Anyone else using "wick-less" clearomizers? I really like them

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by toddrhodes, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I've used short and long-wick clearos before, short wicks are the worst, but long wicks are pretty good. I recently discovered wick-less clearomizers where the "wick" is just cotton in the center tube of the clearo. Granted, I just picked this all back up about a week ago and I'm sure these aren't exactly "new" but I'm really enjoying these new clearos. I filled a wick-less with a local shop's tobacco flavor which is pretty dark in color I would say. On the same day I filled a long-wick clearo with Swagger (very dark) from Pink Spot and in just three days' time, the long wick clearo is done, doesn't hit well at all now. I can do a quick dry burn and that gets it back for about one or two vapes but then it's back to burnt-tasting. The wick-less one is firing along like a champ though.

    Now, to be completely fair I've used the swagger long-wick clearo about three times as much as the other so I guess what I'm wondering from everyone is, do the wick-less clearos outperform AND outlast the long-wick clearomizers in your opinion? I could not tell you the brand of either, they came from a local B&M cigarette store with no branding on them. So anyway, as a big fan of the clearomizer in general, I'd like to know if I should stick to the wick-less or if I'm just imagning things. TIA!

  2. Bill's Magic Vapor

    Bill's Magic Vapor Juice Maker Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I haven't tried the wickless clearos yet, but I've used many different clearos. I am interested to hear from the folks about their experiences with them, before I buy them. The description you provided was not exactly a "scientific" comparison, so I'm not sure we can glean anything from this particular experience, but there are definitely some mixed reactions out there to the wickless clearos. Long or short wicks doesn't always make that much difference depending on the location of the wicks and the wick material. What is always key is that these heads do wick correctly and sufficiently to keep up with the atomization of the liquid, neither too quick, nor too slow, so different clearos work differently for different vapers because of their vape technique. This accounts, in part, why we get such a broad and diversified picture of the "best" clearo out there. Different strokes, and so forth. Good luck to you and welcome to the Forum.
  3. meanckz

    meanckz Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    I'm interested in trying 'wick-less' clearos, but I don't where to look for them or what to look for or even what they look like
    :D got a pic of those (so I can compare, when I'm hunting for stuff)
  4. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Bill! The short wicks I tried were at the top of the clearomizer, not the bottom. They were truly awful, unless you wanted to vape while staring at the ceiling. The wick-less clearos, so far, have never dry-hit on me, they have a perfectly acceptable (at least to me) amount of vapor and, having had the same flavor (albeit quite awhile ago) through both types, the wick-less are at least as good and, honestly seem to have more flavor to me. Like i said, could just be placebo but so far I have not found a downside to them. I was just curious if anyone else who uses them noticed the same things as I, or anything different. The last time I took up vaping to quit smoking I basically did so without doing much research or learning, just kinda learned on my own. Unfortunately when I hit a little adversity, rather than reach out for help I just went back to analogs. I'm trying to remedy that part this time :)
  5. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I use the wickless and find that they do vape better than long wicked clearo's, which I use also. I have had no dry hits whatsoever with the wickless (CE5) and this is with continuous vape, one after another, 3-4 hits in a row without waiting. They are amazingly smooth vapes. My biggest problem is finding them to buy.
  6. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  7. H Niemand

    H Niemand Super Member ECF Veteran

    I don't like the CE5. The bottom hole is too high and there always 1/4 of juice left in the bottom of the tank.
  8. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ahhh, good point - never noticed that!
  9. rangie

    rangie Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I haven't tried the wickless yet but I do like the t3s t3s mini and t4 they are all bottom wicks get a good hit of the never had any dry hits but that's not to say I wont at some time and are also easy to rewick I would think the wickless are like a cartos i'm ordering the new i30s which is a update on the i30 I love the i30 that gives a great vape so im hoping that the i30s keeps up with that i'm a big love of bottom wick carto and clearos they all work good on vv/vw mods but I like genesis attys on mechs but a ill try any thing new out there
  10. pianman6954

    pianman6954 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yes bottom hole is way too high, and I had a ton of problems getting a solid connection on anything I had, when it worked though it was great specially on my vamo, it was about 2.7 ohm and was great at about 3.9-4.1 volts.
  11. State O' Flux

    State O' Flux Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hmmm... never used, or even held in my hand, a CE5. So - it's a small cartomizer in a small tank... and they're calling it wickless. More like a "disposable" carto tank, IMO. ;-)

    Seems reasonable, unless you're someone who vapes 12 or more ml a day - then a real carto tank, with a $25 investment in a IBT tank, and real cartos running a buck ten a pop and lasting 5-10 days (for me, not so much for Bill, 'eh Bill? :))... makes more sense over the long term.

    I suppose, on an eGo battery, the combination would be more attractive overall than a 15mm or larger carto tank.

    The 30s isn't really functionally different from the 30... the tube protects the wicks from damage by the user, and certainly looks more attractive, especially to first timers who think all them wicks hanging down look, ah... weird.
    The best bit, to me at least, is the ability to fit your own drip tip. SS in the winter time... I hate it when your drip tip ices over. :)
  12. Jayvaps

    Jayvaps Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have read, not tried them, that the iclear30s has a much bigger air hole than the 'old' iclear30 and thus provides a more airy draw. I like my draw a little tighter, so have not bothered to try the new one. Again, that was based on a review I read here.
  13. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Yea, I'm only vaping 2-3 ml a day across multiple flavors (so, multiple tanks of course) and with 24 mg nic, I'd likely kill myself if I did 12 ml in a day :) I appreciate the input, it all makes sense to me. I have a Vamo and an Innoken MVP V2 on the way so I may try out some of your other suggestions in due time.
  14. State O' Flux

    State O' Flux Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    True... in fact, every iClear 30 I own I've already drilled out the 510 shaft, side air holes. As stock, they are tight, but easily corrected.
  15. State O' Flux

    State O' Flux Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    So many ways to enjoy vaping... so little time. ;-)
  16. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm lucky I suppose in the sense that I got my COO hooked on vaping back when I started originally and since he continues to do so (went from a pack a day to 0 mg nic liquid now!), there is absolutely no problem with vaping at work :)
  17. Joie

    Joie Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    sounds interesting....may have to give them a try. Although I do like my Evods and T3s
  18. KraveVPR

    KraveVPR Unregistered Supplier

    If you like the wickless CE5, you may want to try a tank attomizer or atty. I found it to be a natural progression for myself.
  19. kimran73

    kimran73 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I prefer the bottom coil now, it suits my tastes better and I find it a simpler set up than the long wick top coils.
  20. Bill's Magic Vapor

    Bill's Magic Vapor Juice Maker Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Yeah, top coils do require that the wicks be saturated by inverting the clearo from time to time before you vape. This type of wick is then known to be "position dependent," meaning that we have to twirl and invert to keep the wicks saturated. For many, this is not an issue. I thought it was a pita and switched to cartos, because you will get a dry/burnt hit when you forget to twirl or invert. I know a great many people though that use vivi nova's and T2's, seemingly never forget their position dependence requirements, and swear by them. Indeed it is a different strokes kinda thing. Personally, I have preferred bottom coils for a long time over top coils, but YMMV.
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