesso_Eve Brand Rep

    Nov 9, 2015
    dear Sir, this is Chelsea from Vaporesso, thanks very much for purchasing Vaporesso products and thanks for your feedback, i am really sorry that we have not got your mail before, i am terriblelly sorry about what you have experienced from the CCELL coil, can you please PM me your email address or can you please email to me, i will take care of the support to you. thank you,sir.
  3. jacoviii

    jacoviii Full Member

    Dec 31, 2015
    independence MO
    hey did you ever get this fixed?
    I'm having the same issues
  4. Kevinik

    Kevinik Full Member

    Apr 12, 2016
    Bought a Gemini Sub Ohm tank and it has just been a big headache for me. It seems the ccell coils are not wicking well on the tank as I get a burning taste at first or after some use. Mind you I have let it soaked for a few minutes and even hours and still I get the bad taste. I have used the included 0.5 and 0.6 but also a 0.9 kanthal coil I bought extra. All have given me burnt out taste with a plastic taste while using in the recommended watt range. This tank was supposed to be great and yet I am just getting all around bad experience.
  5. Vaporesso_Eve

    Vaporesso_Eve Brand Rep

    Nov 9, 2015
    i am sorry for the problem happend, can you please write the details and the photo with your purchase invoice to our support team, thank you in advance.
  6. Vaporesso_Eve

    Vaporesso_Eve Brand Rep

    Nov 9, 2015
    hello, sir, can you please write the details to us, we will help you to fix it :)
  7. CrazyNight

    CrazyNight Senior Member Verified Member

    Sep 10, 2014
    NY USA
    Sorry this is going to be such a long read, but I think it's only fair (and important) to share.

    The good news - the people at Smoore / Vaporesso corporate in China did send me an apology and tried to help me with this, and even eventually sent me some replacements for the money I wasted on the bad coils. Their correspondence (when I could get it in any kind of organized fashion) was very polite.

    The bad news - pretty much everything else, and the experience went like this...

    May 11th 2016:

    I contacted Vaporesso via email through the email form on their web site, and in a direct email to the email address that they suggested for me to use ( and explained the entire story / problem in great detail.

    I received an email reply from stating exactly the following:

    Hi Sir,
    Sorry for your trouble. Thank you for your feedback. We should do better.
    Sorry, some rarely happened before. Now we have solved this problem.
    I think it is because the coils don't wick well.

    We know and solve this issue. But some early products may have this issue.

    That's literally the entire response I received.

    May 12th 2016:

    I sent a detailed reply thanking them for their acknowledgement, but asking for solution (perhaps replacement coils) and I provided photos of the Vaporesso products I purchased along with a detailed list of each item, along with my contact info / shipping info in hopes that they would send me some of the supposed "solved problem" properly working coils.

    Several hours later - I then called the phone number on the Vaporesso web site above the contact form and they managed to find a nice lady there who could speak English with me, and I explained everything & let her know that I'd sent the email reply with photos and details. The nice lady assured me that they would "take care of" the issue and make things right. However, when she asked me if I sent my message to and I said yes, we spent about 15 minutes going back & forth in circles only to come to the conclusion that she could not access to read the follow-up email I'd just sent, but she promised that she would go have someone find my message and reply to my message right away, and would send replacements.

    (Keeping in mind this was by now about 8:45am their time in Shenzhen China on May 13th).

    The business day (in China) then passed and I did not receive the email response that the nice lady said I would receive, nothing at all indicating that there was any follow-through after my two emails from May 11th/12th nor the 8:45am (Shenzhen time) business morning phone call.

    May 14th:

    After still not receiving any contact and no follow-up to the second email & call, I decided to take Chelsea up on her offer (2nd post up further in this thread) to contact her directly at for assistance. I sent her an email briefly re-explaining all of the above.

    May 15th:

    I received a nice email reply from Chelsea with a polite apology and she said "i will arrange to send the newest non-defective coils to you right away". She even said she'd include a "gift mouse pad" as a thank you for my support and "we will let you have the tracking number soon".

    May 16th:

    I replied to Chelsea, thanking her kindly for all her help, letting her know that I was very happy with the Target VTC mod and the Target Tank, and that I would be very grateful to receive the non-defective coils.

    She replied a little later to tell me that they were off duty for the day, but she "will let my assistant to contact you directly for the tracking number tomorrow".

    May 17th:

    I receive another email from Chelsea, this time asking me to provide a form with a list of the coils I purchased and photos of them. (Yeah... the same information I'd already provided in email 3 times at this point, and over the phone 1 time). No tracking number. Just a request for the same info I'd provided on May 11th, 12th, and 13th.

    A bad feeling set in, I decided to cool off before responding so that I would be sure to keep things polite as they had been so far. Keep in mind at this point I had a LOT of money invested - 2 Target VTC mods, 2 Target Tanks, 1 Gemini Tank, 6 packs of cCell coils (not cheap!) and a lot of time invested in the issue itself.

    May 21st:

    I wrote back to Chelsea explaining that I had already provided all of the info she'd asked for, and I still had not received the tracking number that was promised back on May 15th.

    May 22nd:

    I received a copy of an email that Chelsea sent to her assistant in which she urged him to get me the tracking number and to check on the status for me.

    She also apologized to me once more for the delay, and asked me to confirm my shipping information (which I had already provided 4 times by now in 4 different email exchanges going back to May 11th).

    Her assistant chimed in (for the first time) and said he will "send building pad as a gift".

    June 2nd:

    Still no tracking number. Seriously.
    I send an email to Chelsea and her assistant very politely expressing my disappointment over how this is going, and stating that I don't want to be an inconvenience to them but I don't know how much longer they expect me to wait.

    June 3rd:

    I receive an email from Chelsea's co-worker stating that they shipped the corrected coils on May 26th, and miracle of all miracles - provided me with the tracking number!

    June 6th:

    The coils arrived. I was so excited at the prospect of finally being able to use my Vaporesso tanks and looking forward to an awesome experience. But I used patience...

    I primed the diamond-shaped holes of the cCell coils (two for my Target Tanks and one for my Gemini Tank) well with my favorite ADV, carefully installed the coils, filled the tanks, and let them sit OVERNIGHT without so much as even placing them on the Target VTC mod. I was bound and determined that tomorrow was going to be a day of blissful vaping on my awesome new Vaporesso gear that had been sitting there for a month waiting for this...

    June 7th:

    OK, these tanks and with fresh new cCells direct from Smoore / Vaporesso have been sitting overnight soaking in juice and it's showtime!

    I eagerly place one of the Target Tanks on one of the Target mods, and the Gemini Tank on the other. I set the power real low to start (around 17 watts) and take a few draws before pressing the fire button. I tentatively take a few short vapes - couple seconds each - just to prep to break these in.

    AAAAANNNNNND..... yuck :( That familiar taste of toxic burning burning plastic was almost immediately present. I take a few more tentative "pulse" pulls to just draw some vapor into my mouth without inhaling, hoping it's going to "work itself in". I wait a few minutes, then do an actual 3 second pull at 18 watts and immediately gag / choke / feel the burn in my lungs.

    Now, call me a glutton for punishment but I was still hopeful and after waiting a few minutes to recover from that I decided to try once more. No joy.

    Folks - there's a serious problem with these coils.

    June 8th through July 16th - I gratefully vape on my Wismec Reulaeux RX200 with Aspire Triton tanks with Aspire Clapton organic cotton coils for big delicious clouds, my Kangertech TopBox with TopTanks with Kanger OCC coils for practicality when out on errands, and even my Anyvape Furytank 2 with Aspire Clapton coils for in between. All while I've been sitting here wondering what to do with the discouraging Vaporesso stuff. No desire to waste any more time or put any more effort into them, and just feeling so burnt out (no pun intended) on the whole situation.

    And finally had the time today to post this experience. And I'm sorry to say, it's ultimately a disappointing one.

    The last negative thing I have to say is about the Gemini tank - it is it's own worst enemy as a top-fill gone wrong. It leaks if left to sit for a few days, the design is overkill, and even if you can manage to get a non-toxic vape from it, it just can't match others in it's class. Even the Target Tank despite being a bottom fill has it beat.

    I'm absolutely baffled by anyone who can actually get a good experience with these (unless Smoore / Vaporesso accidentally shipped me another "bad run" of cCells... but not likely) , and I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one. There are posts all over the place these day (not just here) from people with the same exact experience with the Vaporesso cCell coils. And while I'm no amateur vaper and have owned a LOT of mods / tanks / coils etc... over the past 2+ years of vaping, this experience with the Vaporesso cCells and Target/Gemini tanks really had me doubting myself at times.

    But not to have this be entirely negative, let me at least say this to Smoore / Vaporesso's credit:

    - I love the Target VTC 75 mod - it's easy on my arthritic hands, very easy to trigger, good solid tight battery cover, and I love the feel of it in general. It's a nice mod and my Kanger TopTank is riding it nicely as I type this.

    - The Target Tank itself is a beauty (for a bottom filler). Maybe I can find a different coil to use in it.

    - Despite some slightly bumbled handling the situation, the folks at Smoore / Vaporesso were very polite to me and they really did try to help. They did, after all, at least send me the replacements.

    - Chelsea was kind enough to reach out here in this thread and offer to assist me, and if she hadn't provided her email address and been so willing to help me, the whole process would have been a lot harder (regardless of the outcome). Thank you Chelsea.

    This post was not intended to bash Vaporesso / Smoore in any way. This is just a factual documentation of exactly what happened. I tried every possible logical proper troubleshooting step along the way that any experienced vaper would have.

    Anyone interested in buying 5 packs of Vaporesso cCell coils for real cheap? And maybe a like-new Gemini tank at half the going price? :confused:
  8. Pete54

    Pete54 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 30, 2009
    Clearwater, Florida
    I have several boxes of cCell coils but have given up on them. When they work, they're great. However, most of the time they don't work. Move on. The design is flawed. I tried the Cerabis Tank. Their ceramic coils work fantastic but the tank leaks like a sieve! Next up will be the Joyetech Ultimo. I hear their ceramic coils are fantastic. We'll see ........................
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  9. cooladdict

    cooladdict Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 28, 2012
    Seahawk Nation
    I love my cCells! I also have the Gemini but mine works flawlessly. No leaking whatsoever. I do agree that there is a long break-in period with the newer cCells. I also let mine sit overnight in a full tank before vaping, but by morning I am in ceramic heaven. I also have the Cerabis and unfortunately mine leaks like crazy, too. I contacted Ceravape directly and they are super nice and extremely helpful. They are already working on a re-design of those coils to try and resolve the leak issue. It's a bummer because I bought a 6-pack of coils when I bought the Cerabis and it looks like I won't be able to use them. I might try modifying one of them by adding an extra O ring, though.

    I also have an Ultimo (and a box of ceramic coils) on preorder. I was a little gun shy because ceramic tech is still a work in progress but I couldn't help myself, lol. When it works right, there is nothing better than a ceramic coil! :)
  10. miltos manolas

    miltos manolas New Member

    Oct 12, 2016
    very very bad coils i never buy anymore vaporesso coils ..i taste all coils from vaporesso and has the same problem burnt taste all....why vaporesso you shell this .... to pepole why u dont see this coils has problem with burnt taste always.stop shell this .... pls
  11. ProNetGuru

    ProNetGuru New Member

    Nov 1, 2016
    I was experiencing the same dry hit and burnt issue periodically for months using ccells in my super tank. It was never a regular issue , but definitely one that would pop up from time to time for me. What I recently discovered is that I was screwing the top on too tightly. Once I loosened the top , maybe 1/32 to 1/16 of a turn, my issues disappeared completely.

    Hope this helps someone!
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  12. I am Annie

    I am Annie New Member

    Nov 28, 2016
    I bought a packet of 5. Threw the first two away because i thought they were defective. Now I'm on the third one. Here's what I've done:

    Wednesday: I started out with this coil on Wednesday night before going to bed, when I primed the coil as usual, adding drops to all the honeycombs as well as the ceramic bit in the inside, and letting it sit in a FULL tank, with the juice flow open 100% overnight. If this isn’t overkill with priming a coil then I’m not sure what is!

    Thursday (day1): I started at 20W in the morning and slowly brought it up. Was vaping at 23W and almost threw it in the bin. Then switched over to cigarettes to curb my frustrations.

    Friday (Day2): I’ve been running this coil at 15W taking short, quick puffs to avoid coughing up a lung, for the better part of the day and around 15:00 the flavor FINALLY started coming through. I also started applying a trick I read about on a forum, whereby you block the air vents with your fingers, then blow into the tank, building up some pressure, and then letting go of the air vents, thus expelling the air all in one go. This seems to help saturate the ceramic and I can taste an immediate difference for the next one or two puffs. So, I’ve been doing this puff puff blow routine since Friday, combined with vaping at a meagre 15W, slowly ramping it up with about 1W per 2 hrs. Very tedious but hey, I’m desperate.

    Monday (Day5): Currently I’m sitting at 22W and I still have to do the puff, puff, blow routine in order to keep the ceramic wet. I usually vape my Target at 27W so this is a real disappointment.

    I've sent Vaporesso emails but haven't heard anything back.
  13. I am Annie

    I am Annie New Member

    Nov 28, 2016
    What do you mean with "the top"? Are you referring to the tank top which you unscrew when you fill the tank??
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