Burning liquid with UD AGT Titanium. Help!

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomizer Systems' started by specter9mm, Sep 25, 2013.

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  1. specter9mm

    specter9mm Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I am having a terrible time with the UD AGT Titanium. It cam with some wire and mesh, I think the mesh was 400. I have rebuilt it three times now, verified I do not get hot spots, and every time it tastes like I am eating charcoal. My coil wraps have been around 1.3-1.5 ohms. I have tried a few methods, the drill bit, the rolling paper, and wrapping the coils on top of my mesh while it is on a straightened paperclip. I don't have any problems with shorts, but burning, it burns my fluid no matter what I do.
  2. WattWick

    WattWick Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Not sure if it's even possible to get one of these to wick well without leaving the fill hole open. If you have a paper clip inserted in your wick, you probably don't have enough wicking material to suck liquids up fast enough... given the wick hole is tiiiiny. I think you need a tightly wrapped wich with no "straw effect" to get the required amount of mesh in there.

    And try not to fill it 100% full, as this will liquid lock your (now hopefully open) fill hole.

    Probably more ways to skin this cat...
  3. xamxela

    xamxela Full Member Verified Member

    Not getting hot legs either? A lot of the builds I did fired up fine when dry and then when I filled the tank I would end up getting a hot top leg. I got sick of dealing with it, switched to cotton and micro coils to turn my genny into a dripper with a tank. Instead of dripping you just give it a tilt.
  4. Jazzi Mike

    Jazzi Mike Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Yeah it sounds like a short. Work on moving the coils some more.
  5. specter9mm

    specter9mm Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I am leaning more towards a wicking issue. I rebuilt the coil several times last night, and I know the third build had no shorts or hot legs, it was rock solid on 1.8 ohms, and I could do a 10 second vape with nothing turning red, it just burns everything. I am going to try rolling a new wick when the 325 gets here without the paperclip in it. If not I have seen a lot of guys to a ss mesh wick with the top wrapped in silica or cotton between the coil and the mesh, and was thinking of trying that. I hate to say, this my be my last genesis style if they are all this difficult to get working correctly. I by far prefer a bottom coil so I don't have to tilt. Anyways, will come back with updates as I rebuild with the new material.
  6. shroom

    shroom Moved On Verified Member

    A genesis style atomizer can get enough juice to atomize by tilting in order for juice to rush down in the direction of the coil. The SS has to be like a tube only. So, I personally gave up on genesis atomizers because of the design, and I also don't like how SS taste like.
  7. folkphys

    folkphys Super Member ECF Veteran

    I too have struggled mightily with AGT. Here's what I settled on: SS rope wick with a 500 mesh single-layer wrap at the top only; 3/4 wrap of 29g kanthal coming out to ~1.0 Ohm. No matter what I had tried in the past, the AGT could never seem wick as fast as I vape, thus yielding a burnt taste on every 2nd or 3rd hit. The above setup is better than any other so far, but I still need to tip the juice towards the wick hole to keep it going. I do leave the fill hole open and it never leaks, likely because my juices are just thick enough to hold their surface tension at the opening. The AGT is such a small unit that I'm not sure any wick can really keep up with my personal vaping style, however I did find that, for me, 0.8 -1.1 Ohms worked best -- which may seem counterintuitive given the whole wicking speed issue. However, I think perhaps a slower cooler (ie higher resistance) coil might be causing gunk build-up and choking the wick.
  8. Kemosabe

    Kemosabe Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    same thing happens with my AGT. i set it up fine, no hot legs, not hot spots, no shorts. then i juice it, vape it, and before long, im getting a gnarly short/dry taste. i know that i likely dont have enough mesh in there to keep up with my draws. but that doesnt explain why my coil shorts. or maybe it does, IDK. this is with 500 mesh. i used less then 6cm of mesh. i think next time i'll try to cram 60+mm of mesh in there for a solid wick. that oughta get me going. if not, im trying cotton, cotton + mesh, and ss rope + mesh. theres got to be a winner somewhere in those combos.

    all gennies are NOT this hard to build. in fact, this is one of the only gennies ive had this type of problem with. ive been having the same problems as you, while my DuD and CHobra have been fine. AGA-T2 was easy to set up too, relatively speaking.
    im going to try insulating the coil with CVS brand rolled cotton. if that doesnt work, im going either all cotton, or ss rope like below:

    which size ss rope fits the AGT? i was thinking 1/16"..
    also, you might be surprised at what *wont* come out of the fill hole. ive filled gennies up with water while cleaning and even water wont drip out of the fill hole when inverted (assuming thats the only hole left open).
  9. folkphys

    folkphys Super Member ECF Veteran

    1/16" SS wire rope wick indeed does fit. And I used one layer of mesh around it so it wouldn't be too tight of a fit.

    And I oxidized the heck out of the mesh and soaked it pretty good with juice as I tested the coil just in case it would help with the hot legs syndrome.
  10. folkphys

    folkphys Super Member ECF Veteran

    Here's my setup
  11. Discord

    Discord Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I just recently got an AGT to sit on a 14500 mod and had a hell of a time getting it to work well. I managed a so-so 500 mesh based wick, but it took ages to work out the hot spots and hot legs and didn't wick very well without a lot of tilting. I tried a 7x7 SS "rope" wick and it vaped well, but wicked poorly. I've since changed to a cotton wick, which is the best as far as avoiding any hot areas, but find I have to title frequently to avoid dry burns, which doesn't bother be nearly as much as the mesh or ss rope performance.

    This is only my second attempt at a geny based atty, but I've more or less come to the conclusion that a geny has gravity always working against it... nothing really seems to wick... just soak if you tilt. Maybe I'm wrong, but between this and my cobra, there's no way I could use these upright or even horizontal for the most part (unless I want to wait 1-2 mins between 3-5 second drags). I have an RRST on the way and if it performs more or less like what I've tried so far, I'll probably continue to treat my gennys as dripping attys where you have to tilt to re-soak a wick
  12. Kemosabe

    Kemosabe Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Looks classy. Is that the 14500 bagua clone?
  13. folkphys

    folkphys Super Member ECF Veteran

    I wish. It's an "IAHABO" from KidneyPuncher. It's a decently functioning unit with a horrible bottom button/lock-ring assembly.
  14. Kemosabe

    Kemosabe Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Just checked KP. Man, that mod looks exactly like the bagua clone. I'm not sure if the clone has a spring switch or a magnet switch. That might be the difference, if there is one.
  15. crss

    crss Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I have a BG clone, this atty looks great on top. Mine has a ss wick & performs great. I am thinking about trying to get a ceramic wick in there.... But looks like trouble to drill the wick hole out, or cut a very small ceramic wick. Here is my 1st 14500 mod, very stealth.
  16. pastubbs

    pastubbs Super Member ECF Veteran

    I find that I have to use a steel rope in the AGT in order to get it wicking good the hole is so small that any mesh rolled tight enough to fit just doesn't wick well and the coil gets hot giving me a hard burn.

    Here's the BaGua clone its pretty much the same thing. It has the magnet switch I'm not sure about the "IAHABO" from KidneyPuncher. The BaGua clone is cheaper at VaportekUSA for $26 that is when they have them in stock. I had to get mine during the last pre-order they had. It said pre-order but it ship the same day I ordered it.

  17. pastubbs

    pastubbs Super Member ECF Veteran

    what drip tip is that and does it come in stainless
  18. crss

    crss Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
  19. pastubbs

    pastubbs Super Member ECF Veteran

  20. Kemosabe

    Kemosabe Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I'm still struggling with my agt to get it to wick correctly. I've got 1/16 steel rope in there with some 500 mesh up top. Got a 4/5 wrap of 28g kanthal. But one wrap might be loose, instead of poor wicking like I originally suspected. That would explain bad flavor.

    But anyway, chinabuye has the 14500 bagua clone for less than $20. And fasttech has the clone of the provari-styled drip tip mentioned above for like two bucks.
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