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The Start Of Something New

Published by simplynewt in the blog Simply Newt's Notes. Views: 2884

For many years I have been wanting to stop the uncontrolable habit of smoking thise stinking cigarettes. I have tried everything in my power to stop. The gum did not work. The patches did not work. The meds I got from the doctor did not work. I was almost at a dead end when I told my doctor I did not know what I should do as my smoking was now starting to show evident signs of deteriorating my health and I was feeling like it was going to kill me before I could kill it.

My doctor then suggested that I stop in at a Vape Shop that was located near the Doctors Office and see if it was something that I may want to try. Well for the next couple of weeks, I drove by the place and lookedover at it as I was passing by but never committed to pulling in ... until 2 weeks ago when I finally pulled in.

Having never been to a Vape Shop before, I had no clue as to what was in there or what I should expect. All I knew about Vaping was what I gathered from using those Blu e-cigs which was nothing for the most part and even those failed to keep me from smoking. So I went in almost intimidated that I knew nothing about what I was stepping off into. When I got into the store, I went right up to the counter and there was another guy in there who I assume was as ignorant as I was on this Vaping thing. He would ask a question and she would answer, then I would ask a question and she would answer. He asked her if he could smoke dried herbs in the tanks and she said no and he was out the door in a second.

Now it was just me and her and I started asking realistic questions and she hooked me up with an eGo Twist starter kit that consisted of a battery, a charger, 2 plastic tanks and a bottle of juice. Then I started tasting the juices they had set out on a table for the customers to try and there were many of them. There was no systematic way they had them organized. They were on little lazt susan type trays and you could move it around and try the ones that went around the tray. I picked Banana Pudding for my Free one that came with the kit and I purchaased two more, a chocholate caramel and a vanilla mint.

I asked her how much Nicotine should I get and she asked me what I used to smoke. I told her and she suggested to get the 12mg. I asked her what was in the juices that I was testing and she said 8mg and I told her I was fine with that and that is what she sold me. She instructed me on how to fill the tank, how to turn the battery off, how to charge it and when to replace the tank. Got most of it but when I got home and tried to fill the 2nd tank, I was trying to do it upside down or fill it from the worng end and I ended up flooding the coil and ruining the 2nd tank that I had. So it was back to the Vape Shop the next day to purchase another disposable tank.

In that 1st week, I visited that Vape Shop almost every day and now have Mini Protank II's on my eGo batteries with glass tanks so I can use the cinnamon flavored juices. I also started a Vaping Group on Facebook and have joined several Forums to obtain more information on this Vaping World. The one thing I try so hard to do is to be knowledgible on what I am currently into and right now it is Vaping.

I have now been Smoke Free for almost a week and I look forward to many years being away from those stinking cigarettes.

Thanks for reading.
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