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Morning, loungers.

Sunny day, and we might break into the low 70s. Dang, we even had to fire up the furnace a bit, yesterday!

Omygosh. What a good price. That is exactly what I would have gotten for myself. I have loved every electric or battery tool I have bought. Ken said the gas ones were more powerful and since I am hoping he is going to be the one using it, I went with it. View attachment 1001313

Yup, the gas rigs do generally have higher pressure. And probably a good idea to get the tools he's willing to use :)


Well, I'm back from the dead

Welcome back FunkyZ

I still use my Provari's,. They work fine for MTL vaping, and so what!! if they're 10 years old.
You can get button top 18500 IMR batteries at Amazon, but we lost AW batteries from a flood years ago.

Everyone likes what they like for atomizers/tanks, and everything I use is so out of date that it doesn't need mentioning. Innokin makes a lot of MTL stuff, including pods.

I DIY my juice, so I can't help you there

Evolv-ing Thread

Friday morning:
Here is a story that is hard to believe. I got out my Vapecig VTbox 200 with the OG TGT4. I'm trying to keep the mods in my bag at storage levels. So I'm thinking this one needs just a little more charge so I can use it a litle bit. So I plug it into my laptop and device monitor says 1 cell is 5.8 volts another is 2.48, ect. I do a reboot and it changes which cell is the high one. I open it up and disconnect/connect the 12 v connector. Now it shows one cell down to .14 volts. I then remove the battery and measure off the JST and all cells are 3.89 volts. Plug it all back together and it works fine. A bad connection or ? at the JST plug.....or rebooted that famous TI chip. Reading over 5 volts sure sounds like the chip. Did I just discover a "fix" ?
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