eGo 900mah

My first "official" blog is of course about the first item I've ever attained. That is the eGo 900mah that came with my starter zipper kit from Sin City Vapor. To any newcomers to the vaping community i seriously recommend these. It's an extremely good starting point. You don't have to learn about Variable Voltage right away, It's not hard to figure out and it fits right in your pocket. 5 clicks to turn it on, 5 clicks to turn it off for those just in case moments when it might be pressing up against you in your pocket. My wife takes this with her to work and keeps it in her pocket. It's not to bulky wont fill your pockets. It lasts a pretty long time as well. My wife's has never died, I vape a lot more than she does so mine fully charged in the morning will die around 9 o'clock in the evening. It IS unregulated so when its fully charged you'll get a great hit, when its moderately charged you don't really see that much of a difference but when the battery is low you will find yourself absentmindedly drawing harder thinking its your fault when you're seeing smaller clouds until you get used to it. I wouldn't vape off of this for the rest of my life but as a starting point its really good.


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