Velixir Butter Rum

I purchased this juice from a Vape Shop in Montgomery and although this particular Vape Shop has issues with not telling their customers that they are purchasing counterfeit ProTanks, their juice is very good. They mix their juices in house and the only issue I see with this is that there is no time for steeping so to fill a tank right away would be useless as the flavor of thier juices do not kick in until a week or so of sitting in the juice cabinet.

The Butter Rum is exceptional and I would consider this one of my ADV's. I simply love this flavor and have yet to find a juice online that even comes close to the smoothness and subtle taste that I get. It is not to "flowery" and not to sweet. A very good juice. I am very disappointed that I went there late last week to get another 30ml bottle and they did not have all the ingrediants to make it up. I was told that they should have it by Wednesday of this week but to call 1st. I will be making that call Thursday.

I am giving this juice a 5 out of 5



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