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XTAR PB2S Charger

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  • Apr 26, 2019

      The package with which the Xtar PB2S charger / power bank arrives, shows the product name beforehand, the english part reminds us that this device is equipped with a USB type C 2A x 2 input and that the device can work both as a battery charger and as a power bank and the QC3.0 protocol is supported both in input and output.

      The device is suitable for the following cell formats:
      -3.6V / 3.7V Li-ion / IMR / INR / ICR
      - 18650 and unprotected protected batteries 18650/18700/20700/21700

      Technical specifications:

      2 eng.jpg

      3 eng.jpg

      1-Charge of Li-ion cells
      by connecting the power supply and inserting the cells, the battery charger will automatically start charging.


      At the input the device supports most of the rapid charging protocols.
      If you want to take advantage of this feature, you will need to supply an input voltage of not less than 9V 2A that will allow you to simultaneously charge 2 cells up to a maximum output power of 2A.
      While powering the device with standard input voltage (maximum 2A for 5Volts) it can supply a maximum current of 2A in case of a single cell, which will be halved if 2 batteries (1x2A or 2X1A) will be charged.



      If you want to recharge batteries with different levels of residual charge (most of the times) the charger will immediately start charging the one with a lower charge until a charge level identical to that of the other cell inserted in the device is reached. . At this point the charger will deliver power equally to both cells until the recharging cycle is complete.



      2-Power bank function
      Leaving the cells in the device and taking advantage of the present USB output it will be possible to use the XTAR PB2S as any other power bank.

      Also in this case it will be possible to exploit most of the rapid recharge protocols leaving the device to regulate itself for optimal functionality, otherwise the device will deliver a maximum of 5V for 2A.

      The maximum output power is 18W.

      As seen in the charging phase, the device will balance the load on the individual cells giving precedence to that with more residual charge.

      Here the device used as a powerbank output


      3- OV Activation function
      By inserting the batteries, the device detects them and activates them automatically.
      Batteries that cannot be activated will be considered as 'broken' batteries and the word 'Er' will appear on the monitor.

      4-Button functions
      During charging, the numeric display shows the input voltage, current and battery capacity percentage.
      Pressing the button (see position indicated by the arrow in the image below) will alternate the information shown on the display:

      Press once to show battery voltage and slot 1 charging current.



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    • Apr 26, 2019
        Press the button again to toggle the display and to show the battery voltage and the charging current of the slot 2.


        Press again to return to the main screen.


        In power bank mode it will be sufficient to press the button to activate the USB output or to check the remaining available charge.

        Needless to say, pressing the button will turn the XTAR PB2S on and off.

        Meaning of the digital display:
        1. "IN": charge
        2. "OUT 1" or "OUT 2": discharge
        3. Percentage number: Percentage of power of a cell / percentage of power of two cells.
        4. Er: Reverse polarity / short circuit / overvoltage input.

        Product considerations

        The PB2S charger / powerbank arrived in standard version with only the cable without any network adapter, it looks nice, my version has the predominant red color, the writings stand out well being white, the section that includes the display instead is black, always on the front has a central XTAR writing placed vertically right above the battery compartment door.


        Once opened, the door allows us to notice the two powerful magnets placed on it.
        The arrangement of the battery compartment is clean and rational; the huge sprung pins on the negative pole of both slots replace the classic slides making it even easier to insert the cells, the extraction of the same is then greatly facilitated by the convenient strap provided.


        On the back side of the device there are the name of the model, the main technical features, the compatibility with various types of cells, the address of the manufacturer, various logos / brands and the made in china.


        The output usb and input qc sockets both support the QC3.0 protocol. Once connected it is not necessary to press the button to start the charging device.


        On the side of the display, which is quite "disguised", we find the selection button, already mentioned in point 4.


        Currently there are 4 colors available for the PB2S


        Finally, the quality and safety of the product are guaranteed by the numerous protections on the circuit and compliance with the ROHS Community legislation, which imposes restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in the construction of various types of electrical and electronic equipment.


        Final Considerations

        Our Xtar PB2S has really small dimensions 125x58x28mm, which makes it easily transportable and allows us to always have an enormous amount of energy available to recharge our devices at any time and wherever we are.
        At 2.1A it completely charges an Iphone 7 Plus in 2 hours !!!

        Think ... with 2 21700 in it how much energy we have available!
        We can indeed reach if not exceed 8.000Mah !!!

        The intelligent and automatic operation of this device reduces user intervention to practically zero, making it suitable even for the less experienced.

        I particularly appreciate this product for the triple charger / powerbank / battery case function. In my opinion this one of its kind is a versatile and innovative object.

        The rubberized paint spread over the whole device gives excellent tactile feedback, the feeling is that of having a precious object in your hands, with soft and rounded shapes, soft and velvety, this is an aspect that I like very much and I think it will also appeal to those who decide to buy it.

        I would like to thank XTAR for sending me this product for free for review purposes.
        XTAR PB2 18650 Battery Fast Charger & Power Bank


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      • Apr 26, 2019
          XTAR PB2S update.

          This time, opening the package delivered by DHL, I asked myself; why XTAR sent me another PB2S charger.

          I proceed and the first good news is the presence of a QC 3.0 adapter.



          With this Quick Charge adapter for the wall socket I can now recharge the batteries at a maximum speed of 2Ax2 (black charger)
          While with any adapter that does not support the QC 3.0 protocol the speed will be subject to the capabilities of the adapter itself (red charger)


          With this new xtar expedition two other splendid batteries have arrived, one INR-18650 35A / 2.600Mah and one INR21700 45A / 4.200Mah.



          The new Xtar PB2S can be purchased here: US $25.99 35% OFF|XTAR Power Bank Charger PB2S QC3.0 Type C INPUT 2019 NEWST USB Charger 18700 20700 21700 18650 Battery LCD Fast Battery Charger on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group
          The QC3.0 adapter is priced at 8.99, not necessary if you have that of your smartphone.

          I would like to thank XTAR again for providing me with two PB2S chargers, the QC3.0 network adapter and two sparkling blue INR 21700 and 18650 batteries.

          XTAR,the best choice for fast charing
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