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Help with resistance issue on atty

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by NorthWestVapour, Apr 19, 2014.

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  1. NorthWestVapour

    NorthWestVapour Full Member

    Nov 20, 2013
    So my daily work horse, The Patriot... Has suddenly without warning begun to flux the resistance of my builds. I typically make .3-.45 builds at least once a week and I've got this down to a science with all the different gauges of kanthal I use; 24, 26, 28... On my ohm reader and old svd it's not reading a short though... On my ohm reader it just fluxes wildly between .99- 2 ohms and on my svd it reads 00.0... ...?! Extremely frustrating!!!! Does someone, ANYONE know what in the world is going on??? What would cause this? And what could fix this? If I can't fix this I'm going to buy another atty and would like suggestions on that as well. I do have the Neptune hybrid on the way though :D

    Thanks in advance vape fam.
  2. steved5600

    steved5600 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 7, 2012
    Dallas, Texas
    What kind of ohm reader one of the little boxes you screw the atty on or a Volt ohm meter? If it's a box the contacts may be dirty or the insulator bad on the center pin or it could be dirty. Qtip with alcohol can clean it. has it got fresh batteries in it?
  3. DavidOck

    DavidOck ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    From what you say, the SVD is reading a short - you cite 00.0... that means it sees NO resistance.

    Maybe something's stuck across the positive post and the base? Something small, hard to see? Enough burned on crud to short? Try a full dis-assembly and thorough cleaning. :2c:
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