Need more vapor! help! what is best set up?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by peechykins, May 29, 2012.

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  1. peechykins

    peechykins New Member

    HI, i am new to E-cigs, before i found this forum i bought of course the wrong e-cig for me, a NO.7. Definately not strong enough for a 2+ pack a day smoker who wants to switch over. Their menthol nicotine tastes great but not strong enough for me (they dont tell you the mg.'s of it) and definately not enough vapor and i almost turn blue trying to get a decent drag! What is the best E-cig or set up that i can refill myself? I dont mind a bit of nicotine flavor in my mouth but dont want a flood either lol i got one the other day trying to mess with their unfillable cartomizers. (trying to experiment lol) The vapor out of them just doesnt satisfy me at all, and i drain a battery in no time. I got refillable cartridges but they forgot to include the atomizer i ordered. I dont need to have anything that looks just like an analog. I want something more functional for me and my level of smoking! I love vapor! And def. need a bigger nicotine hit! I wish i found this forum before i ordered from them! Your help would be very appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Riverboat

    Riverboat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    A VV Provari- Joye SR 510 attys- AW batteries- Pila charger- Innovapors 100% VG 36mg nicotine e-liquid-Topped with a SuperTmanufacturing T-Drip tip...
    This setup will rock your vaping world, it gives you plenty of vapor and nicotine for your fix..
    Direct dripping still works best for taste and performance..
    This setup will cost you a few bucks, but in the long run will save you money...
    It will be the last Mod will ever need... Super Performance... For the Provari, Genuine Joye attys, the Pila charger, and AW batteries For the Ultrapure e-liquid.. Use the code ECF20 for a discount For the the T-tips they also have the best battery prices around.
  3. peechykins

    peechykins New Member

    Thanks river boat sounds great.. but what site should i go too, to set this up?
  4. ClownFish1

    ClownFish1 Full Member

    depends on your budget for less than 200 a bottom fed box mod gives very good vapor
  5. sailorman

    sailorman Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    First question is, do you absoutely need something the size of a cigarette? Or, would you be o.k. with something the size of a Sharpie marker? That's going to make a big difference in your battery life, and can also make a big difference in the quailty of your vapor. It's especially important for a 2+ pack smoker.

    Small batteries have limitations that no manufacturer can get around. It's physics. The best cig-style e-cig out there, the Volt from will have a battery that lasts maybe 3-4 hours. A larger unit will give you 10-12 hours or more.

    Batteries are rated by capacity and voltage. Capacity is designated by mah. A 1000mah battery will last 4 times longer than a 250mah battery. As a rule of thumb, you can expect about 1 hour per 100mah.

    There are two models of e-cigs that are recommended most often to newish vapers by the veterans on this site. They have been time tested and have had the most successful track record. Everyone has their favorites, and you will be inundated by opinions from people who are all bubbling over with enthusiasm about their first "real" e-cig, or the lastest advanced model they just paid $200 for and are convinced is the be all and end all of vaping.

    But if you want maximum vapor, refillable cartomizers, and a no-fuss economical e-cig, two models stand out. One is the Volt. I only recommend this one if you absolutely must have something cigarette-sized. It is the best of a poor performing class of e-cigs. You can also buy blank cartridges (cartomizers) so the issue of nicotine strength and/or flavor and vapor production can be addressed by what juice you use.

    The other model, superior to any cig-style e-cig is the kGo. It is based on another lower powered model called the eGo, but it comes with no fincky "systems" for juice delivery to the heating element. It wasn't designed to make you buy cartridges or atomizers or juice tanks from the manufacturer. It's compatible with virtually all types of juice delivery systems and you will easily be able to find the attachment that gives you the vapor production you're looking for. And it's inexpensive and dependable. The battery is 1100mah and will last you about 10 hours between charges. Kits come with 2 batteries so you can use one while the other is charging.

    This site has a variety of kGo kits. All come with the basics of 2 batteries and a charger. The differences are in the included accessories. I would recommend you get the atomizer kit and add 2 boxes of 5 cartomizers. Then, you can get juice from anywhere to fill your cartomizers. With that, you will have a couple months, at least, worth of supplies to get you started in a serious way. Here is a link to one vendor. There are others with similar kGo kits.
  6. Riverboat

    Riverboat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    I posted them in quote above.. Some people think this setup is to much for a Noob, but I belive in starting off right...
    On May 31st Provape will be selling the Provaris with a Green Led...
    If you order one make sure to get the extended cap so you can use the AW 18650 battery, this will give you true all day battery life...
    Go for the full size Provari, I have the Satin Black with Blue LED, The finish is very durable(cermaic coating used on firearms) and shows no fingerprints....
  7. sailorman

    sailorman Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    You will be pushing $300 for that setup. If that's in your budget, it's a very good set of equipment. If not, there are reasonable alternatives. Some people, known as Provangelists, spend all their time on this forum preaching that that if you don't drop $300 on a Provari and the top of the line accessories, then it's a waste of money. Just keep in mind that it's not necessary, or even the best for everyone. There are perfectly good alternatives if you don't feel comfortable with that level of expenditure.

    Also, keep in mind that "direct dripping" involves dripping a few drops into an atomizer, taking 5 or 6 puffs and repeating the process. It gives the best flavor, but it's not something you're likely going to want to do as a regular thing if you're a 2+ pack smoker.
    It's inconvenient and impractical under most everyday situations. Driving, for example.

    If you do want to explore "dripping" there are atomizers specifically designed for it, and the aforementioned Joye 510 is not one of them. Unless you are willing to learn about volts and amps and ohms and watts, the Provari may be overkill and you won't really be able to take full advantage of it. It's an advanced PV and not for everyone, especially those just getting started with the larger e-cig models.
  8. Riverboat

    Riverboat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Sailorman is right, I one of the worst
    But it really is a good setup... There are other(cheaper) ways to go... Lavatubes and Volts are suppose to be ok?
    My biggest sugesstion is to make sure you get a Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod.
    Now the juice I suggested I stick behind 100%... 36mg really works well for someone just comimg off real cigarettes... 100% VG keeps it smooth and produces lots of vapor....
  9. VapingRulz

    VapingRulz Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    You seem to be a good candidate for the Provari, as others have noted. It will cost you but from everything I've read, it's worth it.

    If money is tight I'd recommend the KGO with 24mg or 36mg juice in a 70/30 or 80/20 PG/VG ratio because it sounds like you need a decent throat hit, which you won't get with 100% VG.
  10. Riverboat

    Riverboat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    100% VG at 36mg does give some TH.. I did try a VG 70%/PG 30% 36mg juice once... Talk about TH... HOT...
  11. DaveP

    DaveP PV Master & Musician ECF Veteran

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    You can buy a Volt starter kit for as low as $30.95 with two batteries and a charger with 5 pre-filled carts. It will accept KR808 cartomizers you can buy empty and fill yourself with your choice of juice.

    Smokeless Image | Only The Best Electronic Cigarette | Volt - Basic Starter Kit - Starter Kits

    The Riva 510 is a 510 thread ecig with a larger battery that will cost you about $43 for a kit.

    Electronic Cigarette - Starter Kits - Riva 510 - Carto Deluxe

    You might want to check out the Kgo and the E-power. The Kgo is a Riva/eGo look alike and the E-power is a tube mod that uses 18650 batteries.
  12. peechykins

    peechykins New Member

    thank you all for your replies.. money is kind of tight but i do want to start off right!! no sense in wasting 100 here or there where in the long run u can just get a great one all at once and not dilly around because in the long run it does add up. yes all these voltages and ohms ect are confusing, but trying to do my homework and catch on quick, it seems like the provari from what i have read can provide you with alot of play room till u decide what is good for you with out having to try alot of diff e-cigs. i dont need an e-cig that looks like a real cig, i just want one that works and works good..for me that is lots of vaper and a decent nicotine delivery system (not flooding into my mouth) and decent battery life. question with the provari system.. i take it the 18650 is a better battery..they dont offer it in the kit, so will have to buy seperate, is it that much stronger than a 18450? and do you reccomend the refillable cartomizers with the drip tip or and atomizer with cartridges and drip tip? and which is more economical? I do have to think about the supplies i need to keep getting to be fairly affordable. it is a pain to keep having to drip in liquid, but i am at home most of the time, just dont want to have to drip and thanks for everyones help!! :)
  13. sailorman

    sailorman Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Don't get an atomizer/cartridge setup. Use cartomizers with a drip tip for convenience of topping it off and to prevent getting hot juice in your mouth. A $3 drip tip works just as well as a $20 stainless drip tip for that. If you want to start dripping, there are other atomizers that work better and last longer than a standard Joye atomizer.

    The PV you buy has nothing to do with flooding or getting juice in your mouth. That is all about what attachment you put on the end of it.

    An 18650 is not necessarily better, it's just bigger, and only if it is rated at a higher mah. A 1600mah 18650 will last exactly as long as a 1600mah 18450. If you get an 18650 battery, buy a Panasonic GCR18650CH. It is 2250mah and better than any AW battery. Or, get the Panasonic 3100mah 18650 Protected battery. You can find them both at SuperTmanufacturing. They also have Xtar chargers which are just as good as the Pila chargers and cost a lot less.

    I will say once again. Don't think that you have to buy the ultimate PV to get something that works and works good. There are plenty of models the provide good vapor and the nicotine delivery system is totally independent of what you attach it to. As long as you have a strong battery and the proper resistance, you will get good results. What you put on the end of your PV, and what you fill it with, has more to do with vapor production than any $200 PV. Some people are convinced they must have a Ferarri to have a good experience, when a BMW will do just fine.
  14. Pappy

    Pappy Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I think this is very sound advice. I'm a newb, and I'm very happy with my KGO, which I've only had for about 2 weeks. I'm already thinking about buying a Provari, but I'm not sure I would have appreciated it as much without at least having a little bit of experience with something less advanced.

    I bought one disposable at Walgreens (Infiniti model and it was terrible), and then ordered the KGO. The KGO works great, but I can tell a difference in how it vapes at the end of the day (when the battery is somewhat drained) versus the beginning of the day on a fresh battery. The KGO comes with two batteries, so it's no big deal to always have one fully charged and ready. But I can now already appreciate the value of being able to dial the voltage in to match whatever carto, clearo, etc. is attached and then maintain that voltage.

    Keep in mind that the KGO kit, a 5-pack of LR cartomizers and a drip tip or two will cost less than $60, which is about what a carton of Marlboros cost around here. Add a couple of bottles of juice and you're ready to go. While the Provari is a much more capable PV than the KGO, a full kit with the good Pila charger, the 18650 extension and 2 batteries of each size could run about $300.00 or more. It all depends on your budget.
  15. Pappy

    Pappy Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I see people recommending 36mg juice. I'd hesitate to recommend that for a newb. The strongest I've used is 24mg. I'd be afraid that 36mg might knock someone on their butt if they vape too much of it. I was a 1.5 PAD smoker, and I can vape plenty of 18mg or 24mg to satisfy my nicotine urge. Different strokes and all that.
  16. sailorman

    sailorman Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I smoked 40 years, 3 packs/day and quit instantly, the first day, with 24mg juice. It almost knocked me over the first day, until I got more used to it. 36mg is pretty strong stuff. I just dropped to 18mg a few weeks ago but still use 24mg now and then. It's plenty strong for me.

    Provangelists have that "straight to the top" mentality that compels them to insist to a newbie who doesn't know an volt from an ohm or a cartomizer from a cartridge that nothing but a Provari will do. Nothing but the most expensive, strongest e-juice will do. They would recommend 100mg for a newbie if it was available. That's their personality and, IMO, they do noobs a disservice with that kind of attitude. It convinces them to think that you can't get perfectly good results unless you dump a bunch of money into it. They don't understand the concept of "diminishing returns". These are usually the type of people who got BMWs and Mercedes for their first cars and haven't spent much time in the real world most people inhabit.
  17. Liv2Ski

    Liv2Ski Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    One other thing to consider------- Where will you use the PV???? Yes the Vari is a great unit (I own one along with many other fine mods) but I still use Riva/Kgo/eGo type batts. After almost two years into this vaping hobby I have found there are many times (fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, mowing the lawn etc) where carrying around a $200+ mod just won't cut it. For those times the above mentioned batts are the right tool for the job. Peechy No matter what PV you decide to get a couple of these relatively disposable batts are a must for the vaping ****nal. Happy vapes
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