Smoktech Vmax Owners - tips, tricks and quirks

Discussion in 'Smoktech "Max" VV devices' started by fuzzione, May 7, 2012.

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  1. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    As more of these units migrate into owner's hands I thought it might be a good idea to set up this thread. Purpose is to share actual ownership experiences and help each other get the most out of our vmax. Please share your setups here...what works well, what doesn't, problems encountered, etc.

    My take? It has worked very well for me thus far but I've only owned it for about a week.


    The Smoktech DCT's almost appear specifically designed for the vmax. The fit, dimensions and overall look of the new 4.0ml and 6ml DCT's are excellent to my eyes and promote a simple, functional elegance. These tanks have also worked quite well for me overall with the 2.5ohm ST DC cartos, with the excetpion of the occasional flooding episode, particularly on the larger tank for some reason. I'm usually vaping, depending on the juice, between 4-4.5v on these tanks/cartos.


    We all know by now it hits harder at the lower voltages so adjustments are necessary.

    I recall reading somewhere that the unit is apparently designed to simply stop working with no warning when batteries drop to a combined low of 6v. In contrast, and according to my my experience, once it drops below 6.5v, a 'Lo' warning starts flashing on the LED during use. I took the batteries out for recharging when the vmax registered 6.4v and flashed this 'Lo' indicater. However, the batteries actually measured out at 3.51v each. So there appears to exist quite a discrepancy between the the vmax's battery measurement and what my multimeter reads.
  2. KeysBum

    KeysBum Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Still waiting for mine. I have a boatload of LR DC's hanging around that I was going to give away, but I may get some use out of them with this beast.
  3. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Just another little quirk I noticed. 3 days ago I was using my 1.7ohm 306 atty at 3.3v, when the vmax suddenly stopped working. If functioned perfectly for about a dozen vapes, then simply stopped. No led, no reaction to button though there were no batteries in the thing. Hmm. I unscrewed the battery cap, then put it back on and voila. Unit came to life again and worked perfectly. Thought it was just one of those things. This morning it happened again, almost the same way and with the same atty. Taking the battery cap off and replacing it once again cured this hiccup. Don't know what to make of it...perhaps a funky atty. Has not happened with the dozen other cartos and clearos i've used. Not a dealbreaker for me by any means as the vmax has performed near flawlessly otherwise, just sharing this in case others run into what hopefully represents a minor stumble. I would expect a few niggles on early production units and improvements as they fine-tune later runs. I sure hope my unit withstands the test of time however as I'd miss it.

    Another observation: Badly calibrated lower power deliver or not, I, personally, would have no use for any power setting offering something less than the indicated 3.0v minimum.
  4. VAPNJ350

    VAPNJ350 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    FUZZI.... Actually I have had this situation happen to me but only twice so far. Now what I have found out is if you are using a LR atty or carto in the 1.7 ohm range or lower...1.25 ohm, all single coil, and the atty or carto is real close to going bad, or on it's way out, or on it's last leg this scenario seems to happen. For some reason it appears to be sensing the carto not being able to handle the amount of amperage going to it's and kicks the protection on to protect the device. I think for the most part it was designed around the smoktech 1.5 ohm DC (tank) and a single coil 1.7ohm really shouldn't be used due to the device reading it as a 1.7 ohm load, as with the 1.5 ohm DC their are 2, 3 ohm coils and it works flawlessly on those as I'm sure you know by now.

    ** My setups include..... VMAX set at 3.4V with a BOGE 3.0 ohm 801 Fusion carto in my Smoktech tank(shorty),sometimes going up to 3.8V,......Secondary setup is a Smoktech 1.5 ohm DCT 3mL tank at 4.2 - 4.5V(depending on which juice and what tank Im using at the time) ........3rd setup, Boge XL 3.0 ohm in a Smoktech DCT voltage at 3.4 - 3.8 (agian, depending on which juice in which tank)

    Maybe this will help a few people out with voltage when they get their VMAX. I should add, my primary voltage setting before I got my VMAX's was usually around 4.3 - 4.8....ofcourse depending on juice and what tank etc....

    Take care everyone.... AND ENJOY YOUR NEW MAXXXXX .....................J
  5. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Very interesting VAPNJ, and precisely the type of useful information I was hoping for to populate this thread.
    a 3 ohm new atty is now on the list!
  6. Bahiaboy

    Bahiaboy Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Picking mine up tomorrow morning from the Mail Office :vapor:
  7. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hey congrats. I find it hard to imagine that you won't love it. It will also be interesting to compare if any differences between the earlier run units that we likely received in N. America and the one's you're getting now in Eu.
    Have plenty of juice on hand and remember to start at lower voltages than you think you ought to.
  8. VAPNJ350

    VAPNJ350 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nice to see the thread finally movin'....C'MON VMAX OWNERS !!!!

    The BEST advice I can give new owners .......START AT 3 VOLTS !!!!
    Friends don't let friends Vape Crazy......
  9. wultan

    wultan Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Currently on a 2.9ohm Boge in a DCT @ 3.6V.
    E-liquid is HC Lemon Black Tea, 12mg, with 60/40 ratio.

    I can go higher but max out around the 4.2 - 4.4 range. This is when I personally find that the vapor production actually decreases and you start getting a hint of the carto burning (slightly rough/harsh TH and smell of something burning upon exhalation).

    I almost sold the unit thinking that something is wrong with it because I was getting these harsh TH at 4.8V - 5.0V which was what I used to vape at with the LT. But going against everything that I was used to on the LT, I dialed it back down to aroung 3.6 - 3.8 and it was spot on.

    So yeah, best advice for new owners, start and 3V and work your way up.
    You do not want to assume that it is the same as the LT (mentioning the LT because if you own a Provari, I'm not sure why would you be looking at a Vmax :D).

    P.S. - I do hope to own a Provari one day like how I wish to be riding a Goldwing one day. Money for quality, branding and a class of its own.
  10. Bahiaboy

    Bahiaboy Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Great advice I have got mine today and that is spot on :toast:
  11. Bahiaboy

    Bahiaboy Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Not really a Tip as such but I noticed straight away when you activate the device (press the fire button) you get a Red Display and Blue light on the switch !! Looks very cool especially in the dark ;o)
  12. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Curious as to whether you got the new version. Does yours default to 3v or 5v when changing batteries?
  13. Bahiaboy

    Bahiaboy Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Shows 5v !!!!
  14. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Save your money for a BMW K1600 instead. Trust me, I've ridden both. Nothing on the planet sounds like that Beemer's 6cyl motor when it approaches redline. It wheelies off idle. Not that I condone such childish activities :p
    I currently ride a Honda VFR800.

  15. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Ah. Original version then. Apparently new 'improved' versions are now shipping with better calibration and button improvements. These default to 3v it seems. Not to worry as ours will likely prove to be the collectors item with the factory turbo option :)
  16. wultan

    wultan Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The BMW K1600.... that is actually another option. Price not too far away from the GL1800 but all these is way in the future when either I get a higher paying job or strike the lottery.

    VFR800, with V-TEC right? I test rode the Honda Crossrunner which uses the same engine downtuned and when the V-TEC kicks in, wow!

    I'm now on a 10-year-old Pan European. Has about 100k miles on the clock but still runs day in, day out. It's my daily commute to and fro work. I have another Bandit 650 (oil/air cooled) running a Leo Vince without baffles which I run once in a while when the wife's not needing a ride.
  17. mgmrick

    mgmrick Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Vapingzone just received theirs today and they start at 5 volts also.
  18. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nope. I hated the VTEC. I have a 5th generation non-vtech 2000 model with the gear cams. It's the only 'true' VFR if you ask the purists...hehe. Mine is in MINT condition and I looked long and hard for it. It's actually my 2nd 2000 VFR. I loved the bike so much that I had to find another and was lucky to get my hands on one with 19,000km's and babied all its life. I wore my last one out :) I've been on 50 other bikes since owning my VFR and would not trade it for any of them....with the exception of the K1600 of course which I came VERY close to buying.

    That Pan European, like most Hondas will run forever as I'm sure you're aware. The Bandit is a cool bike too. Very versatile. Now all we have to do is come up with a helmet mod for vaping while riding!
  19. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Ya it's not surprising that we don't have the 1.1's yet. Likely they'll be distributed in EU and Asia first. By the time they get here perhaps they'll even have another color offering.
  20. fuzzione

    fuzzione Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    You know I've been playing with this thing for a week now and for the life of me cannot think of any practical use for a newer version that put out less power at its indicated 3v. What it produces at this setting is the least I would ever wish to use I think, say for a 1.5 atty. Even then I usually select something higher.
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