Let's Put our MONEY where our mouths are !

Discussion in 'Campaigning discussions' started by TimmyT, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. TimmyT

    TimmyT Senior Member ECF Veteran

    As I have been cruisin the threads on the looming FDA ban of our precious
    VAPORIZERS, I can't help but wonder if once just this once a small group of motivated Citizenrey could truly make a difference. My answer is a rousing H_ _ L YES ! In my opinion what needs to be done in advance of a ban is EVERY MEMBER,GUEST,SUPPLIER,MANUFACTURER and downright sick and tired of BIG BROTHER over my shoulder tax payer should contribute whatever they can towards a newly created E-Cig legal fund. This fund can be set up no different than countless grassroot,help with my medical bills,saw the please give can at the grocery store funds are done. I am quite sure we have Forum Members right here in our midst with the Legal wherewithall to help establish it securely. The first order of business would be to gain an injunction against the FDA and the special interest groups looking to ban this smoking alternative until we have our day in court. Together we have POWER,INFLUENCE and BIG MONEY !
    Any Thoughts ?
    P.S. I'm in for $500.00
  2. Calaban

    Calaban Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I love the idea, but sadly I am dirt poor. I could contribute like $20 but hey, I guess every little bit helps.

    Also, not trying to be a pessimist, but we can't possibly raise enough money to compete with the bank accounts of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.

    Not trying to derail your idea because I think in the end it is a great one, but we need to realize what we're up against.
  3. TimmyT

    TimmyT Senior Member ECF Veteran


    The math could work and it doesn't matter what people give as long as they give.
    Consider this :

    20,000 contribute $10.00 = $200,000
    20,000 '' " '' $20.00 = $400,000
    20,000 " " " $50.00 = $1,000,000


    AS Roosevelt told the rough riders :

    The credit belongs to the man who is in the arena. Who's face is marred with dust,sweat and blood. Who knows the great enthusiasms,the great devotions. Who spends himself in a worthy cause. And if he fails,he fails while daring greatly so his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat !
  4. CssReb

    CssReb Super Member ECF Veteran

    err..ummm :oops:

    What's that ape doing?
  5. pwholmes

    pwholmes Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I brought up the same point in another post. Just a rather poor cab driver at the moment, but I could definitely pony up a 20 here, a 20 there. And if 100, or a 1000 of us sent in 5, 10, 20, 100, whatever they could afford from time to time, I'm sure the fund would build up rapidly, and we could hire the best counsel.

  6. TimmyT

    TimmyT Senior Member ECF Veteran

    THATS THE IDEA ! I think were on to something ! There is magic in the numbers !
  7. TimmyT

    TimmyT Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Lets keep this going ! How bout SJ putting a banner @ the top of the forum to direct contributions and assisting in setting up the legal fund. Not sure what Legal Beagle we could use but i'm sure Dr Nitzkin could point us in the right direction. Thank you GoodFella for your offer. All we need is more like minded individuals to get this off the ground.
  8. TimmyT

    TimmyT Senior Member ECF Veteran


    The Ape was giving me a goose ! I Think he, I mean she Likes Me ! LOL !
  9. Nuck

    Nuck Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I'm actually a bank in real life. I volunteer to hold the proceeds until such time as you are able to hunt me down.
  10. TimmyT

    TimmyT Senior Member ECF Veteran


    Heading to the Cayman Islands anytime soon ? Seriously you willin to pony up ?
  11. Nuck

    Nuck Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    If it was a legitimate corporation then yes. If it was some organization that was just thrown together then no.

    I fully support any effort to further our common goals but I'm very skeptical due to the potential for fraud.
  12. Vaporpuff

    Vaporpuff Full Member

    This is a great idea to have for a rainy day but I wouldn't want to pick a fight either. As of now we're walking on thin ice. But it would be nice to have something like that ready for "when" the issue arrives. Obviously the money held in a safe and trustworthy account like an escrow or something.

    Just an idea. Suppliers can add something to their site before a customer checks out accepting donations towards the issue informing customers about the issue at hand and asking for their support.

    Maybe we can save up enough to start up a manufacturing company of e-liquids and get them approved by FDA! non-profit of course. hehe no? eh worth a shot.
  13. ratfink

    ratfink Senior Member ECF Veteran

    There are a lot of people wanting to throw money at this but I don't see a whole lot of effort into developing an organization worth throwing money into. Getting money comes near the end of a long road of putting an org together. First thing you need to do is find a board of advisers (Dr. Siegel comes to mind) and from that develop a scope and charter. I guess it comes down to how serious are you guys about this and who wants to do the dirty work to make it happen? I am in... but are others?
  14. halopunker

    halopunker Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    PM Sent TimmyT.
  15. TimmyT

    TimmyT Senior Member ECF Veteran

    How about Dr Nitzkin's organization ? Legitimate enough ? amd buy the way sometimes all it takes is a little faith and belief to accomplish the impossible. Remember he who has little to risk has little to gain.
  16. ratfink

    ratfink Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I have to disagree. It's far far harder to undo a ban then it is to stop one from happening. Look at *********, it took us 50 years to start looking at as something that can be used medicinally and has some value to our society. While ecigs are not the extreme case ********* is, the point still stands.

    Part of this problem is a public relations one and that has to be tackled is some shape, way or from before anyone can even approach the legalities and politics of it.
  17. ratfink

    ratfink Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I wasn't aware he had a organization dealing with ecigs.
    It also take hard work. Nothing worth anything comes easy.
  18. TimmyT

    TimmyT Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Agreed, As I stated earlier in this thread this Forum is full of talented and concerned people I know are willing to give of not only $ but time. My expertise is not in that arena but i'm quite sure someone who does have the expertise we need will respond if we keep this idea and thread alive.
  19. ratfink

    ratfink Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I guess first step is finding an CPA and a lawyer that would be willing to put up some time.
  20. orlampagal

    orlampagal Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Lol do you know the lawyer representing zenadia gonzalez (the supposed nanny for casey anthony?) it is john morgan of morgan colling and gilbert... big lawyers.. they would take it just for the publicity.

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