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Vaping vs oral fixation

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Veerdin, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Veerdin

    Veerdin Full Member

    Aug 15, 2013
    Heya, I've only made one thread prior to this (it's very old now and locked) but recently... Something's drawn me back to this forum.

    This is a picture of my lips at present. I linked it because it's pretty gross looking.

    And while it may look like I've spent a week in the sahara without a chapstick, that cracked, dried out and broken effect is a result of something a little more subversive: My oral fixation.

    I've had this as long as I can remember. It's almost entirely about biting and chewing, usually on my lips or the inside of my mouth or my fingernails. In the past, I've even chewed and torn pieces of my own skin off small areas (like the tips of my fingers/top of my thumb). Additionally, things that are in my hand at any one time may find their way to my mouth. I have to stop myself from biting down on several objects and when I look at things I often wonder how it would feel to chew or bite the object, even ludicrous things like bars of metal or ceramics.

    Like many people with this condition, I eat a lot. A lot more than I probably should. Thankfully, my weight stays low thanks to the fact I apparently have a blast furnace for a stomach, but if my father's build tells me anything, it's that my blast furnace gut won't last past the age of 35.

    In addition, I have a nervous tic with my hands. I regularly perform actions known to some people as "stimming" and to almost everybody else as "bloody annoying clicky things all the damn time." I play with butterfly knives, lighters, coins (I have a prefference for hard, metallic objects.) And this has rewarded me with the occasional cut or burn, and a multitude of irritated friends/family members when I drop my 20 cent coin on my hardwood desk for the umpteenth time that hour.

    To curb these urges, I usually find myself either chewing gum to an almost compulsive degree (or snacking on something) and typing a lot of stuff on the computer. However, when it comes to the biting thing, gum is no longer cutting it for a number of reasons. Number one being that I've still found myself biting and chewing my own mouth and lips even with two bits of gum between my teeth. And secondly, constantly having mint flavour coating my tongue is starting to wear thin.

    So here I am... E-Cigs. However, I am nervous about even loading up an E-Cig company website right now. Not because of the potential health risks it might incur or the cost or anything... But because of how other people may react.

    Because I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I'm not trying to quit a life threatening habit or lower my risk of needing a lung transplant. I've never been through the hardship and pain that goes along with cigarette addiction. Never have I woken to my home smelling like an ashtray as I hack up blood into the sink and get a text from somebody telling me they don't want me around due to the stench.

    I don't know what any of that feels like... And I feel as though taking up vaping will earn me some pretty harsh judgement from people who do know those feelings...

    Naturally, before posting this I looked for people having similar issues. And what I saw was... unpleasant. There seems to be an almost hostile attitude towards non-smokers who take up vaping. And I can understand where it's coming from. To some, it may be like seeing a man with fully functioning limbs sitting in a wheelchair to get around because it's "more fun that way" or something to that regard. Feeling like these people are somehow... I don't know... undermining the hardship that therapy-vapers have gone through? I understand it, but I also sort of don't.

    So help me out here. Every time I see and hear about E-Cigs, I think of how perfect they could be to break this annoying oral fixation of mine. But every time I look up "0-nic E-Cigs" or "E-Cigs for oral fixation" I see the same attitudes time and time again. Ex-smokers who took up vaping as an alternative becoming hostile and defensive in reaction to a non-smoker even bringing the subject up. I want to give this a try, and I'd love to be able to do it without being seen as one of "those" people. You know the sort, right?

    Is that even possible?

    Gah, I shouldn't get worked up over things like this, but I do. So please, can I get some opinions? Is it really such a heinous crime for a non-smoker to take up vaping? Or am I just being sensitive?

  2. Megs

    Megs Senior Member Verified Member

    Apr 10, 2014
    Oswego, NY, USA
    I say vape on, man. I was never what I'd call a smoker - I at most smoked socially. But smoking helped with my eating disorder, and a big part of that was the oral fixation. I've found that even while vaping zero nic, I have almost none of the old behaviors. I can actually wear lipgloss nowadays without it just highlighting the shreds of skin from chewing, and I have fingernails above the quick for the first time in my adult life. It also helps with my attention and anxiety issues. I'm sure you'll be able to find a mod that would fill the ticket for something to keep your hands busy, too.

    The bottom line is that vaping, for all of us, is about filling a need. For most that need is a reduced-harm nicotine inhalation method, but for others it is about other things. Start vaping, and see if it improves your health - that's the entire danged point in the first place!
  3. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2012
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    Why should e-cig devices be limited to only smokers trying to quit smoking. The technology should be available for other uses as well. It's rather arrogant and narrow-minded of some vapers to look down on other adults who choose to somehow benefit from these devices.

    Do your research on ecigs and make up your own mind on whether you could benefit from the technology. CASAA is an excellent resource.
  4. SingedVapor

    SingedVapor Flavor-Chaser Verified Member ECF Veteran

    As a long time smoker and nail biter I one hundred percent agree that vaping can be used to help oral fixation habits. When I smoked I wouldn't bite my nails. When I bite my nails I wouldn't smoke. It's all hand to mouth. Slowly but surely I've stopped biting my nails since I started vaping (and quit smoking too) now it just have to wait for them to grow back out. I can understand exactly where you are coming from and empathize with you. If you want to vape go ahead and vape and everyone can mind there own **** business about why you are doing it. :D


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  5. EleanorR

    EleanorR Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Feb 9, 2011
    Treasure Coast
    Try it -- that's the only way you'll know if it helps you.

    BTW, it sounds like you may have a form of pica, an obssesive/compulsive disorder, for which there are medications. Have you ever talked to a doctor about your "oral fixation"?
  6. Dissonance

    Dissonance Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 30, 2013
    Dayton, OH, USA
    As far as the stigma that applies to people that vape and never smoked cigs... That's pretty common. Hell, I switched from smoking hookah (at least 2 bowls a day, overall 3-10 hours a day spent smoking) and my very first post on here I had people telling me to move on since I never smoked cigs. Ended up ignoring them and switching to vaping, and couldn't be happier with that decision.

    Now as for if it's right for you... You really gotta look at all the pros and cons. Vaping is (as far as we can tell, and all logic dictates) healthier than smoking, but it's probably not without risks. I personally wouldn't recommend the average person to start vaping if they aren't addicted to nicotine, to avoid any unknown risks. You're the only person that can decide if taking unknown risks is worth it over your oral fixation. You are going to get people that won't understand why you started vaping, since you never smoked. You might get people that think you picked up vaping just to look "cool". If that's something you can't deal with, then you're going to have to find another way to deal with it. In the end it's your problem, your body, your money, your decision. If you think it'll help improve your life to a degree worth taking up the risk of the unknown, then go for it, and tell anyone who wants to judge you to .... off.
  7. RosaJ

    RosaJ Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 30, 2012
    The Woodlands, TX, USA
    Don't worry about what other people say, you'll find it a wiser choice as you get older.

    My daughter has a weight problem and it has always been so hard for her to lose weight and when she does, she gains it right back because she had deprived herself and then gives up. Her downfall is snacking chocolate, cookies, etc. She and her husband are the ones who bought my first set up and ejuices for the first couple of months.

    As I started sampling flavors, I thought she could benefit from vaping 0 nicotine (she doesn't smoke). I tried to get her to try it at least but she kept pulling away. Finally after her last unsuccessful attempt at weight loss, she agreed to taste some of the dessert flavors I have. She loved them and I gave her my pass-through eGo battery and a couple of my Evods with some 0 nic juice I had. She tried vaping instead of snacking at the computer and it absolutely worked!

    I keep telling her it's not about total snack abstinence but about the snacks you don't eat by vaping. Now I have a vaping buddy and we have a ball when we go to our b&m to buy juice.

    BTW, she's 46 years old, but even if she was 18 I would still support her decision.
  8. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2012
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    I know of a local bodybuilding couple, both champions in their class, who use zero-nic flavors in e-cig devices for appetite suppression. While training before a competition, they are under a rigorously strict diet and use the ecigs to curb their appetite for sweets and snacks.
  9. DingerCPA

    DingerCPA Vaping Mistress Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 9, 2014
    Corn 'n' Cows
    G'day Veerdin. Sweetheart, you don't have to be a former-smoker, an I'm-trying-to-quit-smoking, or I'm-gonna-smoke-AND-vape-and-to-heck-with-anyone-who-criticizes to acquire the proper hardware (mod/battery/tank) and software (juices) to vape. You just have to be of legal age (which in the States is 18.)

    I knew the majority of my smoking habit was the fact that I needed something in my hands and to have the essence of taking a drag of a burning, smoky stick. I love that I (personally) can simulate all the former elements of smoking but without the toxic side effects. My S.O. never smoked, but she's seen a couple of doctors' commentaries on how people can use vaping as an alternative to snacking, which could possibly lead to some amount of weight loss. She's actually lost about 10 lbs in the 3+ months I've quit smoking cigarettes. I've not gained any weight because I don't feel the need to snack because I can have something tasty which then precludes me from eating unnecessarily.

    Many have "nervous tendencies" Have you discussed this with your doctor? There may be some other underlying issue which may be contributing - symptoms can certainly be treated, but if the root cause can be determined, there could be a more permanent resolution available....

  10. DoubleEwe

    DoubleEwe Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 1, 2014
    Hiding up a tree
    I have to admit that I was a little saddened in reading this thread, firstly because I thought that due to the title it was going to be about vaping and listening to old Shakira albums, and secondly because you really shouldn't have to feel bad for wanting to vape despite not having previously been addicted to cigarettes.

    You have a decent reason for vaping (as long as it is 0mg nicotine), if it stops you mutilating yourself & biting things around you, then why the hell not?

    There are always going to be people that take issue with whatever you choose to do, for those people we have middle fingers...

    I have a 'mate' that never smoked (bummed the occasional drunken cig), he decided to take up vaping, but his reason was simply because he thought it was cool, he even started on 24mg nicotine. He also is one of those people that wears glasses for no medical/corrective reason.
    The difference between you and him is that you have a genuinely good reason for vaping, he is just a big piece of male genitalia.
  11. Pinkfloydfan91

    Pinkfloydfan91 Full Member

    Mar 16, 2014
    Who cares what others think. If you believe it will help with the fixation then give it a shot. I originally used ecigs to quit smoking but I would say it is a hobby now. I personally love building coils and tinkering with my devices. So if you think it will help you, vape on!!

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  12. Virtual Life

    Virtual Life Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 23, 2012
    Miami, FL, USA
    Why care what people think or how they react? For me, it wouldn't be the first time to decide something unpopular. Like you said, walk a mile in my shoes...

    And, no, I do not know the sort. Who are "those" people? You mean judgmental? To blazes with them!
  13. shorty70

    shorty70 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2009
    Try the ecig and then a DOCTOR
  14. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Mar 31, 2013
    United States
    If ya do decide on ecigs as an option to your oral fixation stick to plastic tips! Good luck to you!!
  15. Veerdin

    Veerdin Full Member

    Aug 15, 2013
    Wow... I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't expecting this amount of support. But I'm glad I got it. I've found a site that sells specifically to Aus, actually, called Aussie Blue. Pretty much the Australian Knockoffs of BLU E-Cigs but they seem decent enough. Contacted them about nicotine amounts to see if they can supply me with purely 0-Nic cartridges.

    And a lot of people have said I may have an underlying condition. I do. I have a mild and somewhat muddily defined condition in the autism spectrum. As a result, I'm dysgraphic (no dominant hand = handwriting is a chore but typing is a breeze) dyslexic (Spellcheck is my messiah) and I tend to get easily sidetracked in social situations. My condition is, thankfully, very easy to miss unless you spend around 2 hours or so in my company. You could call it chronic annoying-other-people syndrome.

    I've seen a psychologist about it and there are no physical or chemical things wrong with me. And I've improved on coping as the years have gone by, but the one thing that's always been the same has been the fact that my lips and inner-cheeks look like the site of a slasher movie. Seeing as my girlfriend and I have been getting progressively more kissy lately, it'd be nice to be able to return soft lips with soft lips, instead of the surface of Mars.

    Thank you all for your support and advice so far. Does anybody know any good 0-Nic kits I could pick up that are available here in Aus? I know a few brands but from my experience most of them are US/EU only.

    UPDATE: Just did some more research on the Aussie Blues, seems that none of their prefilled kits have nicotine in them, they instead offer little mixing devices for people to make their own juices with. This option is looking better the more I see it. Might pick up one of their disposables next payday, see how it goes.
  16. fraychek

    fraychek Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Mar 27, 2014
    Orlando, FL
    As I posted in a different forum here, I sucked my thumb until I was 8 or 9, when I began biting my nails. I bit my nails until I was 18 and started smoking. I smoked for 45 or so years until I started vaping. Oral fixation? Oh, and I've lost about 30 pounds. Go for it and see if it helps.
  17. Veerdin

    Veerdin Full Member

    Aug 15, 2013
    Bit more research into it. Apparently, while E-Cigs are legal here, it's illegal for them to contain nicotine. Probably not great for people trying to quit, but great for me.

    Going to see what other brands are commercially available here.
  18. amolson

    amolson Super Member Verified Member

    Jun 9, 2014
    Reno, NV, USA
    Personally, I see absolutely nothing wrong with vaping, especially 0 nic, for any reason whatsoever. There's absolutely no reason why it should be chemically addictive, although like any activity, it can become physically habitual. However, there are many, many, many other things we do that are habitual, like drink coffee or pace while thinking or listen to music.

    So I'd say enjoy. What's the horror about doing something for the pleasure of it? Why is it so awful to do something because it's fun or looks cool or you simply enjoy it?

    The whole martyrdom thing of, "Well, we smoked so we have to suffer with vaping. Oh woe. Oh grief." Do you need an excuse to put a poster on the wall or listen to jazz or tie flies? "Well, I used to buy fish from the market but because I can't stop eating fish and the stuff I bought has ... in it. I decided it was better to tie flies and catch my own fish. I'm only tying flies for my health. If you were never addicted to fish, you can't tie flies."

    Life is a sexually transmittable disease. If you're born, you will die. EVERYTHING we do has an element of risk.
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