New Vamo v5 setup - have I done my research right?

Discussion in 'VAMO' started by JamJarPenguin, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. JamJarPenguin

    JamJarPenguin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'm planning to get a Vamo V5 (Stainless Steel version). With genuine AW IMR 18650 batteries (button top) & using an Xtar VP1 recharger. I'll be using it with Protanks (at least initially). I'm thinking of getting this Vamo $32.43 Vamo V5 Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod / APV - stainless steel at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping from Fasttech.

    1. Any comments or concerns about my setup?
    2. Can I expect a big difference in the vape itself (currently using eGo-C upgrade batteries with Protanks)? Or will it be much the same?
    3. Quite concerned about the thread issue (that's why I've gone for Stainless Steel) & also the spring issue. Any opinions on the one I've chosen, has anyone bought the SS one from Fasttech recently? Anyone had problems with a Fasttech Vamo v5 SS?

    Thanks :)
  2. EBates

    EBates Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I own 4 Vamos, wife has 4 Vamos, v2 - 2 ss, 1 brass, 2 aluminum, v3 - 2 ss, v5 - 1 ss

    Your setup sounds good but Fasttech doesn't do AW batteries, and Xtar charger shows Discontinued according to the site. Panasonic batts and Nitecore charger?

    Of all of the vamos I've used, I think the aluminum v2 is the best. Lighter, threads are solid, to me it just works better and it's cheapest of the vamos. Your Results May Vary.

    The V5 will arrive set to Mean mode, change this setting to RMS. Press and hold the (-) button down for approx 10 seconds, at approx 3 sec the battery volts will be displayed then at 10 sec the display will show "Output Mean" or "Output RMS". Release the button and repeat until "Output RMS" is displayed. The User Manual you May receive does not mention this setting.
    If you do not receive a user manual I've got pdf versions of the v3 & v5 manuals I'll share with you.

    You may not pick it up, so I'll admit it, I am a vamo fan.

    Switching from an ego-c to a vamo should offer a new level of control over your vaping. I choose to use VW mode and recommend it, but it's your new toy. Play with it.
    Verify that the threads are good first thing. After that play nice and so will your vamo. As for the spring issue, that's a dead issue. The spring was updated before I got the first one over 8mo ago.
  3. fogging_katrider

    fogging_katrider Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    If you're talking about the ego/510 connector, all the vamos have the same chrome plated brass connector.
    IOW...the aluminum v2's through the chrome brass v5's and including the ss models ALL have the same plated brass ego/510 connector piece.

  4. JamJarPenguin

    JamJarPenguin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I only said I'm buying the Vamo at Fasttech.

    That's really kind thanks

    I don't want to play with it. I just want it to vape. But I really appreciate the help thanks :)

    All over the forums they are saying buy the ss because the threads are better. Strange.

    If anyone could answer these questions I'd be grateful

    2. Can I expect a big difference in the vape itself (currently using eGo-C upgrade batteries with Protanks)? Or will it be much the same?
    3. Quite concerned about the thread issue (that's why I've gone for Stainless Steel) & also the spring issue. Any opinions on the one I've chosen, from someone who has bought the Vamo V5 model in SS from Fasttech recently? Anyone had problems with a Fasttech Vamo v5 SS?
    4. Any problems with me using button tops over flat tops?
  5. EBates

    EBates Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    The stainless steel comment is one of the reasons wife and I own so many ss vamos. But, oddly enough all of the vamos that I've been aware of with thread problems have been SS vamos.
    On your order I just ASSumed. LOL

    I've not used AW BTs but have used Pany, Samsung, Tangsfire, Ultrafire with no problem. When stacking 18350's i'd recommend FTs to prevent having to force the battery cap on. Tried this once just to see how it worked.
  6. edyle

    edyle Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You cannot set your power level with the plain ego battery.
    The the vamo and such tubes, you can.
  7. ILoveNorCal

    ILoveNorCal Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    My Vamo V5 w/ ProTank 3 is still my go to device. coming from an eGo -C you will be very pleased.
  8. JamJarPenguin

    JamJarPenguin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yes I'm aware that my eGo doesn't allow me to set the power & the Vamo v5 does.
    Why will I be pleased?
  9. JamJarPenguin

    JamJarPenguin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yeah I won't be stacking anything as I said in the OP I'll be buying IMR 18650's. Weird about the Stainless steel thing. I wonder why so many have been saying the SS is a safer bet. How is the vape though? How is it different (if it is) from an ego?
  10. edyle

    edyle Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    No, you'll raise the power too high and burn your juice;

    But maybe after a few days you'll figure out what power to use with what tank with what juice.

    Rule of thumb: use 5 watts for a standard commercial single coil like what comes on the protank.

    VG seems to work better at lower wattage than PG in my experience.

    Start low and go up; once you burn something, the taste doesn't go away for a while.
  11. EBates

    EBates Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Well, based on my approx 2 weeks vaping the ego-c before I got my Evic and then transition to vamo v2 about 3 weeks after that. The memories are somewhat dimmed but here goes.
    The days of having to push the button on the ego and count 1, 2, vape at the dimming ego batt are gone. The flavor is much more consistent. Burnt hits don't happen except for when you are tweaking the power up in search of the juice sweet spot. Once you've found that sweet spot the next time you'll be changing it is when the atomizer coil starts cruding over or your battery is ready for a charge. Using 2.5 ohm coils also helps with flavor to my taste, always used 1.8 ohm with the ego.

    OBTW get some replacement atomizer heads for your PT. Clean ones vape so much better.
  12. JamJarPenguin

    JamJarPenguin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    So basically your saying the battery lasts longer on your V2. My flavour on the eGo with a Protank is already consistent & I don't get burnt hits. And I already have lots of spare atomiser heads for my Protanks.

    I came from a situation of wanting this to now thinking why cough up £80 (with the cost of the batteries & charger added in) that's around $133 US dollars. Because if no one here is finding the actual vape (not the pushing button bit - the bit were you inhale) better compared with an eGo there is little point wasting this amount of cash. Especially as it appears no one has a V5 SS let alone bought from the vendor I was thinking of using.
  13. edyle

    edyle Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You might want to try these.
    No battery to worry about. Regulated voltage.
  14. EBates

    EBates Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Guess I failed to mention it but all but 2 of the Vamos I have purchased came from Fasttech.
    Good Luck
  15. 0mg Meniere

    0mg Meniere Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have a SS v.5 from fastech. I have had it only three months, but have had no problems with it. I will update my report in another six months. :facepalm:
  16. 350ZMO

    350ZMO Super Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    It's the threads on the 510 on the top head that can be an issue with VAMOs. It might be the people who "say that all over the forum" think that a SS VAMO has a SS top head, it does not. All of the VAMOs have the same chrome plated brass top head. It is replaceable and several here have done that including myself. The AL, SS, Chrome versions only refer to the tube material. Some have been bad from the manufacturer some have been damaged by the owner (like me). Since the top head threads are brass, it is easier to cross thread, strip or pull than if it would have been made of SS. However, other mods and many tank bases use chrome plated brass as well. Realizing that there are different manufacturers of VAMOs it is plausible that there was one or two that had QC issues which may limit it to a particular type, like say SS VAMOs if that manufacturer only makes the SS version for example. I don't know, pure conjecture but plausible. It could also be that the manufacturer messed the threads up while doing a QC test or the seller pulled one off the shelf that someone had messed up. Hard to say. But I do wish the top cap on the VAMO was SS instead of brass.

    Now with that said, if you ever drop the VAMO then AL or chrome plated brass VAMOs might have issues with the tube threads. Which I don't know, may be what "people all over the forum" are saying. SS tubes will be much more resilient to accidents. Which is how I messed up the 510 threads on my SS V3, I accidently dropped it. When I picked it up I noticed the tank was at an angle to the tube body. Luckily the tank didn't break and there was no damage to the tube but it did pull the treads in the top cap 510 connector. I have since replaced the top cap on the SS V3 and all is well again. On my V2, my grandson and I were rough housing a bit and I crushed the tube on my chrome V2. I was able to get the tube back to round but the threads on the tube did take damage, but it still screws together securely and works fine.

    Also, I would suggest an adjustable air adaptor. It will allow air control with the protank and help protect the 510 threads on the VAMO. After screwing in the adapter, I spin the top collar on the V3/V5 up to meet the adapter base.

    Yes, I used Davides with Protank coils, so to me that is the same in vape experience as a Protank and the vape was far better in taste, throat hit and vapor production on VAMO than an EGO 650 or 1100. Precisely for the reasons others have mentioned, you can control the power delivered to the coil and I too think 2.5 ohm is a far superior vape experience than 1.8 having tried both. I also have a Vision spinner and even on its lowest setting of 3.3V, it can burn on some atty/coils where the VAMO set low in power does not. I suggest you start at 4W and don't go beyond 8W and follow the RMS advice. I prefer airy (defined as unrestricted draw) cool, full flavor, and sufficient vapor production for a lung hit. I mix my own 100% VG with Virginia flue flavoring and had have to drill out holes on most fixed air attys. As everyones' tastes are different, YMMV. I also have the Aero tank and the Nautilus, the Naultilus is far superior than the Aero and the Aero is better than the Davides using protank coils. Better and superior defined as taste, throat hit and vapor production. The spinner is ok for the Nautilus and the VAMO is best but the EGOs just don't deliver the power. On my rebuildables not even the spinner suffices. So while you are using protanks today and if you're happy then by all means stick with it but if you ever get something else for any reason, a VV/VW APV like the VAMO will enable that. There is night and day difference between an EGO with davide/protank coil and VAMO with Nautilus, the later being far superior in terms of vape. And also there is the vape time between charges which is longer with the 18650 VAMO than my EGOs or my spinner. I do still use my spinner and egos with minis as they are smaller and are easier to carry and use in certain situations than the larger VAMO/Nautilus.

    No, I have both and either works fine with my V2, 3 and 5, the spring in the bottom cap and the protruding center post from the circuit board at the top of the battery tube take care of that. However, if that center post ever gets pushed in or damaged, flat tops could be a problem.
  17. ILoveNorCal

    ILoveNorCal Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Well I think that "better vapor" (the bit you inhale) is a bit subjective. I found the draw on my vamo 5 to be much nicer and allow for much better vapor than my ego's, but that's just my opinion.

    You can, however, use the beauty ring on top to adjust your draw to fit something of your preference. which again is something that you cannot do on the eGo.
  18. bsoplinger

    bsoplinger Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The chrome finish isn't the most durable. The black chrome even more so, hence the recommendation "all over" to go with the Stainless steel. What posters here say about the head is true of my new Vamo, plated brass.

    You can get an eGo to 510/eGo adapter if you've stripped the 510 threads to keep it usable. But if you're careful and most especially don't drop the Vamo with a head attached you should be fine.

    Some, I believe those made by hcigar, only do RMS mode only. If you can't get the mean/RMS mode menu then you have the RMS only version. Since that's the mode you want it's not an issue.

    Any vv/vw mod you get will be a noticeable improvement over the non regulated batteries you're using now, whether it be a Vamo, SID, SVD, MVP V2.0 or anything even more expensive. All can be had for $40 or less with a bit of careful shopping and patience. That's from an American dealer, not Chinese although direct is cheaper. The exception in that list is the SVD, it runs a bit more expensive.

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