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VG Purity Question and Gunk Build-Up

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by 100%VG, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. 100%VG

    100%VG Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 12, 2013
    Starbase 12 near Risa
    Hello Vets!!! Thanks for this Thread!!! :toast:

    I read Rolygate’s Purity of PG, VG and PEG - The Short Version, where he recommends Dow OPTIM, and talks about Purity and using USP Grade.

    I purchased DIY E-Liquids from MFS, on January 7, 2013, for stated Purity (and Price), before I found ECF, and ultimately saw Purity of PG, VG and PEG - The Short Version. Upon inspecting my bottles, I found that they are labeled . . .
    US Pharmacopeia Grade Vegetable Glycerin

    Vegetable Glycerin, USP . . . . . . 100%
    (Non-Regulated, Food Grade)
    This product is 100% Kosher USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin and is intended for use in Electronic Cigarettes.

    My 36mg 100% VG says nothing more than 36mg and 100% VG.
    I am using a 50/50 blend of these two products, with nothing else (no Flavorings or other Dilution), to make 18mg 100% VG. Of course, it’s very Thick, without being Thinned, and my Vivi Nova, with the Silica Wicks it comes with, has a limited Capillary Action with such a Thick, Viscous Juice, and I cannot go past ½ Tank of approximately 3ml before I have to refill it. I can tell it’s getting to ½ Tank if I forget to look at the Level, because it doesn't Taste right anymore, and the Vapor is reduced. At first, I was satisfied with this performance, but I’m noticing an issue now.

    The Problem:
    I have been getting a lot of Gunk Build-Up on my Coils in my Vivi Nova, and the Vapor is Greatly Reduced after about 1 week (or maybe a little longer), so I’m wondering about the total Purity of my Liquids, since it’s 100% VG (with nothing added).

    I am also concerned about the parenthesized (Non-Regulated, Food Grade) statement on the label of the USP, and a non-statement of content / purity / quality on the Nic VG.

    The aforementioned article also states that most VG is Synthesized these days, no longer truly Vegetable-based, and I guess that’s OK. But I’m really wondering what is causing this Gunk Build-Up. I’m a pretty heavy Vaper, but I have been told, by someone who uses Cotton Rounds to make a Wick, that he/she can go 2 weeks w/o any Build-Up, and that even after 2 weeks, the Coil and Wick looks pristine, but this person also has a pretty heavy PG content, at 30% to 50%. He/She said that the only reason they Change the Wick is because it is falling apart outside of the Coil after 2 weeks.

    In our discussion, I misquoted Rolygate (it had been a while since I saw it), and said that P&G was good to use. This set off much talk about P&G Superol KPO before I could find Purity of PG, VG and PEG - The Short Version to quote it, so I’m wondering if I can get some feedback on the P&G products, and maybe even a recommendation on which one to use, unless the Dow OPTIM is still better than any of them (if it’s still available?).

    However, it appears that the Dow OPTIM and P&G products are only USP, w/o Nic, so I’d also appreciate a suggestion for the Best VG Nic to use, and even a recommended Source / Vendor, if you are able to do that, for both Nic and USP in 100% VG.
    These are two pictures of the Gunk Build-Up . . .



    Sorry the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] one isn’t very clear.

    My Solution so far:
    I am able to Clean the Gunk off. At first, I boiled the entire Vivi Nova assembly, disassembled, but that nearly damaged the plastic tank (had a hard time getting it screwed back On), so I won’t do that again on the Tank, at least not in such a long and hard Boiling. But this didn't clear all the brown stains from the Silica Wicks. So I Boiled them again with some Baking Soda added. Still not all of the brown stains were gone, and I noticed that the Gunk on the Coils was still very heavy, so I soaked them in Everclear for a while, and that did it for the brown stains. I let them dry, and then I did a few Glow Burns on the Dried Coils and Wicks, to break up the Gunk. Then I soaked them again in Everclear in a small, sealed container (film canister), and rattled it a bit, to break up and remove the excess Gunk,and any shards from the Dry Burn. I forgot to rinse the Everclear off with Distilled Water, but Dried them, and they are quite clean looking... and they Vape great again now. However, I’m wondering what I can do (if anything) to prevent this Build-Up in the first place.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    It’s been a little while (not too long) since Purity of PG, VG and PEG - The Short Version was written, but maybe the P&G Superol KPO (and other P&G products) are new since then.

    Do you think the problem is a Purity issue?... and that something like Dow OPTIM or P&G Superol KPO would be better?... or maybe that I need a better Nic VG?... or Both?

    Do you think the Silica Wicks are the problem, and that maybe a Cotton Wick, like a good, clean Twine, or Candle Wick, will prevent it? (I know about getting good ones from the Safe vs Dangerous thread!!!)

    Or maybe is it just that I’m a Heavy Vaper?

    And, can you recommend a Source and Brand for both Nic and USP in 100% VG? (and USP PG if I need it)

    I don’t particularly care for the thought of PG, and I chose 100% VG in something of a Purist Theme, as PG is Chemical-based, and VG is Vegetable-based (or at least it used to be). And I’m fine with the amount of TH I get from 100% VG, so PG has not been a desire. But I am also aware that Thinning with PG may help me to be able to use a Full Tank in the Vivi Nova. And after the comment made, I’m wondering if adding an amount of PG would help with the Gunk Build-Up. I am not closed to PG, if it will help.

    So would you recommend PG for Thinning?... or Thinning with Distilled Water?... or something like Bacardi 151? (though it breaks from the Purist Theme). I’ve already used Everclear and Bacardi 151 for Thinning in my eGo-T, before it destroyed itself. Everclear was too strong for me, and I used too much 151, on someone’s recommendation to use up to 20% (I used 20%). I think I’d do better to use only 5%-10% of 151. It's also been recommended to use Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, which may be good for lower alc content, and a little Flavor.

    So these are my questions. Sorry for so many Questions, but I’m looking for a Solution, and trying to let you know what I’ve tried, and what I’m aware of, and willing to do.

    Thanks again!!!
  2. Kent C

    Kent C ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 12, 2009
    NW Ohio US
    I use a high grade VG/nic base from decadent vapours:

    Angelic Decadence 100ml - Angelic Decadence

    And their VG (aqueous glycerine) which is diluted at 83:17 VG/H2O distilled.

    100ml of Vegetable Glycerin (thinned with distilled water) - Diluents

    Never had the problems you mention.... when a clearo/atty gets to where the draw is a bit hard, I soak the coil in 151 proof cheap unflavored, uncolored Vodka. It may go for a month or so before I have to do that, sometimes longer. After a few times or if that doesn't clear it up, I change coils - at @$3 a coil for the tabac bcc/T-3 clearos.
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