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Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA Review by eldaar

Discussion in 'Atomizer Reviews' started by eldaar, Oct 18, 2019.

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  1. eldaar

    eldaar Full Member

    Jul 11, 2019
    Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA was sent to me for review from HealthCabin

    Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA is a latest product of Serpent series. It is designed by Wotofo and Suck My Mod. It features top adjustable airflow design, which avoids leakage effectively. The airflow ring is designed with engraving of snake scale. With innovative redircting airflow system, the air comes in from the top air inlets and travels along the wall of the vaporization chamber down to the two big side holes at the deck and merges at the center of the deck bottom and then goes right through the coil above. The build deck is designed for single coil building. The Serpent Elevate RTA has 3.5ml capacity and you can extend it to 4.5ml by replacing a bubble tube.\


    Diameter: 24mm
    Threading: 510 thread
    E-liquid Capacity: 3.5ml
    Filling Method: Top filling
    Airflow Type: Adjustable top airflow
    Insulator Material: German PEEK
    Extra Accessory: 4.5ml bubble tube, Coil trimming tool


    Build quality:

    The Serpent Elevate was pretty well made. The texture of it is smooth but is a little fingerprint magnet as mine is in blue color. Threading are smooth on the 510, and screwing and unscrewing of the RTA. O-rings restrictions are held on well without it being too tight or too loose. When it first came out of the box, no machining oil or whatsoever can been seen. Interior of it is smooth and clean, goes the same for the build deck. Hex screws did not strip on me once and they have been securing the coils strongly.


    Post Type:

    The build deck on the Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA comes in the form of a postless, single coil set up. The deck on this RTA is very easy to build on BUT you have to be precise when wicking. The single coil can be placed either way round and inserted with ease.

    I used a coil that came with the kit and cut the leg lengths to 6mm. The single coil came out at around 0.33ohms

    Iinstallation of coils:

    The Serpent Elevate can only put a single coil and is obviously a single coil RTA. You can either use your own coil or the provided coils in the packaging. A coil trimming tool is provided and if I'm not wrong, the newer batches will have a coiling rod instead of the trimming tool for copyright reasons. Either way it still works the same. I hope more companies will provide a measuring rod in the packaging for a postless RTA / RDA so it will be easier for newer rebuilders. Good job, Wotofo and SMM!

    Coil Trimming Tool - Insert the coil into the marked measurement ( 6 mm ) and snip off the excess legs on the opposite side.

    Coiling Rod - Insert the coil into the rod, align the coil leg to the shorter side of the rod. Snip the excess legs off but still aligning to the rod.

    Place the coils on either sides of the post holes depending on which way your wrap your coils and screw it down. Adjust the coils and finally, remove the hot spots.



    Cotton I am using is Cotton Bacon Prime. You can use the provided agleted cotton for easier installation. Insert the cotton into the coil, measure it aligning to the threading of of the wicking hole, and snip it off. Fluff out the cotton a little if you find that you have too much cotton. Insert the cotton into the wicking holes and ensure that one side of your tweezers is able to stick in between the cotton and the wicking hole. The Serpent Elevate wicks great and I am able to chain vape it without experiencing any dry hits!


    The Serpent Elevate is a top air flow rta like how the Themis or Zeus Dual by Geekvape. The air flow comes in the top, down the sides, and meets up with ports of the deck which guide the air right at the coil. It is leak free and has adequate air for a single coil. I felt some turbulence with this air flow, but it isn’t terrible. It is a little noisier than some of those other top area flow rtas, but not all that terrible.

    How’s it Vape?

    Flavour is great, although I found it suits fruity flavours better than the vanillas/bakery types. Is it “the” best though? I’d say it’s rubbing shoulders with the Intake and Hours and even the Engine Nano depending on some flavours…none of these compete with bottom airflow RTA’s but that’s not what they are about, they offer mess free usage and do it well.

    The good news is it’s airier than the Intake (for those who couldn’t get on with that) - if you close it about a 3rd of the way that’s about what you’ll experience with the Intake fully open. There is still a restriction to the draw though so it’s not as airy as say the Zeus (single coil) is.

    The draw itself feels smooth, however it’s accompanied by quite an audible noise which confuses the senses in this area. That draw noise is louder the wider you run the airflow, if you start to close things up it reduces significantly, so it depends what your preferences are in relation to restriction/vs sound.

    Being the drip tips have a 510 bore it really doesn’t matter which one you choose to go with they all vape similar it more about lip feel preference on this one.

    The tank drinks fast, but you are rewarded with a nice moist vape. I noticed a little bit of spitting after a refill, it’s a lot like the other top airflow atomisers in that it’s best not to leave the top cap off for too long, and don’t fill past the top of the glass and it goes away after two or three pulls.

    Finally to finish things up, this tank doesn’t desire high wattages, it’s designed for the 30-50W crowd in mind, I like a warm vape and never felt the need to go much beyond 40W, the good news is at around this level the tank doesn’t get noticeably hot even chain vaping.


    At first, I got a little frustrated with the Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA. Like most things, to get the best out of anything you have to persevere with it. After a couple of attempts at wicking and not getting it right, third time lucky then it was bang on the money.

    This single coil RTA produces very good flavour. Despite the airflow being rather restricted for my tastes it doesn’t detract from the overall vape experience.


    - Great flavour and cloud production
    - Easy build deck and ample space
    - Coils legs stay flat in the posts
    - Smooth draw and offers a decent airflow range
    - Doesn’t get hot
    - Decent O-rings
    - Spares on offer are very good
    - Doesn’t squeeze juice out easily when tightening top cap
    - No leaking
    - Easier to strip down and clean than a lot of the top airflow tanks
    - Drip tip bore caters for the chimney perfectly


    - Not the quietest draw out there
    - Wicking is finicky and can struggle with juice lock
    - Quality control could be improved across the deck area (see my review notes)
    - Allen key was a poor fit for the hex screws
    - Juice ports could be a tad bigger
    - Will spit if you fill right to the top of refill ports (fill in line with top of the glass)
    - Bubble tank does extend out from the base significantly so careful using slim mods
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