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Vaporesso Polar 220W TC Kit with Cascade Baby SE

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Tim Wiseman, Jul 13, 2018.

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  1. Tim Wiseman

    Tim Wiseman Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2017
    Bolton, England
    Hi ECF members, In this review i take a look at the Polar 220W TC Kit with Cascade Baby SE from Vaporesso. The Polar 220W TC Kit with Cascade Baby SE was supplied for the purpose of this review by Gina from Vaporesso.

    Vape Kits | Polar Kit | Vaporesso



    There has been a call for Vaporesso to start using a colour screen for a while which has seen the response of 2 colour devices being released in quick succession. The Armour Pro came first, an elegant single battery device, and here we have the high powered dual battery device The Polar which comes with the Cascade Baby SE tank, the device like the Armour Pro is packed with features.

    In the Box

    No user manual or spare glass for Cascade Baby SE


    6.5ml Standard Version

    1 x Vaporesso Polar TC Box MOD
    1 x CASCADE Baby SE Tank(6.5ml)
    1 x GT 8 Coil (0.15ohm) Pre-installed
    1 x GT Mesh Coil (0.18ohm)
    1 x Spare Glass Tube
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x User Guide
    1 x Warrantly Card

    2ml TPD Version

    1 x Vaporesso Polar TC Box MOD
    1 x CASCADE Baby SE Tank(2ml)
    1 x GT 8 Coil (0.15ohm) Pre-installed
    1 x GT Mesh Coil (0.18ohm)
    1 x Spare Glass Tube
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x User Guide
    1 x Warrantly Card


    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The Vaporesso Polar 220W TC Kit with Cascade Baby SE comes in typical vaporesso packaging, i received the Silver Polar which comes with matching Cascade Baby SE tank. Other colours available are Metallic Grey, Red, Gold, Red Black, Green Black and Blue Black, all colours other than the Silver come with a Black Cascade Baby SE tank. The Polar has a very similar shape to the Revenger range of device's but has slightly less rounded edges, it's only a subtle difference and the Polar still offers excellent ergonomics but the slight shape difference is enough to give the Polar it's own identity. The Polar has a familiar Black central chassis with front and back panels, the edges of these panels are the colour of choice. At the top of the front of the device there is a plaque which has "POLAR" printed on, towards the bottom we have the 2 navigational and select buttons which are all a nice size and shaped so those with fat fingers will have no worries. At the very bottom of the front we have the micro USB port, most of the front is taken up by a 2" TFT colour screen with geometric design underneath, the back of the device has the same plaque at the top and again a geometric design. One side of the device has a large rectangular fire button identical to the fire button used on the Revenger devices, the other side is featureless and the base of the device has good venting and printed safety stamps. The top of the device has a centre mounted, Gold plated, spring loaded 510 which looks to be pressed fitted so would worry slightly about it's durability. The build quality seems very good and the device has no rattles whatsoever.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Cascade Baby Specs and Features:

    Size: 24.5mm(D) x 58mm(H)
    Capacity: 2ml(TPD Version)/6.5ml(Standard Version)
    Unique Isolation Structure to Intense Flavors
    Revolutionary Triangular Airflow to Produce Denser Cloud
    Top Fill System with Safe Lock Mechanism
    GT Mesh Coil to Enlarge Heating Area and Offer Great Flavor
    Compatible with All GT cores
    Thread: 510 thread
    Colour: Gold, Black, Shiny Gold, Silver, Bllue, Rainbow


    Cascade Baby SE Overview

    I reviewed the Cascade tank a while back which had new drop in coils and a drop in hollow casing which you could screw GT coils (used in the NRG series of tanks) into and use them. The Baby SE version of the Cascade only use the GT coils which get screwed straight into the base. The drip tip is a standard 510 fitting so you can use a favourite 510 if you wish and it employs a top-fill system with lock mechanism. To Fill there is a little arrow below the top-cap, you lift the top-cap (you can feel the strong spring mechanism) and slightly twist anti-clockwise and the tank swivels open to reveal a generous filling port. When you position the top-cap back into position it automatically lowers and locks. The Cascade Baby SE is hardly a baby having a base diameter of 24.5mm and tapering out much wider to accommodate the wide glass giving the Baby SE a 6.5ml capacity (the TPD version has a capacity of 2ml, i assume there's a reducing capacity bung fitted). The tank uses a cascade method of feeding the coil juice and has a tri airflow to in theory give a smooth vape and help with flavour. The kit comes with 2 different GT coils the 0.15 coil which is rated between 50w - 110w and a 0.18 mesh coil which is rated best between 65w - 75w.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Cascade Method

    Between the glass section and the bottom section which is the coil area there is a metal plate separating them, this plate has slots around the perimeter so as you use the small amount of liquid around the coil while you vape the liquid cascades down via these slots to replace it. The idea is that the liquid in the top section stays quite cool when vaping at high wattage's keeping the overall temperature of the vape and tank down.


    Polar Specs and Features:

    Battery: Dual 18650 batteries(not included)
    Adjust Mode: Smart VW(H/N/S)/VT(SS, Ni, Ti)/TCR(M1, M2)
    Power Range: 5W-220W
    Resistance Range: 0.03ohm-5ohm
    Display: 2 inch TFT color screen
    2.5A Charging Time: 1.5h
    Upgraded OMNI Board 4.0 Chipset to Ensure High Performance
    0.001s Quick Firing Speed
    Thread: 510 thread
    Colours: Metallic Grey, Red, Gold, Silver, Red Black, Green Black, Blue Black


    Using the Polar

    The batteries are fitted by taking off the back panel with the help of a little notch on the side, the battery compartment is nice and tidy and we have safety information printed on the inside of the panel. Yet again we have Black on Black orientation which really bugs me, the door snaps into place secured by 3 very strong magnets. The Polar is the standard 5 clicks of the fire bar to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, once on you're met by a a very large, bright and stylish screen. To enter the menu system is one long press or 3 quick presses of the select button, this brings up two screens of icons (packed with features) with all your various modes which are, Variable wattage hard, Variable wattage normal, Variable wattage soft, Custom wattage curve, SP (this option allows you the device to fire as low as 0.03ohm, i assume the device does), Variable voltage mode, Custom voltage curve, SS, Ni, Ti, M1, M2, Bypass and settings. When choosing any of the temperature control options it gives you the option of entering TCR value, setting wattage, setting curve and locking your resistance. Choosing settings brings up a list of options which are, Time (choose between digital or analogue clock), brightness (however bright you set it you still can't see the display outside), puff counter (information and reset), Theme (change the colour of certain items on the display), Smart mode, Automatic (can't see what this does, had a look online and still non the wiser), Screen timeout, Hardware/software versions, default and exit. Their are also some combination button presses, fire and right together brings up the clock, fire and select bring up the hardware and software versions and left and right buttons together is a short cut to custom wattage curve, i really like this shortcut personally as i use curves. As you can see the device is packed with features yet the menu with the use of an added select button is very easy to navigate around.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The Polar fires instantly with no delay at all and the fire button just like with the revenger devices is excellent, the device is very ergonomic and really enjoyable to use. I was instantly impressed with the device using it in wattage mode with the Cascade Baby SE and a couple of other tanks but it's important to say i don't have access to charts and do not vape in temperature control so anyone thinking of buying the device i would recommend them searching for a tech review of the device. The fact the device also has variable voltage mode will be a big plus for some and those into the curves feature like me the Polar has wattage, voltage and temperature curves. The Cascade Baby SE is an excellent tank and i love the GT Coils especially the 0.3 ceramic coil at 35W which unfortunately wasn't included in the kit, I used the 0.18 mesh coil which gives amazing flavour for a stock coil but i find it quite a warm vape (which a lot of people will like) as i find the sweet spot for flavour at 90w which is higher than Vaporesso's rating. I found the battery life as good as any other dual 18650 device so no issues there and the device supports 2.5A charging (i would only charge inside the device if i had no alternative) and is fully firmware upgradeable. Finally the device will accommodate a 25mm tank and a 26mm will give the slightest of overhang which in my opinion looks fine but some people don't like any overhang whatsoever.



    Good build quality
    Large, bright screen
    Colour display
    Select button
    variable voltage as well as wattage
    Temp control
    Wattage, voltage and temperature curves
    Great ergonomics
    SP mode
    Fires instantly
    Cascade Baby SE Excellent tank
    Mesh Coil, very good flavour
    Good battery life
    Supports 2.5A charging
    Firmware Upgradeable


    Automatic setting???? no idea
    Battery orientation on battery door Black on Black
    Tanks 26mm and above will overhang
    510 looks to be press fitted, durability?


    The device i received had no user manual or spare glass for the Cascade baby SE, however these items are listed in the contents and there is a section for in the packaging for the spare glass to be fitted so i can only assume mine were missing as it was for the purpose of this review and not a retail product.


    I love devices packed with features which have simple to use and aesthetically pleasing interfaces so i enjoyed using the polar a lot especially the curves feature. I only review a device on my experience of using it which means i don't use temperature control or have access to data. If the device interests you i would recommend as with any device looking for a tech review also.


    I would once again like to thank Gina from Vaporesso for supplying the Polar 220W TC Kit with Cascade Baby SE for the purpose of this review.

    Vape Kits | Polar Kit | Vaporesso
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