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Dec 20, 2010
UK based company. I use them in my MTL vape - Nautilus Mini with standard 1.8ohm BVC coils around 12W.

Pinkman - 50/50, 6mg. Just an amazing, summer fruit perfect summer vape. Pure summer fruits, very clean taste and good vapour, cannot say more, just very full flavoured, fruity and clean. Consistent flavour and hit every time.

Dusk. 60/40. 6mg. Raspberry sherbet lemonade. Lovely refreshing lemonade flavour but a bit sugar heavy so tough on the coils. Also can run a bit hot, so you get a fabulous flavour going but the vapour can be a bit hot but not painfully so. Still a good liquid though would probably not buy again as Pinkman has the fruit liquid just perfectly done and the next one I will mention below has the tart / fruity flavour down to a tee, making Dusk a bit redundant.

Rhubarb and Custard. 60/40 6mg. Winner winner, chicken dinner!
Just like the boiled sweets. Down to a tee. Starts off an the inhale with a pure blast of sweet and tart rhubarb, literally spot on, nailed it. Don't get much custard (buy this for a sweet fruity vape, not as a custard) except a tiny hint at end of exhale.

These are the best non sub ohm liquids I have ever tried. VV, they nail each flavour, flavour is very strong and never lacking, plentiful, bountiful would be words to describe the flavour hit. The 60/40 or 50/50 is quite thick for a non sub ohm vape and the nautilus Mini can handle them with ease, but I would not try them in lesser MTL tanks, I reckon they would kill an EVOD or clearomiser halfway through a tank, as there is a lot of sugar and the liquids are thick and colourful due to so much flavour. But on the Nauti Mini I'm getting about 12ml before the coil starts to fade, which isn't a lot but hell the flavour is kind of worth it.

Anyway I always like to praise a company that does things as well as they claim on the bottle / website description, and from my experience with Vampire Vape so far with these three liquids, I would say they are - for non sub ohm liquids - one of the best ever, literally. It's the pure cleanness of the taste and strong flavour that really makes these stand above other brands.

I paid £12 for three 10ml bottles of the above, but on their own website, you get 4x 10ml for £12. I will be using VV exclusively in my Nautilus Mini, they are that good and I have never used any one brand exclusively before.

These are that good. A tad hard on coils due to full flavour and colour - Pinkman is a dark pinkish red and Dusk a quite dark red - but worth it.
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