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Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by joePec, Oct 18, 2013.

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  1. joePec

    joePec Full Member

    Supporting member
    I just finished mixing my first batch of DIY liquid. After asking stupid questions and reading and reading forum posts, I FINALLY realized that the flavor I had been buying from Liberty Flights as well as chasing and trying to better was none other than a Hangsen flavor.
    I was directed to Ecigexpress where I ordered what I hope to be the first of many baskets of DIY supplies and Hangsen Highway flavoring
    I mixed a test 10ml batch of 50/50 PG/VG with 10% Highway and WOW! The angels are singing as I sit here dripping it in a fresh atty in my ZMax.
    Thanks to all who share their in depth knowledge with us here... Even if there aren't thanks and responses to your threads, we are :vapor:grateful.
    After a year of iffy purchases and dozens of bottles of unused liquid, I feel as if I'm now a grown up Vaper! I've come a long way from crappy batteries and prefilled carts, thanks to this site..:)
  2. grm

    grm Senior Member Verified Member

    Yeah Highway is the best 555 Ive ever made.Love it!! I make mine at 7% and add 1%AP. I also mix highway and RY4 5% each and call it RYWAY....its pretty tasty
  3. JD1

    JD1 Vaping Master

    Congratulations on persevering and finding something you like. I love success stories. :vapor:
  4. dannyv45

    dannyv45 Vaping Master Verified Member

    If you like hangsen highway you will also like hangsen T5 and hangsen arabic. I in fact like arabic with a little AP better then highway or T5.
  5. HotRod19579

    HotRod19579 Super Member

    Are you saying that Hangsen Highway flavoring at 10% duplicates the Liberty Flights Highway mix? Before DIY, I used Liberty Flights Highway Blend and Silk Blend exclusively. I will order and give it a try. Any idea on what makes the Liberty Flights Silk Blend?
  6. vernhall

    vernhall Super Member Verified Member

    Love Hangsen flavorings too... Their 555 rocks - especially with a touch of RY4 and a dape of AP as stated previously... :)
  7. boomerdude

    boomerdude Ultra Member Verified Member

    Wow! You guys go high. I used it at the recommended 2.5% upped it to 3% and liked it there. You can also use DK Tab with a little AP.
  8. michaelsil1

    michaelsil1 Vaping Master

    I like Hangsen Highway at 3%
  9. spaceballsrules

    spaceballsrules Ultra Member Verified Member

    What's the difference between Highway, T5, and TAB Blended?

    On a side note, does ECX carry AP?
  10. Turbo

    Turbo Ultra Member Verified Member

    Highway is nuttier than T5, which has more of a tobacco note. I'm guessing TAB would be similar to any Chinese TAB liquid if you've vaped one. I didn't see AP in ECX's Additives section, so it doesn't appear that they do.
  11. spaceballsrules

    spaceballsrules Ultra Member Verified Member

    DK-TAB or any variant is one of the few flavor types I have never tried, but from the way other people describe it, a nutty smoky sweet tobacco blend, it sounds right up my alley, so I will be trying all 3 that I listed in my previous post. Thanks for confirming that ECX does NOT carry AP. Oh well.
  12. boomerdude

    boomerdude Ultra Member Verified Member

  13. RobertNC

    RobertNC Senior Member

    ECX used to carry Acetyl Pyrazine as part of their "Signature" series but it's not longer listed. ECX Signatures are mostly TFA - I would just get AP from TFA directly:

    Perfumer's Apprentice

    The Tobacco Express "Tobacco Additive" is something else. I just got a batch of and while it is the same color and tastes like it may have some AP in it, it is definitely not just AP. Way, way more bitter than AP alone. I just tried it in a mix, I think it could be useful if you are wanting to build up some body with EM but find your mixes are too sweet - it really steps on the sweetness, but I would start off very low. I put a drop in a 3 mL batch and that seems to overpower everything.
  14. boomerdude

    boomerdude Ultra Member Verified Member

    Also, there are two versions. One is alcohol based and one is PG based.

    TA needs to be reduced. One drop from the non-diluted liquid would mess up any recipe. Way too strong.
  15. RobertNC

    RobertNC Senior Member

    I think the acronymns are starting to get confusing (maybe I'm just the only one confused?)

    We have "AP" which I interpret as Acetyl Pyrazine.
    We have "TA" which I interpret as Tobacco Absolute.

    Then we have brand specific TobaccoExpress "Tobacco Additive" which is definitely not TA - Tobacco Absolute.
    It may be contain AP - Acetyl Pyrazine, but it is also definitely not just stock AP.

    TobaccoExpress "Tobacco Additive" is one of those mystery blends like MTS/Vape Wizard etc.
  16. boomerdude

    boomerdude Ultra Member Verified Member

    Nope, your not the one that's confused. It's me and my frazzled old man's brain. All of you are talking AP and I'm over here on planet Confusion. Pay no attention. I'll just slink outta here on my wheelchair and find some nursing home willing to take me in. Sorry SpaceBall if I caused you any WTH moments.
  17. dannyv45

    dannyv45 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Having a senior moment? I have those all the time:)
  18. joePec

    joePec Full Member

    Supporting member
    To my taste, 10% Hangsen highway is a replica of LF Highway....
: ecigexpress
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