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Yet Another Clove Recipe

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by McVapor, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. McVapor

    McVapor Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 6, 2009
    Seminole FL
    So since I first started vaping ecigs I have been on a long hunt for a clove emulating juice. I have tried countless flavors which have always disappointed but I believe I found one really good flavor. I have yet to try Scubabatdan's recipe (Lorann Based) for comparison though but I will update my flavor when the time comes.

    2 drops DIYflavorshack Double-Flavor - clove
    3 drops vanilla extract (alcohol based)
    1.5 drop caramel extract (alcohol based)
    23 drops TotallyWicked's 'pillbox's tobacco' (or your favorite Tobacco base)

    There are some complications with the juice itself however. I have to shake the bottle vigorously before dripping each time to prevent separation of the oils from the PG and alcohol. I also have to blow out my atty each day to get dense black liquid removed from the atty. Apparently the caramel and vanilla extract does not like to vape in its entirety and failure to clean out the atty will result in a dramatic decrease in flavor. Another issue with the flavor is that it is very viscous and light. Perhaps some VG would thicken it up but otherwise I can go through the juice twice as fast as normal (seemingly. not verified)

    Review of the DIYFS Clove
    The juice is very very strong. I ordered it double flavor and ready to vape (not a concentrate) so I was surprised at how string it was. Perhaps I accidently got the concentrate but I only want to use ~1.75 drops per ml. Otherwise you will get a bad case of dry mouth and your tongue will feel like it is coated in something. The flavor itself is clearly missing a tobacco element and in my opinion the taste you would find in a Djarum special (vanilla+caramel?). The clove flavor is not that of kitchen clove but of actual smoking clove which I found truly amazing. This is actually the first juice that does this. I actually think that Dawn uses Lorann's clove, anise and PA eugenol because that combination is the only thing I have ever heard of NOT tasting like kitchen clove. I will verify this once I get around to ordering some heh :p.

    I rate the juice as a concentrate and not as a Ready-2-Vape
    4/5 Flavor
    5/5 Strength
    3/5 Longevity
    4/5 Vapor

    Burns best at 4.0v in my opinion.4.5v+ tends to break down the clove flavor.

    I've been vaping this flavor for 3 days now and I'm starting to run out of Tobacco base :cry:
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