Twisted Flavors Coconut Macaroons


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Sep 19, 2022
    Setup: DL RTA tank, 27W
    The 10m aroma arrived in a frank little box in a glass vial. The bottle does not have a dropper, so pay attention to that. After opening, the scent of coconut cookies almost wafts out of it, which can make some people salivate . I mixed it at 10% and left it to mature for two weeks for the delicious dessert-flavored aroma. After the first test, I immediately thought of the Cossack cap cake. It's not as sweet as cookies, but it's very similar in taste and smell. Coconut on the inside, and cookie flavor orgy on the outside. You can feel all the flavors in it, none of them overwhelms the other. I think it is safe to increase the mixing percentage to 12-14%, for those who want to bring out more couscous and stronger flavors. The soft sweetness, the coconut magic and the mysterious cake, it's all there in this aroma. Whether it's a macaron, a couscous cake or a Cossack hat, it's definitely worth a try for dessert lovers


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