Nemesis found!

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Oakman_Smalls, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Oakman_Smalls

    Oakman_Smalls Senior Member Verified Member

    If you are looking for a nemesis, or one of the special editions i have found a place that still has a limited stock available. in Malaysia has a small quantity of nemesis still in stock.

    The models available are:

    Nemesis Mixed Greek Vapers Edition

    Nemesis Mixed Shined Edition

    Nemesis Shined

    Also have colored tubes in many sizes.

    They had kalafuns about an hour ago and they are gone so get on it everyone.

    I am not affiliated with the website in any way.

    Just very excited about my find and wanted to share with the comunity.

    I was luck to secure the last mixed matte nemesis :)

    Good luck everyone and happy shopping.

    (mods i am puttin this in the "where can i find...." forum as well to give more people a chance to see this information)
  2. Topacka

    Topacka Super Member

    Doesn't show price (at least on the mobile version) or have any customer reviews so I'm not sure how reputable they are.

    Anybody have this info or talked to them?
  3. jayyco

    jayyco Senior Member

    Thanks!!! But how do you buy them??? I'm on an iPhone
  4. jayyco

    jayyco Senior Member

    Oh you have to register to get the price and buy them
  5. Oakman_Smalls

    Oakman_Smalls Senior Member Verified Member

    ya register and then u can add to cart.

    It shows the price but u have to go up to the upper right hand corner to select the currency from malaysian RM to US dollars.

    As far as the tranaction is concerned and worry about being ripped off, u can pay thru paypal (primary mode of payment for international buyers) so u have that safety net.

    Shipping is the only issue i saw with this place since DHS is extremely expensive. but with the stock available to us right now i was willing to take the hit to get my unicorn. You can also use air parcel if speed is not important and save alot of money.

    This may not be for everyone but I just wanted those who have been looking for nemesis to know there is still some out there
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