I've Been Vamo'ed

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I received my Vamo V5 Saturday and was disappointed that I did not receive the batteries or tank I ordered at the same time. I ordered all three items froom ebay and was very worried that I would receive bad products as I have been burnt on occassion from getting electronic items from ebay. So I was very interested in doing whatever I needed to do to make sure my new Vamo was everything I had hoped it would be.

I called up the local BM which over prices all the products they sell and asked them what they were asking for a 18650 battery and a charger to go with it. She told me it would run me around $36.00. I thought for a second and I was out the door and on my way to get the battery just to see if the Vamo really worked. I got a mile down the road and thought, "what am I doing? I have batteries comingMonday and a new tank to boot." I turned the truck around and headed home.

All day Sunday I kept looking at the Vamo. I picked it up, pushed the buttons. Took the ProTank 2 I have on my eGo and put it on the Vamo and was just giggy with anticipation. Then Monday came and I was off to work. I could not wait until the tiime came until I was off and on my way home but I did not go home dear friends. I went to a local BM around my job and purchased a battery and charger from them just in case the battery did not show up today when I got home. I spent $22.00 there and got a better deal then if I went to the BM closer to the house.

Well I got home and sure enough, I got the batteries and the Kanger AeroTank to sit on top of it. Oh Boy I was like a child on Christmas Morning. I assembled the tan just as fast as I could, filled it with Cinnamon Red Hotty and slapped a battery in the Vamo. Hit the button 5 times and inhaled deeply. Wow, I was impressed. I then started playing with the buttons and soon found my "Sweet Spot". Life just does not get better then this.

I have been smoke free for a week now and there are no regrets and I do not want to look back. I love this mod and I hope it will be with me for a long long time.

Thanks For Reading.
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