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Wrap your mods! These are so cool!

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette Accessories Discussion' started by Doucette, May 16, 2013.

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  1. Doucette

    Doucette Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 20, 2010
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Here are their new devices that Jwraps can wrap:


    Saber touch and Groove, tmax, sigelei #8 , 19, 20 drawtube, caravela clone and finally the roller clone. They can wrap many many more mods! I know a lot of people have been waiting for these mods to be able to be wrapped so I wanted to make sure I posted! I am not affiliated with jwraps im just a fan <3


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  2. Doucette

    Doucette Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 20, 2010
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    IMG_20130503_161807 - Copy.jpg
    IMG_20130503_161829 - Copy.jpg
  3. Spike64

    Spike64 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2013
    Those look nice and I was going to buy the black carbon fiber from them for my Vamo, but (for some reason) the wraps they offer don't cover the top section or the bottom cap the way I I found this one with a bit of searching...

    My Vamo, fully wrapped, in single 18350 mode...[​IMG]
  4. stormwench

    stormwench Moved On

    May 15, 2013
    Bellevue, WA, USA
    I have been considering getting a few wraps because some are really pretty but i have a few questions that I don't see information on. When they say 'vinyl' do they mean like contact paper, vinyl on one side and adhesive on the other so 1 time use (destroyed or stretched badly when removed) or are they more like the 'skins' sold for phones that are easily removed without leaving adhesive behind and can reused? I am hoping the second because they cost the same as many 'skin' type wraps do that can be reused. The other big consideration is if more like contact paper then its likely that they would eave a residue behind once removed.

    How do they hold up with heat from an atomizer or a warm battery - does this make them slip or get air bubbles?

    How well do they hold up to cleaning? Wiping down the battery part or the ones for the vivi nova for example, does it interfere or wear badly with washing cleaning?
  5. Faylool

    Faylool Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Theyre more like skins but removing them would be tricky if you wanted to maintain their size and shape. I mean i did quickly when i wrapped my vamo crooked the first try but i was a little lucky i believe. If its been on there awhile im pretty sure you wouldnt be able save it for a later date after taking it off but no, no contact paper sticky residue.
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