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Vapor Store in Eugene

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Nov 6, 2012
Oregon, USA
I went in today, and I have to say that I am very impressed. They don't have a massive selection, but it's certainly plenty for novice vapers to advanced vapers - they have (disposable and rechargeable) micro batteries, along with a large selection of eGo-style batteries and even the Vamo! In terms of atomizers, they have cartomizers, tanks, and a dripping atty; along with a few different RBAs.

Their juice, though, is definitely impressive. I tried their 'tasting bench' flavors (which they provide passthroughs, attys, and drip tips for - a great idea for getting people into vaping, and it lets you sample their flavors before buying) and I was very impressed with everything but their tobacco. However, they said that tobacco is a work in progress, and while it doesn't appeal to me, another customer who arrived shortly after me seemed to like his a great deal (though his was clove tobacco, like a kretek).

I bought a 10mL of blackberry, and it's pretty good. Doesn't taste like fresh blackberries - but I wasn't really expecting that. This blackberry tastes exactly like the filling in a blackberry pie, and isn't overpoweringly sweet. They mix every bottle of juice when you order it, too, which I think is a nice touch.

The pricing is comparable to online stores, surprisingly. I paid $2.50 for an atty, $3.50 for a stainless Ming drip tip, and $6 for 10mL of juice - however, the referral discount is 10%, which you get as well as the person you refer to the store. In addition, they have a frequent purchaser program - think coffee shop style.

All in all, they're a great place, and I'm definitely giving them my business in the future. Very impressed.
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