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Feb 26, 2009
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    :blink: Well, we never had the need for any type of rules before some interesting happenings with the explosion of New (and some overly eager for business) Vendors in Arizona and their associated "fans." ECF moderators have reviewed some recent activity and now we are going to have to put some written rules in place for our vaping community since it appears that there are a few who are taking delight in dividing the group here (that many here have worked 4 years to build and contribute to) with an underlying motive. That said...

    1. This social group form is for members of vaping in Phoenix here at ECF and the associated activities of vaping In Phoenix (VIP). Those who choose to promote their business, fan groups or other interests outside of Vaping In Phoenix without prior Admin. approval risk being banned from the VIP forum and ECF. Those threads will be moderated as appropriate.

    2. Posts by non-VIP members in our social group forum will be deleted.

    3. Those who join VIP with motives to bring membership to their own group, business, etc. will be removed from the group.

    4. Per ECF rules, advertising threads for suppliers are not allowed. However general discussion threads regarding local vendors are. Please see ECF's rules if you have questions, or PM an ECF moderator or myself.

    5. If you have received unwanted solicitation, please PM a ECF moderator or myself.

    6. All rules governing use of ECF will apply to our VIP social group forum. These rules can be found here: ECF Forum Rules

    7. No buying, selling or trading, including co-ops is allowed in the Social Group forums or the VIP forum. If you have items to sell, please go to and join our Facebook group at

    8. If you have been banned from the VIP group by a VIP moderator or at the request of VIP Moderators by ECF moderators, you will most likely be removed or banned from the Facebook VIP group as well (at VIP Moderators/Admin discretion). Those Banned from VIP will not then be added to the Facebook group after the fact.

    9. These rules are subject to change without notice. Please PM me if you have any comment or concern. Thanks!
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