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Asmodus password issue

Hello all! I hope someone can help me here. I have an asmodus minikin v3s, an excellent mod, however I am running into a most frustrating issue. I did not set a password when I got it close to a year ago. 2 days ago I dropped it, and when I picked it up, glass intact, it asked me for a password, after flashing a warning that under 21's couldn't use it. And there I'm stuck. I cannot use it due to no password. I tried putting in U six times, using "asmodusasmodus" as suggested in an older discussion on this issue, and no luck. Any help, ideas or suggestions appreciated! Thanks all
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LostVape Thelema Quest Temp Control Help.

Hey guys me again,
Ive just got myself a steamcrave meson rta and thrown in a vv single ss316 alien coil .3ohm im liking the vape at about 40w and have started to try out tc mode and not sure what i should be setting the wattage and temp too ive tried going to 50 60w with the wattage and 200c but it doesnt get a chance to get that hot. So i gone down to 40w and 125 degrees Celsius and it seems to be a nice vape but how exactly does it work should i be going way higher with the wattage and low with the degrees or just go up on both and be light with the fire button and just have it not burn my juice and coil. As described its a thelema solo the quest version not the dna. Thank in advance.

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Hey guys i changed my coil and now when im vaping my fav liquid thats been fine all this time im getting weird taste and feel like throwing up its AWEFUL im using 3mm bp cotton and 3mm coil but all of a sudden its doing this bad bad taste and making me gag. Is it the cotton thats burning that im inhaling? Ive re wicked 5 times and its done it over and over i vape on a diff device i just set up and its fine but im tripping out why its doing it all of a sudden ive used the same technique as i normally do the cotton isnt too tight i thin out the ends its nice and ive dry fired my coil washed my hands over n over i dont know what it is

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Ok I didn't see this already anywhere so here it goes ...why does it seem all disposables have that ice/menthol hit to them no matter what the flavor

So personally don't care for disposables think there a waist but I've tried to like them cause seems that's what we ARe headed toward but hate ice and methol or that cool hit and it seems like if you get just grape it's gonna be on ice or with That hit I don't understand the purpose in this

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Ace Bar AB5000???

Hello, I stopped to buy an Elf Bar yesterday. I wasn't near my regular store, but was told the gas station/convenient store down the street sold them. I ended up with an almost identical vape called Ace Bar AB5000. It even tastes like my normal EBDesign bar. However, I can't find any information about Ace Bar i.e. the manufacturer, safety of/ingredients in the juice, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Dan
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New member needs advice

Hi all- I smoked for 43 years, and started vaping nearly ten years ago. Using mostly RTA's. Over that last couple years my State of Maine has had a war on vaping and getting any supplies has become very difficult. I used to order from overseas, but they stopped shipping here. I have one place that I can order disposables, but they are out of stock for weeks at a time. I just found a new site that indicated they ship to Maine, so I placed an order. I was not happy to see they added a $26 Maine Vape tax, but then said they could not ship to Maine. I used to buy at a local vape shop, but they closed when the city made it illegal to sell flavored e-juice. My only option seems to be purchasing things like Vuse at gas stations for insane prices. I'm so aggravated!
Are others in similar situations? Nothing listed on Ebay, or Facebook of course. Does anyone know of on-line sellers that will bend the rules?

Thanks for any advice.

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How do I melt powdered stevia on premade eliquid?

I recently bought a box of splenda stevia which contains eythritol and stevia extract which are just exactly what I needed. Ofcourse before doing this I read a forum on another site which highly encourages using these types of sweeteners. I didn’t really fully research about this specific brand of stevia but I was so excited to add it on my juice. After awhile, I noticed that it didnt fully melt even after letting it sit on warm water while shaking it every 30 minutes now I’m worried that it could ruin my device/coil. Should I keep doing this or should I try filtering my juice through a coffee filter which is also commonly used by DIY-ers. I dont want to risk on ruining my juice by trying to melt it in high temp. What are your suggestions or alternatives?​

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Need something new

I have been using a Geek Vape Aegis with a Uwell Crown 4 tank (used to have a Crown 4 mod, but it died), .4 ohm @ 50 W, .3 mg Naked 100 Really Berry. I've had this thing for four years now and it's absolutely indestructible. I know this because I've dropped it at least a thousand times and it will not break or die. :thumbs:

But I'm pushing my luck - it's all I've got, no spare tank even. I would really like something smaller, but equivalent; this thing is heavy, with two batteries, and the coils can be hard to find sometimes. I tried an Innokin Coolfire Z60 and it was meh. :yawn:

I have a problem with juice leaking and having to clean out the tube. Bleh. It's me, it's happened from the beginning (10 years ago!) with a Kanger EVOD, right on up. Nobody can tell me what I'm doing wrong. :nah:

If I have to stick with two batteries/heavy, I'll live. I was completely into this board and all the news in the beginning, but since I found my happy, I'm not up on things anymore. I could use some suggestions.

Thank you! :)

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Do all disposables sold in US contain menthol?

I've looked high and low for a section on disposables and it appears this topic is not being taken as seriously as it aught to be.

Every lead I've followed and every kind of disposable I've bought, whether implied or not, has menthol in it. The majority of tobacco smokers do not like menthol flavored tobacco, so it seems rather odd to me that it is pushed so heavily. As we know, apart from nicotine, there is little that one would consider harmful about vaping and yet these products containing menthol are accompanied by a warning of reproductive harm.

So, does anyone know of a brand or flavor being sold in the US that has zero menthol?

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New member troubleshooting a mixing problem

Hello everyone! I've started vaping again and because I live in Mass have been getting unflavored nicotine and mixing it with menthol flavor from Amazon, brands vary but always pg based. I've never had any issues until today when I went to refill my tank and found chunks had formed. I made another batch and within an hour it too had gone chunky. The flavor and nicotine still in their bottles are normal and the juice in my tank is normal. If I can put a pic with my post I will. Feel free to ask me any questions if you need more info!


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Profile X RTA Wicking

Hey guys, I've gotten the Wotofo Profile X RTA about a month ago and I'm wanting to know whats the best wicking methods you guys use on yours?

I've realized that the traditional methods don't work so good on this rta, my meshes keep getting burnt out in a few days. I'm using the nexMesh Extreme .16ohm 60-80W they read at .13ohms and I've started vaping them at 52-55watts using a Freshmint 70/30vg/pg juice.

The wicking method that I have installed currently is lots of cotton directly under the mesh and thinned and combed out ends with the bottom half cut out, I'm testing 2 variations of this at the same time, on one side I have it extremely thinned out and long with a low shoulder and the other side is a little thicker and shorter with a higher shoulder. After about 3 days I've noticed that the mesh is black on the thicker shorter side and its completely clean and new on the thinner longer side also I've only noticed bubbles coming out of this side(thinner side) and absolutely none on the other side.

Anyone has gotten the wicking method of this mesh RTA down completely?

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Help Me Identify This Mod

I bought this off of someone that used to be in good relations with ROGUE USA. I was told it was a limited run ROGUE USA Ironfist. I cannot find ANYTHING on it,
But maybe someone here can.
Any answers would be greatly apriciated.


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“Glass or Plastic tank?”

Hey guys so I have a Voopoo
Drag X PNP-X kit (Glass Tank) and in the summer obviously it’s worse to vape because everything heats up a lot quick and takes longer to cool down, now we all know this lol.
However my question is, does Glass tanks get hotter and take longer to cool down compared to Plastic tanks? (Sorry if I explained this wrong lol, I just got done finishing a double shift!!)

For Example
- I have both the TPP-X Pod (glass) & the PNP Pod (plastic) for my Drag X Mod -I feel like the TPP-X glass pod tank heats up quicker and takes longer to cool down because of the glass then the PnP plastic Pod tank.

-Now the PNP Pod tank is 100% plastic while the TPP-X Pod Has a glass tank with a metal top and a plastic bottom similar to the PNP Pod.

-Now all that being said should I stick with full plastic PNP tank because that tank indeed Isn’t as hot/takes more time to heat up and less time to cool down?

-Or should I stick with the TPP-X glass tank instead because that tank isn’t as hot/takes more time to heat up and less time to cool down?

-I know this doesn’t seem like big enough deal to ask but my coils don’t last as long during the summer.

*If anyone knows this and can reply to give me a correct answer I’d very much appreciate it considering I’d be able actually save!!!!
Thank you!

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Kylin M boro tank?

I bought a kylin m to go into my stubby aio. I did no research my fault of course. As I was building it. I realized how it go juice. I said there's no way that's not going to flood, but Mike vapes built one it didn't flood. So against my better judgement I built and put juice in and it all ran out the air flow. How are u supposed to keep it from flooding? The juices just pours through holes onto the cottone what keeps it all from coming through there I don't understand. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm already very frustrated by this boros