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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by wulfruna77, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. wulfruna77

    wulfruna77 Full Member

    Hi all,

    just wanted to add some finds regarding my new eVic ecig.

    I have been using ego's prior (possibly chinese imitations)

    and wanted to say that so far after 3 days of vaping I have had zero leakage on the battery, no gurgling and no loss of vape quality.

    Will keep you updated week by week.


  2. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I have an eVic. In fact, I was vaping on it in Birmingham today.

    Surely leaking and gurgling etc. is to do with the tank on it, not the eVic itself.

    Where did it come from? ... is it a full kit one?

    (I bought mine in separate parts....much to the annoyance of my Totally Wicked store)
  3. broseph

    broseph Full Member Verified Member

    I have been using an eVic for a couple of months. I love the thing, and I've never had any problems with it. I hope you enjoy it as well!
  4. NiNi

    NiNi Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    eVic here too, just keep an extra battery in the charger, LOL! My batteries last the whole day (and probably beyond), but I change them out before they get low.
  5. Gzphaze685

    Gzphaze685 Full Member

    Hope you have the new version of Evic (2 screws on top cap). I had the old one, i dropped it once and the top post came off exposing the wires underneath. Despite that, Evic is a wonderful device!
  6. Sthur

    Sthur Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I like my evic a lot. Have the 1.4 firmware and no problems. I am a techie, so like the ui.
  7. crxess

    crxess ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm guessing Op has the ECA on top so all Joyetech/eVic

    I have 2, now over 9 months old and love using them. Never have issues on the battery end. Toppers........well, they can be fun to figure out.
  8. wulfruna77

    wulfruna77 Full Member

    Would just like to add that my first battery has been recharged - i put it in on Monday and recharged it Saturday, so nearly a whole week on my 3400mA battery - hassle free vaping is such a pleasure!

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  9. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    eVic isn't an ecig..it's a APV...a high tech intelligent APV (I mean...how many APV's have firmware upgrades!!!??) calling it an ecig is like comparing a flip phone to an HTC
  10. wulfruna77

    wulfruna77 Full Member

    What's APV stand for? And flip phone or smart phone, their both still phones - so what would be the term to describe these that would be analogous to "phone" and applicable to all electronic smoking devices out of curiosity so I don't make the same mistake in the future?



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  11. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Picture = 1000 words



    See a pattern yet? :D
  12. Cozmo42

    Cozmo42 Full Member

    APV = Advanced Personal Vaporizer.
  13. phorumph

    phorumph Full Member

    APV stands for Advanced Personal Vaporizer (a mod). It's not an ecig in itself, you need to put some sort of atomizer on top of it to make it functional.

    Those are forum technicalities though, you don't need to worry about them :)

    I have an eVic too, great device, suits me best since I work in IT and am around a computer 12+ hours a day. Still got the Joyetech 3400 mah battery, it's a beast :)

    The only two things I hate about it are: the flimsy USB cover (but I got 2 spare ones in the box that came with it) and the rattly dial that you use to navigate it.
  14. OzarkTroutBum

    OzarkTroutBum Super Member ECF Veteran

    The first one is an advanced phoning device, the second is an advanced personal vaporizer and the third is an advanced small ***** compensation device.
  15. wulfruna77

    wulfruna77 Full Member

    LMAO very good guys - thanks for the lesson - just gonna go sell my Porsche now tho :(

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  16. wulfruna77

    wulfruna77 Full Member

    Finally understand what a mod is too now! And yayyy - I've got a mod?!?!? Lol

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