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Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomizer Systems' started by HecticEnergy, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. HecticEnergy

    HecticEnergy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    First "New Thread"!
    I'm due for a new tank I figured RTA would be fun to play with, but i need some advice...


    I have a vivi nova, I've broken 4 EVODS tanks, and have been using 2 protank mini 2's.
    I liked the tighter vape on the evods, but the durability of the PT2's. I'm not hard on my devices, I just clean them with REALLY hot water (melted the glue on the evods after a few months). I've adjusted to the draw on the PT2 mini, but thats not to say I wouldn't pick up another evod again. the nova is ok, I still use it. Not a huge fan of the warmer vape, and I hate how I have to tip and spin it after it gets down below 1/3 tank or risk burnt taste.. but I've got to balance that with flooding... its kind of a pain.
    I'm not against larger tanks, other than the fact they made the ego's way too top heavy.
    I've rebuilt some protank heads, but only to experiment (or when i needed a new head, and my order hadn't arrived yet..)

    I've been vaping for about 6 months on eGos.
    Just got my first APV this week (SmokTech SiD).

    I like a cooler vape, so I'm thinking bottom/mid coil RTA.
    I'm on a budget, so I'm looking around $35. I think that limits me to cones (but I'm ok with that, as long as they work decently).
    I don't want to mess with a dripper, but the Tatro drip tank looks cool (just out of my price range by $100).
    I pick things up pretty quickly, so I don't want to be limited to a small deck or just a few builds. At the same time, I don't want something that's a pain in the butt to do a simple build on.
    I'm planning on starting with kanthal & cotton builds. Maybe eventually move on to wiremesh, but i need more tools first :)

    Other Thoughts
    I'm thinking the Fogger v3 would do nicely.
    I'm open to suggestions though. Something easy to do a ton of different kinds of rebuilds on, providing a cool vape. Not really interested in subohm as my device won't support it. I'll pick up a Mech mod eventually, but it will probably be a while.

    I hope I covered everything without getting to far into it. Let me know if you need more info.
    Thanks for any advice in advance!
  2. amp79423

    amp79423 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have a Russian 91, its similar to the Kayfun and I have enjoyed it immensely. I have read about quality Kayfun clones somewhat close to your price range. The vape on it isn't hot, but not exactly cool either, although that depends on how you set it up and your voltage settings. I don't know about a ton of different ways to set it up, I'm happy with the kanthal microcoil and cotton build, and it is dead simple to set up. Hopefully someone with both a Fogger and Kayfun style device can add to this discussion.

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  3. folkphys

    folkphys Super Member ECF Veteran

    The Fogger v3 does indeed fit the bill in all but two ways:

    1. Super airy draw. Even with the AFC very nearly closed, it draws at least as open as a Protank (full sized, not mini).

    2. Real PITA to create the perfect wick. And it almost always needs a perfect wick. Don't get me wrong, it certainly can be done. For some folks, the Fogger barely even puts up a fight. Not the case in my experience. However, when I did achieve that knife-edge balance of wispy yet substantial cotton that was not too short and not too long, the Fogger became a simply mind-altering toot machine. Gigantic lungfuls of cool 18mg tastiness that I'd only choke on when the vapor was so plentiful as to come out of my eye sockets. That said, I haven't touched my Fogger in the last month because I now seem to prefer the Kayfun and Russian, which are like fire-spitting dragons compared to it.

    Of course a decent genesis-style deal should also do quite nicely if you're up for the learning curve. which really isn't that bad......
  4. HecticEnergy

    HecticEnergy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the reply!
    Any suggestions for a good Genesis clone? (Seeggaaaaa*) lol

    *Nerd humor
  5. HecticEnergy

    HecticEnergy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the reply,

    Any good clones come to mind?
  6. cantstopwontstop

    cantstopwontstop Senior Member ECF Veteran

    check out the Hcigar kayfun 3.1. Good airflow control so you can rock a loose cool vape. The building abilities are somewhat limited, but if you can be creative you can easily overcome that. The only thing on your list it doesnt fit is $$ it can be found for 45$ at a couple sites. If you wanted to spend the extra dough it's well worth it in my opinion.
  7. HecticEnergy

    HecticEnergy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out.
    Like I said, its around $35. I could probably go a little higher, but don't want to get crazy... 60+ is probably a absolute no.
  8. folkphys

    folkphys Super Member ECF Veteran

    Kayfun Lite + Clone - 101Vape -$32 (but you'll probably want to get a clear tank section also, which is an extra $6)

    The KF 3.1 has a *****y little fill valve, in my opinion.

    Gennies: Find a good Pulse-G clone. Or else the old standard. An RSST with a drilled out air hole and reduced chamber topcap makes for a beastly little tooter. Lots of folks love the Kraken. Never tried it, but I've enjoyed the AGA-TD (I enlarged the air holes, the cap is already small enough) for a flexible solid dual/single coil genny.
  9. amp79423

    amp79423 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ^^ what all these folks said! For a decently priced genny, take a look at the Smok RSST. Those can be found for around $30. http://www.myvaporstore.com/SMOKTech_RSST_Atomizer_p/smok-rsst.htm. My experience with the rsst is generally good, nice vapor production, decent flavor and throat hit. One word of caution is they have a tendency to leak if they are not kept upright due to the wick holes and fill holes. Some people are able to set them up leak-free, but I'm not one of those people, hence the Russian.

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  10. HecticEnergy

    HecticEnergy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I was checking out some reviews for the genesis attys... It doesn't look like you can do cotton builds easily. Thoughts?
  11. HecticEnergy

    HecticEnergy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Gennys give you a warmer Vape because they are top coil, no?

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  12. folkphys

    folkphys Super Member ECF Veteran

    Cotton acts more like a sponge than a straw. genesis style atties are designed for wicks that act more like straws, pulling juice upward rather than quickly absorbing any juice the wick comes in contact with, thus the capillary action and thermal gradient properties of steel mesh/rope and braided silica are the go-to choice. However, many folks have used a few bits of clever physics to their advantage in pursuit of a cottoned up genesis. If you are set on trying cotton in a genny, seek them out, I am certain it can be done even though my own attempts at a functioning cotton-wicked genesis have proved to me that I have neither the patience nor gumption for it.
  13. folkphys

    folkphys Super Member ECF Veteran

    Not necessarily. Enlarging the air holes increases the air supply over the heating coils which keeps them cooler and ups your flow rate of vapor production. Also, if you plan on running your atomizer less than say 1.2 Ohms, using a dual-coil setup will spread out the heat energy over a greater wire-length, which in turn means that you are less likely to overheat your coil (like when it goes from glowing orange to an almost-blinding yellow) with each toot as the bit of wick nearest to the coil begins to dry out and cannot re-wet itself fast enough.
  14. HecticEnergy

    HecticEnergy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thank you for your input!
    I have a SiD and I don't think it will fire under 1.5 ohm.
    I'm thinking cotton builds because they are easier to do and have less variables than wire mesh.
    I'm thinking of going with the kfun light plus or typhoon clone at this point.
    I'm open to other thoughts though! Is there anything coming out in the next few months that may be worth waiting for?
  15. amp79423

    amp79423 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Once you get the wick part right on the kfl clones you should be pleased with the performance. This stuff is like computers, rapidly evolving, so there is always the latest and greatest just around the corner. You sound like you could use something now, so take the plunge!

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  16. Nomoreash

    Nomoreash Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    There will always be something coming out in the next few months, probably sooner, whether it will be worth waiting for, you'll just have to wait and see.

    If you're needing something now get it, otherwise if you wait on next greatest you never will get anything. If you find you like something better later down the road go for it.
  17. HecticEnergy

    HecticEnergy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks. I'll probably pick one up soon. Leaning kfl+

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  18. amp79423

    amp79423 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Make sure to report back and let us know what you end up with and how it works for you.

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  19. Jonathan

    Jonathan Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Genesis tanks are challenging at first. Mesh takes patience before you get it right. 100% worth the hassle once you get it right, nothing else wicks like a good mesh wick will, flavor is awesome. I have no experience w russian/kayfun setup though.
  20. bah-num

    bah-num Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'd say go for the Kayfun clone. I believe people when they say they love their gennies, but I did not enjoy the gennies that I tried (gave it a good 3 weeks of experimenting and never had an enjoyable vape in that time). I'm sure if I gave it more time I would have enjoyed them better, but there's no getting over the un-pocket-friendliness of them. They're not an "out and about" kind of tank. Stick one of those in your pocket and your liable to have it leak or the top cap will pop off and your coil will be covered in pocket lint. Not to mention the maintenance... too much fiddling for me. I've been thoroughly enjoying my kayfun clone for the last 2 weeks.
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