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VIE Starter Kit - Youde UD

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Tim Wiseman, Jun 7, 2018.

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  1. Tim Wiseman

    Tim Wiseman Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2017
    Bolton, England
    Hi ECF members, In this review i take a look at the VIE Starter Kit from Youde UD. The VIE Starter Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Nelson from Youde UD.

    UD VIE - UD



    2018 has seen the vaping world go Pod system mad as it seems every week 2 or 3 more enter the marketplace. In this review i take a look at a very simple, discreet pod system by Youde technology which uses your inhale to activate it rather than a physical fire button and comes with 2 little refillable 1ml pods with dust covers to keep the contacts clean.

    In the Box



    1 x VIE Device
    1 x Pod
    1 x Refilling Pod
    1 x Pod ( Tobacco Flavor )
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x English Using Manual


    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The VIE Kit comes in a rather nice presentation box with a cover that's open one side. The colours on Youde's website as them listed as Gun, Black and Red but the one i received is labelled as Brown so i'm not exactly sure how many colours are available. With the pod fitted we have an ergonomic mouthpiece at the top, both front and back has tapered edges that meet to make up the sides of the device, where they meet has been rounded so no sharp edges. The front has VIE printed in white at the bottom, above this is the indication light, at the top we have a liquid viewing window. The back of the device is featureless apart from an identical viewing window, moving to the base we have the micro USB port. The VIE is a low cost simple pod device, despite being simple it's nicely made and very discreet.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Material: PETG
    Size: 18mm * 7.5 mm * 110 mm
    Built-in Li-ion 300mAh battery
    Capacity: 1ml
    Resistance: 1.8 ohm
    Short-Circuit protection
    Open-Circuit protection
    Overheating protection
    Colours: Gun, Black, Red


    The Pod

    The pod is 1ml capacity and has a 1.8ohm coil fitted making the device perfect for a high nicotine hit and nic salts. The pod comes with a dust cover protecting the contacts which obviously needs removing to get at the pod, it has an ergonomic mouthpiece that can be pulled off this reveals a silicone piece which surrounds the protruding section of the air pipe, removing this reveals the silicone was acting as a bung for 2 2mm fill ports 1 each side of the pipe, once filled the silicone needs to be put back into place as does the mouthpiece. The bottom of the pod has a silver section, there are contacts on the base and also 2 small holes either side of the silver section that i assume is for airflow, i am assuming that because i can't see any where else that would let air in. Once the pod has been filled simply slide it into the top of the device where it secures nicely.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Dust Cover

    As already mentioned the pod comes with a dust cover, there is also picture's on Youde Technology's website that shows the dust cover fitted over the bottom of the device and the mouthpiece. These picture's gave me the impression the cover could be used to put over the mouthpiece when not vaping then pop on to the bottom of the device when you are; the manual confirmed this. DON'T do that as it fits over the mouthpiece fine but although the mouthpiece is tight enough for vaping when you pull the dust cover off it takes the mouthpiece with it, 3 day's later and the mouthpiece is still inside the cover because i couldn't get it out, luckily it comes with 2 pods so i could still do the review. The more i think about it even fitting it over the end of the device covers the indication light so my advise would be when you use a new pod throw the cover away.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Using the VIE

    The device is a pod system without any physical buttons it's your inhale that activates the device to fire. I prefer a physical fire button personally but for those that prefer this style i must admit it does have the advantage of controlling the strength of the vape (take a hard inhale and you get max power, but the weaker you inhale the less the power). The device has battery status indication, the light goes green when the device is activated and the battery is between 100% and 60%, it goes blue when between 60% and 20%, goes red when less than 20% and flashes red 10 times and stops working when the battery goes below 3%. The device also has Short-Circuit protection, Open-Circuit protection and Overheating protection.



    A nice tight MTL vape with above average flavour for this kind of device and not bad vapour production at all. The 1ml capacity lasted better than i thought it would so no complaints there and the flavour does seem to last well. I didn't time the device charging but it was quick which is a good job because my only other issue apart from the dust cover is 300mAh just isn't that great even if it is a 1.8ohm coil.



    A nicely designed discreet MTL pod system which is very suitable for someone just coming off the cigarettes or a MTL vaper who prefers simple discreet devices. However use the dust cover at your own risk and with the battery life you would need 2 of them if it was going to be your only device, mind at the price getting 2 shouldn't be an issue.


    Nicely made
    Discreet device
    Simple device
    Good battery status indication
    Safety features
    Tight MTL
    Decent flavour
    Decent Cloud
    2 pods included
    Cheap price


    Dust cover useless (got to be honest)
    Battery like not that good

    I would once again like to thank Nelson from Youde UD for supplying the VIE Starter Kit for the purpose of this review.

    UD VIE - UD
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