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Discussion in 'APV Discussion' started by Billy Baroo, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Billy Baroo

    Billy Baroo Full Member Verified Member

    I have a zmax and a provari. I have one mechanical mod in the vmod 2.0.

    I am now looking to get the best mechan
  2. Scott_Simpson

    Scott_Simpson Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I have a Legacy Standard from PureSmoker, and I love it. It is a very solid, stainless steel mod; I have an 18650 extension tube for it, and I'm running a Kick in it ... solid dependability like the ProVari (and the media-blasted finish on the Legacy body looks and feels like the ProVari satin SS finish), and variable wattage with the Kick ... a great combination, IMO! Even without the Kick, it is a great mechanical mod in its own right, and they have a Mini version (18350 size) if you like the stealth form factor ... :laugh:

    I also have an SS satin ProVari. Love them both, and I'm running Penelopes on both of them.
  3. iamtumus

    iamtumus Ultra Member Verified Member

    my GP Paps is my baby, they're hard to get, but well worth the price if you see one in the classies.
  4. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru

    Best e-Cig Mod List | e-Cig Mods Database

    The website from the above link is somewhat outdated, but it allows you to do a search by battery size, button placement, country of origin, etc. This might help you somewhat.
  5. godzilla93

    godzilla93 Senior Member Verified Member

    The bolt, in my book, is very good for the price (as a basic 3.7v mech mod that is). It looks/works great with the 5ml J-tank and low resistance Boge cartos (see pBusardo!). with the extension, you can also easily upgrade it with the addition of a Kick. Also IMO it feels really great in the hand with the "rugged" finish, and the light weight (compared to a Provari). I got my bolt, with the Kick extension, at $30 from Kalamazoo Vapor Shop. Highly recommend it.
  6. anavidfan

    anavidfan Vaping Master Verified Member

    I will ring in and give a big shout out to the less known Saber Touch by Vapor Moon. Its tough, well made, lots of safety features. Lots of choices and you can customize it in endless ways. I love mine. I got the Kicked version. ( kick not included, just built around it)
    Limited Edition Saber
    This is mine and there is another one on its way. Caution, you may not be able to have just one
  7. iamtumus

    iamtumus Ultra Member Verified Member

    bolt and saber touch are both electronic switches
  8. Ratman

    Ratman Ultra Member Verified Member

    I have 4 of them, well i have 3, wife has 1. Best in order are REO Grand, Precise Plus 16340, Puresmoker Icon, Puresmoker Prodigy. These are the only purely mechanical mods I have tried. I would buy all but the Prodigy again. Nothing against it except the size and the fact that it looks like a phallus. The Icon kind of does too and it pretty limited to a carto or atty only, (you can run a tank on it but it looks stupid IMO) but I do like the small size and I use it for dripping on a 357.

    The REO Grand and P+ are just pure awesomeness.
  9. vsummer1

    vsummer1 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Have you seen the beauty of the caravela? Just a simple mechanical piece of metal and oh so pretty! They are still taking pre orders and will only make 1000.
  10. readmermaid

    readmermaid Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Well, someone had to say it & I'm surprised it took so long: Zenesis.

    In the past, they've been hard to get but Zen~ is now focusing on production and has established distributors. Electronicstix will be offering his Hybrid line. Mawn & Co carries his Genesis atty for the GG, 310Vapors has his Z-atty universal, & Provape the Z-atty pro.

    Me, I adore my hybrid SS Mini. Check them out!
  11. anavidfan

    anavidfan Vaping Master Verified Member

    the switch or sensor on the saber has a lifetime warranty.:) but seriously, the best one is the one that suits your needs the best. Everyone will recommend the one that "got" them. Weather it be for the looks, the way it feels in their hand. They will all basically do what they were designed to do, hold a battery.
    Its like buying a car. DO you want muscle, do you want handling, do you want an esthetically beautiful well designed piece of art or do you want a dependable mid priced one or do you want a ferrari?
    What ever your needs are that will be the perfect mechanical MOD.
    Look at what you want to spend, look at the build, reputation and dependability.

    Now if I had all the monetary assets, you know Id be the Leno with a garage full of MODs
  12. juicefreak

    juicefreak Super Member Verified Member

    I have a P18 from super T and it has a lifetime warranty, mechanical, stainless. I've been stacking AW 3.0's in it with no problem. I've dropped it on cement and it's bullet proof.

    Puresmokers Legacy looks nice too
  13. juicefreak

    juicefreak Super Member Verified Member

    ps - they are calling them precise plus now. Mine is 2 yrs old
  14. Billy Baroo

    Billy Baroo Full Member Verified Member

    Thanks for the responses. It looks like i might be headed into the world of the high end mod. Damn, that didn't take long.
  15. CHARGER72

    CHARGER72 Super Member Verified Member

    Look after reading and watching tons of videos. By far the mod everybody talks about outside of the provari is the silver bullet. Altsmoke has them in stock and they are darn near indestructible.
  16. LucidAce

    LucidAce Super Member Verified Member

    Yeah; lots of people make phallus jokes about a variety of devices, but the Prodigy looks like they took an actual metal phallus and put an atty connector on it.
  17. towo

    towo Full Member

  18. Larry Backsplash

    Larry Backsplash Senior Member Verified Member

    Wouldn't swap my Don for anything. Ergonomically the best I've had the privilege of owning and is rock solid. Ownly prob with it is that it's hard to pair with atties that compliment it by lining up nicely. The Penelope does, but I'm only using gennies these days. The search continues... I need a hellfire mini

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  19. Absintheur

    Absintheur Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    The Siam Cube or Hex in the battery size of your choice would be another good pick.


    as would be the Chameleon...

  20. boog

    boog Senior Member Verified Member

    caravela gets my vote.
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