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does vg hurt your stomach

I have been vaping for over 12 years ive been making my own for a long time and never had problems. I use food grade usp kosher vg i think it's usually 99.9 or a point or two less, I .ight have bought the 99.7 I really don't remember I bought it from liquid barn last time. I got sick with diverticulitis and was in the hospital 22 days on and off within a month and a half and I developed gastritis my stomach hurt and is sensitive, I noticed it bothered me when I vaped, so I have been vaping pure VG and it seemed better. My stomach was still sensitive but my colon was severe and connected to the stomach and I have two small goll stones. I just had colon resection surgery today and the had to cut out a few different things from three different incisions so I would expect it to be sensitive still but I'm scared because I'm seeing articles that say ecig vapor compromises the stomach lining, even nic free but I bet it is the pg but that's a guess and if I knew it was safe I'd vape it but I hit it once and said I better look this is and seen all the articles. Is VG vapor do the same thing to your stomach? Keep in mind my stomach didn't get all the way better and improved aft a ton of oral antibiotics I could just tell at least the nic was bothering me and I did learn you were supposed to not have VG with one of my iv antibiotics and the didn't tell me, told me no alcohol. Sorry such the long post but I don't want to mess up such a serious surgery or be nauseous ever day. If you made it this far thanks lol.

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Nic salt base 20mg/ml or 10 mg/ml in Holland

Hi guys, i have moved to Nederland and i can't find lirage size like 200ml bottle of flavourless nic salt base strength 10 or 20 mg/ml. I'm mixing it with my favourite aroma Maxx Blend. I don't have any experience with nic salt booster or shots (not even sure what is called and what is difference)

I hope you have some advices and suggestions

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Help Need Info

I need help figuring something out. I recently started using a salt nic called Black Note, I like it but the problem is I'm going thru pods kinda fast with my current device. I currently use a "voopoo v-thru genie“. I called Black Note and they suggested "Aspire OBY“ because the pods last longer but I'm not able set my watts to 5 & 7 on it. Can anyone help me figure out a solution as far a similar device that I can set the watts to 5 & 7?
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So for the past 2 years I've been vaping and smoking normal cigarettes but up until 2 months ago I had to stop smoking cigarettes cause I was gagging everytime I took a git out of it and just thought it was cause I now for some reason think it's gross? And now not even 20 minutes ago I took a normal hit from my vuse and I gagged to the point I thought I was gonna puke. I have no clue what's going on, as this has never happened before. What's happening?

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How many mods do I need for a car ride??? Test Thread #2

I am taking a joy ride and don't know how many mods I should take. I don't do pods!!! :w00t:

Do I need backup for my squonker??? And should I take a backup for the backup???

How much juice should I take with me???

Guess I should take some extra batteries too???

Not sure how long this ride will be yet!

So... it could be a short or a long ride.

Ummm, I was married for nearly 40 years and that's the kind of thing she would do. "We're going for a short ride to one store". Lol, famous last words after being out for hours and 6 stores later!

Ok, on the serious side, this is a TEST to see how long it takes for XF up/down voting options to show up.

@UncleJunkle has another thread going but because solutions were found and then unsolutioned we don't know if that may have confused the all powerful XF.

So, please, answer my questions with the goofiest answers you can think of!!! :lol:

I'll just let the thread sit to see when up/down voting comes into play.

@classwife can delete the thread once we know what we need to know.