Discussion in 'DSE 901/b *Mini*' started by elwcom, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. elwcom

    elwcom Senior Member

    Just curious if anyone has used one? Or has any info on how good they are? I use a 510-T currently but am eager to try the 901-t, I know so many that loved the original and I love the different colors etc.
  2. SirVette

    SirVette Super Member

    I have had the 901-T atty about 1 1/2 months, works great & no leaks. I am using the Elite 808 & KR8 batteries w/ it.
  3. Patrick21

    Patrick21 Super Member Verified Member

    Ive got one, no leaks but its whistling like hell!
  4. elwcom

    elwcom Senior Member

    got to say ive been using this nifty little thing for a few weeks now and im absolutely over the moon!
    I was a big 510 fan before, i tried an ego but it wasnt my thing, i like small, nifty and automatic lol
    but this thing, the flavor is amazing, TH and vapor is great, the batteries are pretty decent, the tanks are a good size and the pcc is perfect.
    I have absolutely no issues with it what so ever. A perfect vape for me.
  5. DRGN

    DRGN Full Member

    Based on this post I picked up a 901-T atomizer and some empty tanks for it. I have only had it for part of the day but so far I like it. I am using it with a 650 mah VGO battery (808) and it works great. The flavor is very good and no leaks so far.The throat hit is not as good as the normal 2.0 ohm cartomizers I use, but I expected that. I was wanting to try a tank and this worked out well since there was no need to buy a complete kit as it works with my batteries. It is a nice additional item to have.
  6. elwcom

    elwcom Senior Member

    Glad you're enjoying DRGN! I found upping the nic on the 901 to get a better throat hit. Worked a treat.
  7. Cokeybill

    Cokeybill Super Member Verified Member

    I've got one and it works very well. Darn 901 batts are a pain compared to my Ego T.
  8. SirVette

    SirVette Super Member

    Many use the KR8 batteries w/ the 901 attys. I like the Elite 808 batteries better which have longer run time & are only about 1/16" larger in diameter.
  9. Jaybearizzi

    Jaybearizzi Full Member

    I plan on buying some for my kr808. heard that the TH and vapor production is really good and doesnt mute the flavor as much.

    I dont know if it will do the same for the low resistance tank. DSE-901TLR.
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