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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by vivictus, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. vivictus

    vivictus Super Member ECF Veteran

    Holy crap. Since I began vaping about 3 weeks ago, and even though I smoke 2-3 analogs in the evening, my taste buds and sense of smell are three fold. After getting over that week long nasty cough, expelling all the crap in my lungs, I now cough about as much as when I was on analogs, maybe a little less, but it's more of a dry throat cough and not from the lungs. I can handle this!

    however, what I began noticing is this, and I'm not sure it's accurate or not. But it seems like I can take a much deeper breath than normal, however when I do so, it hurts a little, and I am thinking this may perhaps be because I am using parts of my lungs, deeper down, that I haven't been using to breathe for 20+ years due to the more shallow breaths smoking analogs has forced me to do.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. Stosh

    Stosh Vaping Master ECF Veteran


    I noticed the difference the most, first thing in the morning. I started NOT waking up coughing,
    of course not smoking 3 analogs before getting out of bed had a lot to do with that...
    I've been about 4 months off the analogs, and I feel better every day. You'll find your breathing
    has changed, along with your sense of smell, taste, sleep better, clothes smell better, car doesn't
    have a brown film on the inside of the windows.....

    Stick with it, vape your head off, whenever you feel an urge!!! I burnt up 4 DSE 801 attys
    using them on a pass thru, with a dedicated power supply (PC didn't have enough power)
    but I vaped as fast as I could pour more juice into my carts. Now I've slacked off, but I
    can pass a smoker, or go into a store with a huge cig display, and know I don't need a butt.
  3. deback

    deback Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Anything in your body that's healing can cause pain. Sounds like your lungs are healing. Ya know when you get a cut and how it heals from the inside out, and as it heals, the pain will be in different places within the original cut? Quitting smoking causes the same type of healing pains.

    Congratulations on quitting smoking!
  4. vivictus

    vivictus Super Member ECF Veteran

    Well, as I've said, I haven't completely quit smoking, but I've cut back so much it's very close. so far tonight I haven't had a real urge to have an analog, so I am smoke free tonight so far. It's this Maiden Coffee flavor! It's very strong and I have been vaping it non-stop that I think it's truly suppressing my urges for an analog. I love how the coffee flavors do that. On my birthday earlier in the week when I went without an analog all night, I was vaping a cappuccino flavor. Coincidence?
  5. Raynen

    Raynen Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I also felt like my lungs were stretching from how much air intake I was able to make within just days of quitting! I'm so happy! I'm off analogs so I'm happier than ever!
  6. NCC

    NCC Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Affirmative on the deep breathing. There have been other threads on this too. So, you're not alone. Not sure about the pain, I didn't notice that.

    Someone else started a thread challenging people to take three deep breaths and then check how long they could hold their breath. I was surprised that I managed more than 90 seconds. In my physically active, non-smoking youth, I could only handle a little over 120 seconds. It's a real change!
  7. vivictus

    vivictus Super Member ECF Veteran

    Raynen, glad to hear you worked through the stress of those atty's that were giving you trouble. I tried atty's yesterday for the first time and didn't care for them. I think I would prefer the slightly extra cost of cartomizers and not have to bother refilling and dripping constantly, even when just sitting in my own place. I don't mind grabbing 10 cartomizers at a time and spending 45 minutes filling them up, knowing that they will last me several days. A lot of people seem to shy away from this because of the inconvenience it seems, but I don't find it inconvenient at all. I used to roll my own smokes (back when it was actually cheaper, before the new tax laws) and that would take much longer in the grand scheme of things. Then again, I am 36 now and much more patient than I was 20... 10... Hell, even 5 years ago. I am at the age where I find "boring" to be comfortable and clubbing is a convenience and something to be enjoyed a couple times a year. :p
  8. Flowerlady-8898

    Flowerlady-8898 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I tried a test on myself the other night. When I use to hold my breath, I could only hold it for about 15-20 seconds, before I had to take a breath. Now, it's up to 30-35 seconds. It's amazing how much better I feel, since I quit 2 months, ago. I've only had the dry cough, but have yet coughed up anything. I guess over time, my lungs will get rid of that old junk.​
  9. vivictus

    vivictus Super Member ECF Veteran

    When I had my CT scan about a month ago, I could barely hold my breath for the 24 seconds that was required. I was nearly gasping at the end of that. But I was laying flat on my back as well. Hold on... I am going to test it out right now and see how long I can go. 1... 2... 3... *holds breath*

    Ok, 38 seconds before I began to get light headed. I guess I have a lot more work ahead of me, and a lot more healing.
  10. vivictus

    vivictus Super Member ECF Veteran

    I think I was lucky (or was I?) that I seemed to get a slight cold (not sure that was what it was though) the day I started vaping, and the next morning when I woke up I began hacking all that nasty crap out of my lungs. This lasted for about a week and got slightly better each day. I would wake up 5+ times a night with a hacking cough, just coughing up this nasty crap. Over the course of that week it began to let up and now I sleep 10-12 hours if I let myself. Of course ambient noises will wake me up, but I am getting a much more restful sleep than I have for longer than I can remember. the new juice I got today has added a bit of a dry cough, but that is because I have increased the PG that I am used to I think. As it is now, any cough that I get during the day or (rarely) while sleeping, is a dry throat cough, usually because something feels like it's tickling the back of my throat. I hear this isn't uncommon however. It's a hell of a lot better than hacking up half a lung 5 times a night though. I know, that's not possible, but it sure felt like it was!
  11. deback

    deback Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    10 cartos should only take 10 minutes or less to fill and replace the caps (for anyone who is new to filling cartos and has done it a time or two). I'll fill 10 cartos in two or three minutes, plus a minute or two to replace the caps (when I take my time). Honestly, it's really quick when you drip directly into the filler. I used to spend so much more time when I used the condom method and can't believe that I messed with that method for about three weeks.
  12. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I tried an analog out today as a test to myself. I haven't smokes in months. I took one drag and coughed my head off. Made my chest hurt like hell. Wow...why didn't this happen while I was still smoking?

    As far as breathing now, long slow deep breaths. I can feel all of my lungs expand to the max. I love it. I sleep so much better now too. I used to snore really bad but hubby said I stopped doing that too. Daughter said that there were nights that I woke her up due to it. Glad that is over.

    I didn't have chest pain when I quit. The only chest pain I experienced was when I vaped too much PG. I just changed the mixture to more VG and it solved the problem. I would say that you are healing.
  13. deback

    deback Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I wasn't gonna try this, but I thought why not when I read this msg. 48 seconds, and there's absolutely no way I could have lasted for 90 seconds, like NCC did!
  14. deback

    deback Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Because when you were smoking, your lungs were covered with layers of black tar, so smoke couldn't get at the pink underneath the black layers. Now, your lungs have been shedding some of those layers of tar and the healing stage is in progress, so the vapor irritated the healthier layers that no longer have black layers on top of them in your lungs. Just my general theory.... Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. deback

    deback Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I get a sore throat and chest sometimes (usually when I use the 5 volt passthrough that produces warmer vapor and tends to burn my throat and chest), and I've found that drinking about 1/2 bottle of water will help a lot to ease that pain. Happened earlier tonight, and it was all sore enough that I couldn't inhale very good, so I drank 1/2 bottle of water, and then I could inhale again, and the flavor was much better.
  16. deback

    deback Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Yea, I think the junk goes out both ways. I coughed up phlegm on three different days during my first 10 days, and after that, I had diarrhea some without having any flu symptoms. The biggest effect I've had is not being able to sleep. I'll sleep for 4 to 6 hours, then be awake for several hours, sleep 4 hours, etc. Will be glad when I get back on a normal sleeping schedule. It's been two months for me (this Tuesday), so anytime now would be fine with me.
  17. sandspms

    sandspms Full Member

    When I first started vaping, I could only inhale slowly on my pv for about 2 seconds. Now almost 6 weeks analog free, I have no problems taking long, slow inhales. My lungs are feeling great! It is really amazing how fast your lungs start healing after giving up those nasties.
  18. vivictus

    vivictus Super Member ECF Veteran

    Well that is the case now with the new carto's I got. But with the Joye 510 carto's you either have to use the condom method or use a syringe, and using a syringe lasts way longer, but is also a long process, especially with thicker juices. Now that I have these Boge soft caps, it's a much quicker process.
  19. deback

    deback Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Yea, I'm aware of having to use a syringe to fill the Joye 510 cartos, condom method, or drip into the threaded end hole, but I'm not interested in buying them because they're plastic, and I didn't like the taste from the eGo Mega cartos, so I figured I wouldn't like the Joye 510 cartos.

    From now on, I'll try to remember to specify that I'm talking about the Boge 510, KR808D-1, and 4081 cartos when I explain how I fill and refill them.
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