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  1. bmacva

    bmacva Senior Member

    OMG, waiting for the Benadryl to kick in. This is only the 2nd time in my life I've ever had hives (except when I had poison ivy) and the first time I couldn't pinpoint any cause. I don't have any food or drug allergies that I'm aware of. Neither time have I done/eaten/used anything different.

    Well, until the introduction of vaping. So, there is something in the e-liquid causing an allergic reaction. My theory is that it began as a contact allergy. I noticed several days ago a slight rash where I rub...forehead, ears, neck, chin, but nothing significant. Itchy, but it would go away. Well, it's full blown now and actually that's what hives is...a systemic allergic reaction. I also think that my severe poison ivy last year has left me more sensitive. I have rashes in places that don't make much sense now :p

    So, not sure what my course of action should be now. I can:
    1. Give vaping up completely;
    2. Stop vaping for now until the rash goes away (and that means back to analogs);
    3. Keep vaping and use rubber gloves while handling cartridges;
    4. Find a possible cause and change it. I'm using the eliquids from and occasionally glycerine I got from Michaels. I'm still not sure what's in the eliquids so I don't know what to change to;
    5. Give vaping up completely if nothing works... :(

    Really, I'm not concerned about going back to analogs for the time being to give my "allergy" a rest. I've done really well (no analogs in 4 days), but I can do that again. My biggest concern is that this is going to happen again.

    Anyone had this problem? I've tried to search but truthfully itching too much right now to really concentrate...LOL.
  2. LuckySevens4U

    LuckySevens4U Ultra Member

    This sounds like a BIG TIME allergy to PG. Because most likely you got PG juice.
  3. bmacva

    bmacva Senior Member

    So can I get eliquid in VG?

    Keep in mind I took Benadryl or I'd go look for the answer myself. :D
  4. planetofthevapes

    planetofthevapes Super Member

    Um, yeah, I wouldn't VAPE something that gives you contact hives! You could definetely swell your trachea and end up in anaphylactic shock. I have had chronic hives for 3 years (I'm allergic to everything but apples, bananas, vaseline, and crisco) and if this stuff gave me hives on contact, I would so not smoke it. My guess is it is definetely the PG. VG is actually used as a skin protectant and would be a lot harder to be allergic to. I know if I smoke a pure PG liquid I get a horrible kick in my lungs and it hurts too bad to inhale. I now cut all my PG in half with VG and it takes the pain away. I know I shouldn't even be smoking PG at all but I'm a PITA (pain in the @$$). Please, cut out your PG immediately! You could literally die if it is the cause of contact hives! Please try and rub some pure VG on your skin and see what happens. If it doesn't bug you, make sure you use VG only. There is a possibility that the nicotine is causing hives simply because it is an irritant (a toxin in pure form) I would imagine it's an irritant diluted...but I'm sure it is your PG.
  5. LuckySevens4U

    LuckySevens4U Ultra Member

    Yes, what they said above. MOST liquids out there are PG based, so you are going to have to be VERY specific in your search for VG only.
  6. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru

    I think sells some liquid with VG. I know someone else does but can't remember who. Maybe Totally Wicked. You probably have a PG allergy.

    Check Johnson Creek. I think they sell VG based liquid.
  7. planetofthevapes

    planetofthevapes Super Member

    I believe...I have heard....that David Yang at Eastmall does carry a strong unflavored nic liquid in straight VG as well as you could buy that and cut it yourself. Be careful though, a lot of flavors do have traces of PG...if you are allergic to it, even a trace could put you in the hospital!

    I would suggest as well, if you notice this more than a couple days, please go to your doctor, even if you can isolate a source. If you have a really bad allergy and you come into contact with something on accident, you would be wise to have an epi pen. I have no idea y my doc has never given me one, I'm covered in hives from head to toe on a daily basis (benadryl and zyrtec and benadryl creams and sprays are in my daily high amts, believe you me!).
  8. LuckySevens4U

    LuckySevens4U Ultra Member

    No, TW is a mix of both, so is true vapors that's why they vape so well above others.
  9. WiηgC¤mmαηdεя

    WiηgC¤mmαηdεя Super Member Verified Member

    Allergy to PG is definitely bad. Johnson Creek offers eliquid in VG formula, and Intellicig also offers a Non PG formula.
  10. Bababooey

    Bababooey Full Member

    Where did you buy your juice that gave you the hives?
  11. bmacva

    bmacva Senior Member
  12. bmacva

    bmacva Senior Member

    Thanks Wing, and to planetofthevapes, luckysevens4u and wv2win, I've checked these sites out. I emailed them at JC to find out which liquids are VG. I'd prefer to buy them in the US if possible as it would be quicker.

    I'm back to analogs for the time being. Hopefully this will be very temporary. I'd be very disappointed if I had to quit vaping. This is the ONLY thing that has worked for me thus far.
  13. apathyps

    apathyps Full Member

    Dude, I feel you on the hives. I have been vaping for 3 weeks now, and last week... holy **** I nearly went insane.

    The itching started on both of my elbows, and then it spread throughout my body very quickly. Both elbows, both knee caps, tops of feet, and tops of hands. I didn't necessarily see any rash, just redness, but thats because I had been scratching like crazy.

    I didn't spill any juice on me, though I have before with no ill effect. I didn't stop vaping though, even while the itching was going. Now I have noticed that occasionally one of my ears or my chin will itch, but mostly its just the tops of my hands around my knuckles now.

    This has been happening for about a week now. Happens with all of my PG juices from 3 different suppliers. I have no intention of stopping. The itching on the first day was intense, and i downed some benadryl and claritin, seemed to help. I do not have any allergies to anything that I am aware of.

    On the plus side, the itching has never lasted more than 2 minutes since the first incident, and it's really only on my knuckles now. Doesn't bother me at all.

    I love vaping, and I'll never stop. Especially not now... god I HATE smoking cigarettes in the summer, especially when its humid outside. It's so nasty smoking analogs in the heat. Yuck.

    Good luck with your's dude. Lemme know if the VG solves the problem.
  14. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master

    Sympathy from across the big pond. Most antibiotics do this to me, unfortunately. Hope all calms down soon. Don't forget the emollient to prevent the skin drying out, after the outbreak is past.
  15. bmacva

    bmacva Senior Member

    Thanks, I will, but I'm not a dude...

    I'm a dudette :D
  16. Happy Jack

    Happy Jack Forum Supplier

    This sounds like what happened to Spikey. She switched to VG and I think it went away. May want to PM her...
  17. bmacva

    bmacva Senior Member


    It wasn't the PG causing the hives-a very good thing! I gave vaping a 3 day rest and then started back on PG only. The hives have flared up a bit each night but last night they were almost totally gone. Maybe it's the glycerine I got to cut the 24mg, or maybe it's something I'll never find. I'm going to start the glycerine back tomorrow and see what happens.

    Still waiting on my VG eliquid from JC.....
  18. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master

    HURRAH!!!! Glad you are bettter.


    Go easy with the testing, gal!
  19. WiηgC¤mmαηdεя

    WiηgC¤mmαηdεя Super Member Verified Member

    Good news then, I hope you figure out what caused the reaction so that you can avoid it in the future.
  20. planetofthevapes

    planetofthevapes Super Member

    apathyps, that makes me giggle what you say about smoking analogs in the heat when it's humid...always made me want to pass out, but you think I quit? HECK NO! So wierd that so many people are getting itching...wierd there any way that cutting back/cutting out analogs might make somebody itch a bunch as their body recovers and absorbs all the toxins in the lungs? I have had hives/itching forever, so I'm not the esmoking hives case...but maybe that is what is doing it to y'all? Or maybe too much nicotine? IDK if that would do it or not, but you never know!
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