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VCST by Vaperzcloud

Discussion in 'RTA' started by suspectK, Oct 23, 2016.

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  1. suspectK

    suspectK Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2013
    I just got this tank the other day, and I've always been a dripper ONLY kind of guy for a long time now...

    Once kayfuns fell behind the curve, and I still haven't remembered to get something other than my prized gus mod to go with my estia, I stopped even trying to find a tank.

    Every tank I tried, it seemed like there was a settling point, flavor, or vapor. I finally found a cloud chucker that still has amazing flavor.

    I wish I had pictures to post...but I have been completely disconnected from the world for a long time. Once my phone broke like 2-3years ago, I just said "F--- IT!" and I disappeared. I hope someone missed me during that time...:p

    Any ways, it is a velocity style deck that is capable of 2-4 verticals or 2 horizontal builds. I was in a rush, other wise it would be something fancy...but still, no pictures would have been taken.

    The velocity style deck is a little modified to be the locking mechanism to the tank. You put the tank on to go over the two flanges, and you rotate the deck or tank to keep it from coming apart. As you rotate the deck, you notice the juice control. There are four slots for the wick tails, that you basically just make sure they're touching the bottom(like a dripper), and you make sure they're blocking the slots to prevent leaking. The juice control is fully adjustable.

    So far, I am loving this tank...Easiest tank I've built, thinking back to my tank days..But I use a stumpy as my primary drippers, and to be able to not care which atomizer I have on really says a lot on the flavor of this tank. It'll be a couple of weeks before I can get some pictures up, but hopefully, we have some of our family members around here that have some.

    I didn't have the diameter tool I wanted to wrap these coils...the one I have is perfect for vertical for this tank, but wanted to try horizontal first to compare them directly.

    I am trying to figure out a good tool for wider coils...any recommendations?>>>send me a message to not throw off the topic of discussion.

    I was just curious on how everyone felt on this tank.
    Options that I know of are in 25mm, 30mm, and 36mm...blank and stainless, but they have random colors pop up....

    I purchased this at the only vape shop I go to in my town, and it was only $55, comes with an extra glass tank, all hardware, and o-rings.
  2. Joergl100

    Joergl100 Super Member

    Hm, I have 25 and them. 36mm? Really?
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