Oh How I Hate APO Shipping!!!

Discussion in 'Armed Services Forum' started by GoodInk, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. GoodInk

    GoodInk Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I forgot the pain of waiting on shipping to APO adresses, I can't wait for my boxes to get here. Waiting on a Term V2, RSST, Natural, and e-liquids. One week down atleast two more to go :cry:
  2. El Redo

    El Redo Full Member

    I know how you feel. It's usually about 7 - 10 days here. Then there's the whole night shift thing where all the mid shifters half to wait 1-2 hours for the post office to open with a nice yellow slip in our hands. I wish they had those lock box things where they put a key in your box and you just unlock it when ever you want.
  3. GoodInk

    GoodInk Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    That sounds like Ramstien, you had to show up 30 mins early. Every once and awhile you could go around back at night and find someone to hook you up.
  4. lybic

    lybic Full Member

    Brings back sad memories of finding the slip after the pick up window was closed. Those yellow slips could make you so happy and so sad at the same time.

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  5. GoodInk

    GoodInk Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    My box from SVC went to Afghan :mad: Thank God they took the time to look me up, some how the last number in the zip code got fat fingered.
  6. kainvamp86

    kainvamp86 Full Member Verified Member

    I'm stationed on Guam and it usually takes around 2 weeks to get most things. IT sucks since when you see the tracking it will move from the east coast to LA super quick, then after that it has to sit in hawaii and when it eventually hits Guam it sits in the military post office another 3 days or so before it hits our box.
  7. kainvamp86

    kainvamp86 Full Member Verified Member

    And I went to the post office today to check if I had anything and there is a sign on the door that says " CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE" so pissed right now, it better be open tomorow...
  8. JonnyB88

    JonnyB88 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Or, if you're a mid-shift SF, call in a post office alarm requiring at least one of them to come in. Usually ended up with, "Well, since I'm here, you guys wanna get your packages?"
    Not that we EVER did that on purpose...

    But, I absolutely hated APO shipping. If there was a way to track APO shipping, or pay extra for expedited shipping once it reached the military postal system, I would have been all over that when I was in.
  9. retired1

    retired1 Curmudgeon Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Geeez. Things have really gone downhill since I was in (retired in 1999). APO shipping in the 80s and 90s usually took less than a week.
  10. GoodInk

    GoodInk Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Wow only a few place can you get mail that fast, like Best Buy and Tirerack. They have a deal worked out for faster shipping.
  11. JonnyB88

    JonnyB88 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hmm. Maybe Amazon has some deal worked out as well.
    When I was stationed in the Netherlands, books from Amazon would come in about 4 days after order. And anything else from Amazon was usually 7 days tops.
    Everywhere else, roughly 2 weeks.
  12. kainvamp86

    kainvamp86 Full Member Verified Member

    Yea most things from Amazon I get in a weeks time, same with tire rack altho the postal clerks were not happy with my mud tires and tried to tell me the FPO address was for official mail only. Shipping was like 140$ to my building address and only 60$ to the FPO, I don't know what their deal is but all my mail goes to the FPO
  13. GoodInk

    GoodInk Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Word of warning for anyone in Manas, Stamps.com will change the zip code when the vendor enters in the system. I'm working with Stormy's Vapor right now, I'm hoping I caught it before they shipped it, I really don't want to wait the extra 2 weeks for my mail to get here from Afghan like last time.
  14. Borescoped

    Borescoped In the meantime..... Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Stuff sometimes takes 2+ weeks to get here to RAF Lakenheath, but sometimes very rarely, 2-3 days. That almost never happens, typically 7-10 days. I got some vape mail in right now though from OSDIYS that is waiting for pick up, only 3 days!

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  15. GoodInk

    GoodInk Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Well the good news is Carolyn at Stormy's took good care of me. The error was caught before the package was sent out through the Post Office. The bad news is they couldn't get Stamps to use the correct zip code. So if TDY make sure to if you order something they use Stamps.com for shipping, make sure to double check the address when they send you the tacking number or yo may not get your package.
  16. ParaGrunt

    ParaGrunt Full Member Verified Member

    Bahrain here and have been waiting on a Red Provari Mini since the middle of August. It left the Chicago sorting facility and disappeared off of the face of the earth. Luckily Provape is sending me another one. Usually I get my Provape orders in 5 days. Most other orders in 7 days.
  17. Kenavides

    Kenavides Full Member

    Same thing's happening to me at the moment...three seperate packages, from 2 separate vendors. They all hit Chicago and "departed sort facility" and...nothing. All departed on different days, and the earliest is pushing past a week now. ...? Anyone know why this is?
    On another (semi-coinciding) note, all of my packages started out of California...now, isn't Chicago in the wrong direction? I'm assuming it's the "APO" controlling this, but it's so much easier to go from CA-wesward, right? I guess USPS agrees that, "If it makes sense, it should not be done," in true military fashion. lol
  18. ParaGrunt

    ParaGrunt Full Member Verified Member

    Chicago is the "Hub" for APO/FPO's at least for the ME/EUR area. I don't know about the far east. I know our "PSC" number has changed due to this. The old hub's were SF for the far east and NY for EUR and ME. Gotta love smaller GOVT!
  19. cloudsUnderway

    cloudsUnderway Senior Member Verified Member

    It's even worse when you're on a ship that is constantly moving. We have to wait for the occasionaly UNREP to get our mail. That is if the post office doesn't decide to hold back a care package and not inform the sender that they opened it up and just let it sit for two weeks. Not that I'm bitter about it or anything. :p It does have my VANILLA mod, rebuilding supplies, batteries and charger.
  20. saberflare

    saberflare Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    California is the hub for AP.. The pacific side of the world

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