Great Article on Chemical Analysis of Vaping

Long but good read

For Sale Fakirs side by side with Dicodes

Fakirs mod in 9-10 condition.
$250 delivered conus.
RRP was $400


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Decadent - Raspberry Ice

Setup: Single DL RTA, 27W, 70VG – 30PG.
Recommended mixing ratio: 10-20%
Raspberries have always been one of my favorites, either in the dessert line or just by themselves. We can find many types on the Vape market, but there are few that fully reproduce the taste of the fruit, without side flavors. We will be dealing with a simple cool raspberry, since there is nothing else in it than fruit and menthol (theoretically). Lemon, lime, and mint usually go well with the taste of raspberries. In this case, we add mint, not too strongly, so that the taste of the fruit can still be felt even during a whole day of use. When inhaling, you can feel both flavors, the raspberry is not overripe, neither too sour nor too sweet. The cold whistling is also very well-received, as it is only slightly rounded above the raspberry. Just as if we take it out of the fridge after a whole day of cooling and it hasn't frozen yet, but the fruit is already quite cold. The flavors are strong and precisely blended. In addition to the 15% mixing and the one-week aging, I don't think you need more or less of it. There is nothing extra in it, but it is not necessary, they did what they wanted, which is what everyone will love the "iced raspberry". Its simplicity and well-harmonized flavors made vaping perfect thanks to this aroma. Keep your good habit going with Decadent Vapor! :))


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Solub - Cherry Choops

Setup: Single DL RTA, 27W Recommended mixing ratio: 10-20% Recommended aging time: 5-15 days We usually drink cola and suck it in candy, but it never occurred to me to boil it, but I'm going to do it now, thanks to gandalfliquid. It will be a cherry and cola-flavored aroma, which I mixed at 12% within the mixing ratio specified by the manufacturer. The smell and taste do not lie to the description. Cherry and cola share the aroma in a half-and-half ratio, the smell is more cherry, and the taste of both components is nice. I completely believe the cherry part, the taste and smell are very true to life. Cola, on the other hand, appears without carbonation, not as we are used to, not as a soft drink but rather in the form of a flavored candy. A cola soft candy that is crazy with a little cherry. I could say that we are dealing with a fibrous cherry cola, but I don't think anyone would take that seriously. You have to try it, the price of HUF 790 is well worth a tasting. It's sugar and caffeine-free, so it won't affect us in this regard. It definitely had a pleasant effect on me, I accepted this interesting flavor world with a smile on my face.


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Facing Resistance | THR Advocacy in Africa | RegWatch on GFN.TV (Rewind)

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Innokin Coolfire Z60 -- Combined Excellence, Now Smaller


How's your weekend? A fresh new week is coming, it is with great honor that we now announce the brand new kit Innokin Coolfire Z60 -- Combined excellence, now smaller is officially released today :thumb:

The Coolfire Z60 kit combines Innokin's cutting edge technology with the all-new Zlide Top tank. Up to 60w of variable power, all-day battery life, coil boosting tech, top airflow and Duoprime coils. Top performance, no compromises.


· Premium construction, compact size
· All-day battery life - 2500 mAh
· Battery master switch
· Zlide Top - now with top airflow
· DuoPrime coils
· Compatible with all Z-coils
· Available in 7 colors

Every element of the Coolfire Z60 is crafted from premium materials. Our high-grade zinc alloy chassis achieves low weight, high durability, and the unmistakable feeling of Innokin quality, all in a tiny form factor.


The Coolfire Z60 is equipped with a 2500mAh internal battery and USB-C charging. That means all-day battery life and reliable rapid charging.


The Coolfire Z60's master switch allows you to fully shut off the device at any time, Ideal for safely storing the device when travelling or not in use.


Coil+ mode pulses your coil after each vape, clearing residue and drawing e-liquid to the coil.


Revitalise your coil by manually activating Refresh mode. The coil is heated with 40% of your vaping wattage, clearing residue and saturating the wick.


Our best-selling Zlide tank returns with a brand-new look and enhanced performance. The Zlide Top features top airflow, eliminating all leaks. The redesigned airflow system allows for greater control than ever before, with a wider range of options from tight MTL to smooth and flavourful RDL draws.


DuoPrime coil technology arrives to the Z-coil line. The Zlide Top tank is pre-installed with our new 0.6Ω DuoPrime Z-coil. The 0.6Ω DuoPrime delivers stunning MTL performace between 9-13W, with better saturation, flavour production and coil longevity than any other MTL coil on the market.


The Zlide Top's improved sliding top fill system allows you to refill on the go, without leaking or overflow issues.


Choose a capacity that fits your needs, with 2ml, 3ml and 4.5ml replacement glasses available. The Zlide Top is compatible with all our industry-leading Z-coils, delivering a huge range of vaping experiences.


To learn more, please visit: Coolfire Z60 - Vape Kit | INNOKIN® ;)

Best regards,
Innokin Team

Replacement O-Rings?

Morning to all,

I broke one of the o-rings that goes on the glass part when taking it off the Zenith Pro, Im using the spare that came with it. But this got me to thinking what if I break more. Are there any sites that sale replacement 0-rings for it or just in general replacement rings? Ive emailed the Innokin people but they said to check with the seller, I emailed the seller 2x (MyVape Store) and they arent replying. Come to think of it Ive emailed them about other stuff and they never reply at all. Rant for another day. LOL. Getting frustrated. I cant afford to keep buying new tanks just because I cant find replacement o-rings. Thanks in advance.

New Arrival: BP MODS TMD BORO Tank

BP MODS has recently launched two more tanks. Today I want to introduce you to the bp mods tmd boro. It uses a 5ml capacity and can basically maintain your smoking time for 1-2 days.

The tank is made of PCTG material, which is safe and durable. Provides tight airflow and anti-condensation pads, and to keep the inside of the unit tidy, you can do proper cleaning to keep the unit clean at all times. It fits perfectly with BB Style Mods and is also compatible with 0.3/0.55/1.05ohm mesh coil, GTX/RBA and PnP VM/TM/TR/RBA coils.

The prefabricated water tank has better air-proof performance, so your entire vaping process will be smooth and unobstructed. Since the coil can be reconstructed by itself, if you want to adjust the taste, the coils mentioned above can be matched arbitrarily.

• Tightness somatosensory airflow, easy to adjust
• Anti-condensate cotton piece, washable and reusable
• Compatible with DtoMod AIO and TMD Pro/Mesh Coil
• Fit for PnP VM/TM/TR/RBA Coil and GTX Below 0.6Ω Coil/RBA Coil
• Supports RDL/MTL/DL vaping
• Compatible with PnP / GTX Coil / Pioneer S Tank Replacement Coils 2.6ml

Through our uk vape warehouse, you will learn more about cheap e-cigs as well.

I'd like to suggest you:
caliburn x uk
argus xt kit uk

The Latest DotMod dotPod Nano Pod Kit 800mAh 18W

Discover the dotmod dotPod Nano Pod System, featuring an internal 800mAh battery, draw activation, side-fill system, and a maximum wattage ouptut of 18W.

• 800mAh Battery Capacity
• Max 18W Output
• Compatible With dotPod Nano Pod
• 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm Coil
• MTL Draw
• Side-filling Design
• Best For 50VG/50PG and 60VG/40PV E-liquid
• Draw Activation

The dotPod Nano pod kit near me utilizes pods featuring a side-fill system with a silicone stopper for added protection from leakage to promote a hassle & worryfree vaping experience. Additionally, attach the included fashion lanyard to wear this sleak device around your neck as an added accessory while on-the-go.

Please go to vape online to make an order.

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Social Media Info for Giveaways

There are often events and giveaways that ask you to tag a certain number of individuals in a social media post. I don't generally feel comfortable tagging randoms even if they've followed me, and would rather tag one of you all instead.

I'm just wondering if there are people here that wouldn't mind being tagged for giveaways and if they'd like to add their social media accounts/information for future events.

Feel free to list the info here (if that's okay) or PM me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, cheers!



Hello again and welcome back for today's review on a full sized kit for a very nice change of pace from the flooded Pod market. The Smok G-Priv Kit comes with the TFV18 Mini Sub-ohm Tank that I've reviewed a few times being paired with other Smok devices. I will tell you right away that the TFV 18 Mini is a high wattage tank so if you don't like wattage starting points of 80watts this tank is not for you so you would be better off just getting the mod alone and pair it with a tank of your own. The G-Priv 4 is a full featured dual 18650 device with a maximum power output of 230 watts and has Temperature Control modes of NI - TI - SS along with TCR for those of you that use them. The 1 big feature of this device is it's a touch screen and probably the best touch screen vaping device to date, there's a lot to cover so lets get started.







* IQ-M Chipset

* Size: 90 x 50.8 x 29mm

* Dual 18650 Batteries (not included)

* Wattage Range - VW: 5-230W

* Wattage Range - TC: 10-230W

* Voltage Range: 0.5-8.2V

* Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction

* Intuitive Firing Button

* 2" Touch Screen

* Threaded 510 Connection

* Type-C USB Port


* 28mm Diameter

* 6.5ml Tank Capacity

* Pyrex Glass Reinforcement

* Stainless Steel Tank Construction

* Rotating Top Fill System

* Push Button Lock

* Screw In Coil Installation

* Dual Slotted Airflow Control Ring

* Threaded 510 Connection













Solub - Tequila

Setup: Single DL RTA, 27W, 12% mixing
Tequila is a distilled spirit of Mexican origin, which is fermented from the sugar-rich root of the blue agave and for couples. This all sounds very good, but what does tequila taste like? I have no idea . I don't think agave can be compared to anything else. The smell is like an alcoholic spirit with a slightly bitter smell. The taste has a little silky sweetness, but it is not dominant. It also gives your throat a dry and scratchy feeling. I'll be honest, I expected worse, such an insufferable sickly taste. Although the sickly taste is characteristic of this aroma. I puffed for half a day, but I didn't find anything in it that would make me say "I'll fill up the tank one more time". It's like there's a little lemon in it, but it's also like a lemon replacement pill, a little bitterness that makes your mouth stink. You have to drink this, but not tequila, but some sweet soft drink that loses its taste. I would have expected something special, an unusual taste (I got that ) or something that would have really transported me to Mexico. If you feel the urge to try it, make sure you have a salt and lemon ring with you, maybe the steaming will be more tolerable .

Closed/Sold Posted twice still available see above Core-Erig/w xtras.

Hey guys wasn’t planning on getting rid of this but kinda have to…….Core E-rig with all accessories it came with & untouched coils that it came with. Plus 6 xtra quartz coiless buckets, 3 stainless steel. 1 of the new versions forget what they call it but it’s the one with the bucket that heats on sides also. 2 extra buckets for the new version just mentioned. An extra grey rubber sheath I purchased an also an upgrade silver top for the rig with the upgrade top(the part u spin always forget the name. Coils it comes with that are wrapped still are the wrapped black rod coil and another stainless steel coil. Also throw in 3 new heaters for the quartz/steel buckets. U can have the coil master case the xtra coils are sitting in also. Rig was used 3 times it’s like new and all the coils are like new also. Thanks. CS.
(message me if ya got any questions I’ll ship for free priority in US only have Cashapp, Venmo & Current). ✌

For Sale Core E-Rig, coils and extras

Hey guys didn’t wanna get rid of this but kinda have to comes with everything it came with coils untouched(1 wrapped black rods,1 stainless steel). the extras include 6 quartz coiless bucket coils(with 3 new heaters), 4 stainless steel buckets untouched. The upgrade silver part by crossing that goes onto rig around coils. The upgrade top part by crossing that spins(replaces the glass bubble that came with it). Although that is there also along with everything else it came with including box and carrying case. Also I bought the xtra black rubber sheath that goes on it the grey one is in the bag in pic. And the newest version coil atomizer that heats on sides also including 2 xtra side heating buckets. Free priority shipping 125$ OBO……..message me if ya got any questions. Thanks. CS

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forum 7%.jpg

Dear valued customers,

We are preparing an Early Fall Sale during the National Day holiday! Let's join the 7% Off Sitewide coupon sale now!

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Coils only last a day?


I recently switched from uwell caliburn pod to smok rpm2s. The flavor is much better and much more vapor but now my problem is that coils only last a day, uwell lasted 1 week. I vape a lot up to 1500 puffs a day of 2s at 15-25w. The coil is 0.16ohm rated best at 40w, is that why? Also its using much more juice but I think thats normal. I can go past 1500 puffs up to 2600 puffs on one coil but then the flavor and vapor suck, also vapor feels too thick then not smooth. Is this normal?


Vapesourcing Coupon Deals October (Daily Updated)

Come and take a look at what we have to offer! Special offers:thumbs::smokie:

> Geekvape Sonder U Pod System Kit 1000mAh 20W
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> SMOK Rigel Mini Kit 80W with TFV9 Mini Tank
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> Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RTA 25mm 3.5ml
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New Vaper! Need Help!

Hello everyone,
I have the VooPoo DragS Pro!
Was previously using the SmokStick80w, which I nicked off my mum, and got me into vaping!
Used that for 3 or so months, managed to cut right down smoking cigs and only had to change the coil 3 times!
However, I’ve had the VooPoo for about 2 months, and I’m literally having to change the coil every 2-3 days?! Either tasting burnt, or flavour disappears?! I must be doing something wrong surley?!

I prime the coils, always wait 10 mins before first pull.
Also the liquid keeps going brown?! I used seriously soda 70/30 atm?!
Sooo confused and can’t keep spending so much on coils, considering going buying another Smok
The VooPoo is soo good when it’s a fresh coil, but after a few hours it’s jsut crap

Someone please help lol! X