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Discussion in 'Tennessee Vapinteers' started by EldarKinSlayer, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. EldarKinSlayer

    EldarKinSlayer Full Member

    Shout out, lets see a show of hands who are we and do we Want to invade Vapors for an evening of Vaping? :lol:
  2. bmf901

    bmf901 New Member

    yes we all need to get together at some place!!!!
  3. nitewriter

    nitewriter Ultra Member

    Hi all! Welcome!!!

    I'm glad to see you starting yout own chapter of the TV's. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know. Also, If any of you are ever in Nashville let me know.

    Have fun!
  4. olesean

    olesean New Member

    Solidarity brothers.

  5. jlaborde

    jlaborde New Member

    Is there anywhere in Memphis or the surrounding areas that sell the refill cartridges?
    I have the Gamucci Micro.

  6. EldarKinSlayer

    EldarKinSlayer Full Member

    There is a Store in Wolfechase Mall selling Gamucci's I imagine they have the carts.
  7. WVapor

    WVapor Full Member

    I got suckered in to a Luci. Im looking at a Joye 510 as my next purchase. Does anyone in Memphis sell smoke Juice?
  8. WVapor

    WVapor Full Member

    Please PM me for specifics.
  9. WVapor

    WVapor Full Member

    Nevermind. I went to the website. Nice. :thumbs:
  10. JStephens

    JStephens Full Member

    Hello from a fellow Memphian!
  11. JStephens

    JStephens Full Member

    What kind of help are we talking about? You need to get your product in the local tobacco stores and such, as all I found were NJoys for $75/kit. The malls and Fred's carry a kit for $100 and up. Your prices are definitely better. :thumbs:
    BTW, check your pm's.
  12. WVapor

    WVapor Full Member

    Fellow Memphisans please use this I would love to hear from other folks in Memphis that Vape.:w00t:
  13. WVapor

    WVapor Full Member

    I stopped by your retail shop yesterday, but I was too early, and you were closed. I only know of two other guys that vape, but want to try to meet some outside of my circle. Can you pass information on to your patrons that buy e-cigs concerning this site. I wonder if it is just a matter of folks not knowing about this site. I am sure there are at least 100+ people vaping in Memphis. I think a lot of them tried Luci, Njoy, or Blu and have given up. Please keep in contact and we will get together some time. Please PM. FYI JStephens and I work together.
  14. WVapor

    WVapor Full Member

    Is that a typo or did you say pcc and a 510 kit for $55?
  15. bmf901

    bmf901 New Member

    Few of us that meet a the ck by oak court mall.
  16. JStephens

    JStephens Full Member

    When is the next meeting? A few friends and myself would like to get out and meet some fellow vaporers!
  17. jacko

    jacko Senior Member

    Just a newbie here, but I am in NW tenn. and have been wondering where to get some e-cigs and juice in this area. I have an order on the way from the net, but am thinking that I may need a good supply of juice now that I am learning more about vaping....
  18. TiggerST67

    TiggerST67 Full Member

    Hi all, just to let you know, there ARE some retailers in the Memphis area that sell juice, accessories, and DSE901s! Tobacco Express at 4520 Summer Ave, The Smoke Shop at 2125 Sycamore View, The Smoker Shop at 2564 Appling in Bartlett, and Tobacco Connection at 610 W Poplar in Collierville. I hope that helps! I believe they will order for other models on request.
  19. AllCoExPat

    AllCoExPat Super Member

    I've been vaping for about two weeks now here in Cordova... Haven't checked in to any providers locally, though.
  20. enigmad

    enigmad Full Member Verified Member

    I'm just about to get into vaping and thrilled to hear about the shops that retail it. gonna have to check some of them out. Does anyone know if Wizards has any stuff for 'em? Long shot but since they do sell other stuff just a thought.
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