VooPoo Vinci Pod SE - Review by Javichu


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  • Mar 8, 2020
      Salutations fellow vaperinos.

      Today i am going to review the voopoo vinci Pod SE which was sent to me by Voopoo for the purposes of this review.

      As per usual i am going to post some nice pics that will encompass what this device is all about.

















      AUTO DRAW.jpg


      Okies,time to check it all out.

      Box has a little transparent plastic where the pod is which is a good thing if you're into aesthetics,you can see the color of the mod to see if its the one you like.
      Inside you will find everything you need to start your vaping journey although as a con there is only one cartridge,hmm this bodes bad for me but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

      What surprised me is the quality of the pod device,judging by the price and size one would not expect it but this is one solid and durable little thing,it is after all made of Aluminum so that accounts for its robust feel when you have it in your hands.

      It is small thou but it packs a 900mAh internal battery so you know you can carry it around and not have to worry about charging it.


      Well as i said multiple times in my review i am not a MTL vaper and this time i had no nic salts at home but since i wanted to do a proper review i went by my friends shop and got me some.
      Unfortunately he was almost all out and what he had left was in the form of 20mg which is quite a bit for someone like me that is currently using a sub ohm tank with 3mg nic but hey gotta do the job right?

      Device came all charged up so it was easy to get started,filled the cartridge and i let it sit for 15 minutes or so.

      About the cartridge,this time you will not find that ''snap'' when you pop in the cartridge back on the pod,you have to insert it and push a bit until you hear a click.
      This does not represent a problem since the cartridge is well secured once it is ''clicked'' in and there is no wiggle wobble going on.

      Ok so the coil is primed so lets get this baby a try.

      And yeah it delivers,nice hit and surprisingly quite a bit of a cloud which i did not expect for a device like this.

      After using it for about 30 minutes that is when all hell broke loose...yep got some spitback,not much mind you but just enough to make it uncomfortable to use.
      At 20mg nic well let me just say that i couldn't keep on using it that much longer.

      Took a syringe and removed the nic salts from the cartridge and filled it up with my usual Shiva aroma at 3mg nic,still getting some minor spitback but tolerable thanks to the much lower nic ratio.

      I did want to give this device more of a try,use it day and day out to properly test it out so i called my friend at the shop and asked him if he had any cartridges compatible with this device and he hand none.

      I live in a small town that is the only option i had to make up for the faulty cartridge i got in the box.

      I kept on using the Vinci Pod SE but just occasionally,2 or 3 puffs then back to my usual vaping device.
      Hour later i would take another 2 or 3 puffs and then rinse and repeat,even with the lower nic the spitback was just not something i looked forward to.
      Now keep in mind i am not talking about full on mouth full of juice but just enough that you notice it....and not like it.

      Current trend in this sort of vaping devices is just to include one cartridge/coil in the box which is not a good thing.
      Imagine a smoker who sees your pod device on the display in a store,thinks sure i will give it a try and goes in and buys the device along with some nic salts and goes home to get it all set up.
      And he gets a dud cartridge/coil like i did,that is a real inconvenience.
      Yes you could say well he should have bought more cartridges or coils but usually people don't want to invest much when they decide to give vaping a try,they go for the lower range products (price not quality) and think ok lets see how it goes.


      -Durable and well made,Aluminum does make this one tough little device
      -Easy refill system
      -Good battery size,at 900mAh you won't need to worry much about charging it


      -Just the one cartridge in the box,if its a dud (like mine) you royally screwed.

      Would i recommend this vaping apparatus:

      Based on the quality and easy to use features yeah i would recommend it for someone that wants to quit smoking or a usual vaper that just needs a small device like this to keep in your car's glovebox or maybe even for some stealth vaping hehe.

      But keep in mind there is only one cartridge included in the box,if you going to acquire this product make sure to get more...just in case.

      Thanks to my friends at Voopoo for sending me this product so i could review it,here is the link to their website with more info about this product:

      Thanks to everyone for reading and have a nice day.


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    • Jul 13, 2009
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        It's good to see you back in the saddle doing reviews. Were you filling the pod all the way up? I believe they recommend only filling it 2/3 to avoid spitback. The only time I had spitback was when I filled it all the way, Sorry you had a problem with it.

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