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Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by UA72Riddle, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. UA72Riddle

    UA72Riddle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ok, hopefully most will understand why I am starting this thread. I wanted to see a thread that could focus on the building and technical parts of Scubatdan's mods. I didn't want to see it get lost iN a CO-OP thread and Wanted to make it easier to find in a search. :blush:

    This will be a great thread for when the time comes to build, get trouble shooting, and just general info. There ARE several other threads that will cover the genisis atty and Dans mods. Since there are so many of us that were in on the CO-OP, and many, many more interested...this will just give us a place for info specific to his great mods!

    Look forward to seeing this thread grow, and seeing how everyone's Scubagens turn out! :thumbs:

    Helpful links:

    Parts List

    Wick and Poly Tube sizes

    Mesh rolling demo

    Spring Connectors

    Kanthal Wire

    Silver Wire

  2. Scubabatdan

    Scubabatdan Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hey mine are looking good LOL
    I closed the thread in the CO-OP at the request of the moderator for the simple fact it was turning into a modders forum. Thanks for starting this I had planned to soon but you beat me to the punch LOL.
    More to follow....
  3. UA72Riddle

    UA72Riddle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hah...what you couldn't handle typing in a little thread with the million other things you have going on alread????? LOL

    My pleasure my friend! Look forward to seeing what happens in here!
  4. UA72Riddle

    UA72Riddle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    If there are any other links you guys and gals can think of......I would like to just keep adding them to the OP for quick reference. Makes it easier than trying to run back through the threads. :) ....and saves turbo same space on his bookmarks :p
  5. mwa102464

    mwa102464 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Has anyone considered running a CoOp for the parts list ? is it worth doing so ?
  6. PKZap27

    PKZap27 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Here is a link to a potential Co-Op... that I believe is down to just a possible Co-Op for the wire mesh.

    However, I feel a Co-Op is not worth it for me. :2c:

    For about $50.00 you can get the rest of what is needed.

    $34.29 2 Sheets of SS Mesh A4 size. Price includes shipping.
    $6.50 75' roll of Kanthal. Price includes shipping.
    $4.29 Pack of 25 O-Rings.*
    $2.52 1 foot of polycarbonate tubing - enough for 4 (2 pieces each).*

    *Shipping for the O-Rings & Tubing should be only @ $5.00.

    This does not include a CE2 for the atty connector or the other material needed like the nuts for the springs, solder...


    About $23.00 for 1 sheet of mesh plus the rest listed above = < $45.00

    (I had to break my 2 sheet purchase down and do a currency conversion to come up with the $23.00 estimate for 1 sheet)

    When you purchase from The Mesh Company you get an extra sheet of mesh for every sheet you purchase for free. So my total cost for a 2 sheet purchase, which I should receive 4 sheets is about $8.60 per sheet.

    To save on shipping and spend less money on the mesh, and if you only want one piece of mesh, you can purchase a 12"x12" sheet of 304 SS Woven Wire Cloth for $20.58 from McMaster-Carr. I believe this wire mesh has the same spec's as the wire mesh I purchased from The Mesh Company.


    The Kanthal is $6.50 shipped, purchasing the Polycarbonate Tubing, O-Rings and single sheet of Wire Mesh from McMaster-Carr the total would be < $40.00 shipped.
  7. UA72Riddle

    UA72Riddle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    with the will pay a little less, but you will also get a lot less material. It would be easy if it all came from one place.
  8. jimbalny

    jimbalny Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    As for the minimum tools required:

  9. PKZap27

    PKZap27 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    The good news.

    1) I just received an email that the wire mesh that I ordered yesterday from The Mesh Company shipped already.

    2) I ordered from McMaster-Carr yesterday and I should get my stuff today. UPS tracking indicates this along with my last purchase that arrived the day after I order it. McMaster-Carr has warehouses all over the US.

    The Bad news.

    I ended up getting charged twice for the shipping because they had to split the order between the package of O-Rings and the Polycarbonate Tubing, along with a $7.00 extra handling fee because UPS could not put the tubing on a conveyor. :censored:

    Let me explain.

    When I purchased polycarbonate tubing from McMaster-Carr for my MAP tanks I entered the part number four times. And they shipped me four, 1 foot pieces in a box.

    If you add a 1 after the part number that makes it a 1 foot piece, This time I thought I would be smart and add the number for a 1 foot piece right on the order page in lieu of entering it four separate times. So the part number for the tubing for the ScubaGenV3 tubing is "8585K61" add a one to the end and you get 8585K611. When you do this it shows below the descriptor to enter the quantity, along with the descriptor indicating that it is for a one foot piece. I put in a 4 in the box that shows ft. for the quantity. I thought Ok! I just ordered four 1 foot pieces. Well, I will now get one four foot piece of tubing packaged in a long tube. It was about a $12.00 mistake.

    The best thing to do is to enter the part number for each 1 foot piece that you want. This way they can package the tubing in a box with the O-Rings in lieu of a splitting the shipment up and sending the tubing separate in a long tube with the additional handling fee; it should cut the shipping cost doing it this way.

    I'm not sure that if you ordered the tubing longer, like in a two foot length that it will ship it in a box. It may still be packaged in a separate tube. I could not get this verified by McMaster-Carr customer service. I did have the option to return the tubing for a full refund and place my order again. However I'm going to just keep it add forget about the additional shipping and handling that I ended up paying for.

    I just wanted to share this, as I would not want you to have to pay more than what is necessary.

    Edit to add;

    It's a lot easier to work with a 1 foot piece tubing than a 4 foot piece.

    The two pieces of tubing for the Scubgagenv3 adds up to 2.5 inches. so you should have no problem getting four sets of tubing from a 1 foot piece.

    Customer service did state that I could have mentioned in the comment section of my order to have the piece of tubing cut in 1 foot sections.
  10. NotoriousJoe

    NotoriousJoe Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Well I got everything ordered for mine. Can't wait
  11. UA72Riddle

    UA72Riddle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What Dan is giving you is the bare minimum, and what I put in are pretty much everything you will need but forgot to add the tube cutter, which i do have. Not all of what I listed will be needed, but it does make things much easier!

    When I ordered me tube, I ordered 2 feet....same way you ordered your four. I put in the comment section "please send tube in two(2) one foot sections", and they did. They still got it here the next day, along with my bag of O-rings. And since there is a distribution center here, they delivered it in one of their company vans....$9 shipping which brought my total to $20.
  12. NotoriousJoe

    NotoriousJoe Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Riddle hey you live in griffin. Awesome.
  13. UA72Riddle

    UA72Riddle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Yeah, about an hour and fifteen minutes from you. NICE! :thumbs:
  14. Turbo

    Turbo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Good thread, did someone say links?! I'll check my 'scudan' file later tonight, busy now.
  15. UA72Riddle

    UA72Riddle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    yeah, instead of searching, if I can keep them on the first post we will know exactly where to find them. Thats the idea anyway....

  16. theECB

    theECB Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for cleaning this all up and opening new thread.
  17. PKZap27

    PKZap27 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I believe that you can only edit a post for about the first 24 hours. I'm not sure on the exact time so don't quote me. I'm just letting you know that eventually you will not be able to edit it any further.
  18. UA72Riddle

    UA72Riddle Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Wasnt aware of that, but I have several good links in there from ordering parts to wick rolling if nothing else its a good start. Thanks for the FYI PZK! :)
  19. Turbo

    Turbo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You'll eventually have to do what I do on the CE2 list; you reply w/ qutoes, removes the quote commands, edit and post. A mod will then merge that into the first. All w/ the mod's approval of course.
  20. Scubabatdan

    Scubabatdan Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ok good news!
    Money has come through from my PayPal ...
    MORE GOOD news, the parts have been ordered!
    Now the waiting begins....
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