Help! My new VAMO won't fire.

Discussion in 'VAMO' started by BobInSD, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. BobInSD

    BobInSD Senior Member

    I got my new VAMO a few days ago, and had to wait on the batteries, which came today.

    Popped a battery in, clicked 5 times, and the unit powered up. Yea!
    Was able to set RMS, change to Watts, and set it to 6W, for my first mod vape. Yea!
    Screwed on and eVod, pushed the fire button... nuthin'
    Screwed on a 510LR carto, pushed the fire button... nuthin'
    Unscrewed carto, then battery... repeated above.
    Same. NOT Yea...

    voltage check on Vamo reads 4.1
    510 connector looks fine.


    Is it the VAMO, or do my cheap Ultrafire batteries not work with this? They (both) DO read 4.1v before I attach anything.

    Batteries are Ultrafire BRC 18650. They SAY 4000mAh.

    So sad. Back to the Twist, to vape away the blues.

  2. Kaywalsk

    Kaywalsk Senior Member Verified Member

    Are those batteries protected?

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  3. SupplyDaddy

    SupplyDaddy Ultra Member Verified Member

    4000mAh batteries????? I don't think so... Looks more like it's a battery issue to me. you need unprotected Hi-Drain batteries.
    Also, Click and hold the button on the right until it displays the ohms of the carto/evod. This might help to tell if it's actually connecting. It should read the ohms or.. 9.9 with means either the attached item is not connected properly in some way, or there is another issue (I think battery..)
  4. BobInSD

    BobInSD Senior Member

    Says YES in the description.

    Can that be a bad thing? If they don't work on this, is there a unit they WILL work on?
  5. BobInSD

    BobInSD Senior Member

    As long as I don't hit the fire button, the Vamo does everything, including Ohms check.

    Goog thing I have Panasonics on the way... from China... eventually.
  6. SupplyDaddy

    SupplyDaddy Ultra Member Verified Member

    Most, if not all of these batteries should work with your vamo
    18650 Batteries

    I'm sure someone will be along shortly to disagree and to tell you All the hazards of batteries. I use 1 and 4 on the list

    18650 3100mAh Panasonic Industrial Li-ion Battery Cell NCR18650A
    - See more at: 18650 Batteries

    High Drain Panasonic CGR18650CH 10A 18650 Rechargeable Battery Cell IMR
    - See more at: 18650 Batteries
  7. SupplyDaddy

    SupplyDaddy Ultra Member Verified Member

    Maybe in your flashlight..... They aren't 4000mAh batteries.
  8. SupplyDaddy

    SupplyDaddy Ultra Member Verified Member

  9. BobInSD

    BobInSD Senior Member

    Didn't expect them to really be 4000mAh; but work, yes.

    Another learning experience. Back to the eGo batts for a while.

    So protected batteries are NOT what I want for ANY AVP?

    The charger seems fine, so hopefully not a complete loss.
  10. BobInSD

    BobInSD Senior Member

  11. SupplyDaddy

    SupplyDaddy Ultra Member Verified Member

    Some PVs DO use protected. The Vamo does not. It has circuit protection built in just like eVic, eGo-T Upgrade Mods. You may get away with using one as long as it's a quality battery though. The batteries you are having issues with were never designed for the power needs of Vaping...
  12. Broodwich

    Broodwich Senior Member Verified Member

    I also had the wrong type of battery in my VAMO (first mod, no clue what I was doing). I also experienced the exact same problem as you. I got these and it works just fine.
  13. volume control

    volume control Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    If you can get the wattage under the protection overide of the batteries it will work, you just wont get much vapor =)
  14. Disconnect

    Disconnect Ultra Member Verified Member

    If they weren't named something-fire, I'd say they are probably high-drain and you could think about removing the protection at your own risk.

    Since they are, I'd just set them aside and get decent ones as recommended above..
  15. OB1J3D1

    OB1J3D1 Super Member

  16. Disconnect

    Disconnect Ultra Member Verified Member

    Since the batteries are PantsOnFire branded, we already know they aren't what it says on the packaging. (Nobody makes a 4000mah high-drain 18650.. doesn't exist..) On top of that, quite a few testers have shown that the protection kicks in very low, sometimes as little as half of the rated power. It works to run the electronics, but as soon as the load kicks in the protection turns the whole thing off.
  17. MF DOOM

    MF DOOM Moved On

    I may be having deja-vu, but I'm pretty sure the OP has already been told that a.) the mAh do not even go that high, and b.)they are more than likely rebranded and who knows what...
    Some things in this hobby you kind of want to pay more for/not skimp on.
    Good luck on those new batts. man. That VAMO is a great device.
  18. BobInSD

    BobInSD Senior Member

    You're all right. I should have read more, and not been cheap.

    Proper IMR 18350 and universal charger should be on doorstep in the next hour; and I'll wait on my Panasonic 18650 to arrive from China.

    The cheap batts will be PIFed to friend, who can use them in flashlight.

    Once I'm one of the Mod Squad, I'll PIF a couple of my eGo 650s; then my karma will be restored.
  19. hellcat

    hellcat Senior Member Verified Member

    I just got my vamo today and tried to throw my ultrafire 18650 3.7v 2600mah in there and I get nothing whatsoever, screen won't light up at all. crossing my fingers that the trustfires that I ordered work. That is if they ever get here. I ordered directly from Trustfire and I got an email stating that there would be a 2 week delay before they ship do to issues they are having with customs. *shrugs*
  20. Disconnect

    Disconnect Ultra Member Verified Member

    anything-fire is a hit or miss proposition..
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