First Provari ~ WOW!

Discussion in 'Variable Voltage APV Discussion' started by 2112Rush, Jul 2, 2014.

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  1. 2112Rush

    2112Rush Full Member

    It seems I've taken the average path in Vaping. I started out about 18 months ago with Blu Ecigs and QUICKLY moved on to EgoC's then again quickly to Ego Twist's. A couple of months ago all three of my Twist's seemed to lose battery life quicker and quicker. I went to my local Vape Shop VaporEscence and told them I was ready for the next level and I just wasn't getting what I wanted out of my Ego's. After much education I jumped in with the Itaste MVP 2.0 w/ IClear 30. I really like it but noticed what the guys at Vaporescense were using. I did some research on the Provari on this forum and other places and decided that today was the day to dive into the BIG NEXT LEVEL. After a thorough description of the Provari and what was required to use it, I decided to invest in what I think may be what I have been looking for. I bought the Provari along with a KayFun tank, wire, cotton, two Efest 2250 IMR18650 3.7V batteries and the charger. The guys at VaporEscense have always been very helpful and today was no different. They patiently walked me through the process of how to build my own coil etc. to run in my KayFun. Very cool process. Anyway, this thing rocks. I have absolutely no regrets on spending the money!
  2. Dampmaskin

    Dampmaskin Super Member Verified Member

    I'm vaping on a Provari + Kayfun Lite (clone) combo right now. Using silica in the Kayfun instead of cotton, though. Very nice. I don't think you'll regret your purchase. Congratulations!
  3. 2112Rush

    2112Rush Full Member

    The rebuilding aspect is cool but a little intimidating but I think after a few times it will be ok.
  4. Dampmaskin

    Dampmaskin Super Member Verified Member

    Yeah, in the beginning rebuilding a topper was kind of a big project to me. Now, after I've done it a few times, I can do it even before I've had my morning coffee. :D
  5. Elizabeth Baldwin

    Elizabeth Baldwin Ultra Member Verified Member

    A a provari with a Kayfun is a perfect setup. Vaping that same setup right now. :vapor:
  6. Thunderball

    Thunderball Vaping Master Verified Member

    Congrats on your choice.

    Get you a Taifun as well. Both the Kayfun and Taifun are great toppers for the ProVari. I have moved towards the Taifun in the past few months. They are a different vape Kayfun hits harder at a 1.1 to 1.2 ohm coil.
    The Taifun cotton set up will last you longer before its burnt. :toast:
  7. desertrider

    desertrider Senior Member Verified Member

    Grats :) Nice setup too! Keep in mind the most common issue with kayfuns is too MUCH cotton. Enjoy!
  8. JimzDogz

    JimzDogz Super Member Verified Member

  9. regal55

    regal55 Ultra Member Verified Member

    I have a provari and wish all my mods vaped as smooth but I can only afford one. Surprisingly I use my KLF on my SVD, it just fits better . Plus the KLF vapes so well on its own it doesn't need Provari's magic :)
  10. DPLongo22

    DPLongo22 Pay no attention... Verified Member

    Supporting member
    All I know is that I really dig your avatar.

  11. regal55

    regal55 Ultra Member Verified Member

    There is a new tube vaporizer coming out which is supposed to have the smooth voltage regulation like the provari, its called the DNA-30 Tube. Watch for it. Its $70,
  12. Chimney34

    Chimney34 Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Congrats on your new setup! I especially love that you said..."First Provari":)
    You'll find that many of us have more than 1 because we can't think of anything better than a Provari to backup a Provari.

    Happy Vaping:toast:
  13. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru

    :thumb: I agree. I have three. One with a Kayfun Lite Plus.
  14. 2112Rush

    2112Rush Full Member

    Thanks! Great pic you posted!
  15. 2112Rush

    2112Rush Full Member

    COOL! The video you attached is actually the Double Barrel coil. I found the Chimney Coil video too so now, I have two new experiments to try out! thanks for the post!
  16. JimzDogz

    JimzDogz Super Member Verified Member

    Sorry about the bad link. I thought it was the one that he does 2 builds on the same video. The second build being the chimney coil. I'm glad you found the right video, it's worth the effort. The only thing that improves on his build, is to use Cellucotton (rayon fiber) instead of cotton. Happy vaping
  17. Tomthern

    Tomthern Super Member Verified Member

    I love my Provari too. I have a mini with the extension and am using the ProTank and I am very happy with. Don't all come down on me but I don't want to have to rebuild things. Call me timid but I haven't had a cigarette since March so I guess it's working.
  18. CBCstillmatic

    CBCstillmatic Full Member Verified Member

    I haven't tried building my own coils and been very satisfied with kanger's line of aerotanks. But recently I been itching to order a KFL clone to play around with and been watching videos on building coils. I'm starting to like the idea of being in control and saving some money by building my own coils. I got 2 more packs of replacement coils to go through yet and may bite as soon as I'm down to 1 pack incase I don't have success right a away building my own, I still can fall back to the aerotank while I get used to mastering the rebuild.

    It's just so easy to swap out a pre-built coil but maybe I'm underestimating myself or how easy the videos make it look to build your own. Definitely think it's just about time to give it a shot though. Any clones particularly better than the others?

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  19. 2112Rush

    2112Rush Full Member

    Congrats on the no cigarette's!
    I too was using the ProTank and ProTankII before I switched to Aspire tanks. Now that I've rebuilt a few coils, I find that I was spending more time on my ProTank's and Aspire Tank with all the leaking, gurgling, cleaning, replacing coils etc. than it takes to rebuild the coil. I was a bit intimidated but it really isn't too difficult. Good luck to you.
  20. 2112Rush

    2112Rush Full Member

    That sounds like a good plan. I was amazed at how much easier it was to rebuild the KFL Clone than I thought. I started rebuilding some over the weekend just to get the fear out of the way and my first one only took me maybe 10 minutes and it worked great, first time.
    One thing I really like about the KFL is the FLAVOR. You get your first one built and get that first hit of the flavor difference, you'll be happy you took the dive for sure.
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