Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by pita1028, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. pita1028

    pita1028 Super Member Verified Member

    Ok so I have one that tastes like alcohol and one that tastes like strawberry leaves. Can someone recommend one that has a sweet strawberry flavor?
  2. boomerdude

    boomerdude Ultra Member Verified Member

    I'd like a suggestion also. The several I've tried all taste of chemicals. Flavor Art seems the best of the worst.
  3. GrannyM

    GrannyM Super Member

    Supporting member
    Have you tried Capella's Sweet Strawberry?
  4. fooey

    fooey Super Member Verified Member

    Capella has a excellent sweet strawberry. FA for regular strawberry.
  5. mad maori

    mad maori Senior Member Verified Member

    yup - i agree - capella sweet strawberry!!!!
  6. pita1028

    pita1028 Super Member Verified Member

    thanks all
  7. jazon1

    jazon1 Ultra Member

    ill have to try that to, every strawberry i have taste like crap. well i have a bluemist one i haven't got around to try yet kind of scared to, past three strawberry's i have tried were horrible lol.
  8. glassmanoak

    glassmanoak Registered Supplier

    You need to mix in another fruit that compliments the strawberry.
  9. pita1028

    pita1028 Super Member Verified Member

    I need a little more help understanding or advice on what would compliment it
  10. shawnatjr

    shawnatjr Moved On Verified Member

    try a cream or a cupcake flavor.......tpa vanilla cupcake and almost any strawberry make a great combo
  11. Ohio Points

    Ohio Points Super Member Verified Member

    This is a very good, very sweet, almost candied vape on it's own....great with a cream.
  12. mgmrick

    mgmrick Ultra Member Verified Member

  13. jazon1

    jazon1 Ultra Member

    ive tried banana with 2 of the three strawberrys i have made didnt turn out to well maybe ill try some white cake or buttercream for the next try
  14. pita1028

    pita1028 Super Member Verified Member

    Any thoughts on if cotton candy would sweeten it?
  15. echofinder

    echofinder Super Member

    NF strawberry is delicious - haven't mixed with it personally but know a guy who uses it... best strawberry I have tasted.
  16. NICnurse

    NICnurse Super Member Verified Member

    The best strawberry I have found for DIY is Loranns Strawberry Naturals. Tastes like a fresh summer strawberry. Make sure you order the Naturals though---the other one they sell tastes like crap!
  17. fooey

    fooey Super Member Verified Member

    How is flavorwest strawberry?
  18. nickgonzo

    nickgonzo Senior Member Verified Member

    I bought a 4oz bottle of it when I was making an order with them. It is actually pretty good, I use it in a Papa Smurf recipe and everyone really likes it. Most FW flavors I have used need about 20% total.

    However I do prefer Cap Sweet Strawberry, I promised myself to go through this 4oz FW bottle before I get more :(
  19. Mowgli

    Mowgli Runs with scissors Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I like FW Strawberry too.
    13% Strawberry hits it for me in 70/30 What ratio are you using 20% in? Straight VG?
    I use 12%- 12.5% with my other FW flavors.
  20. DeeDee1234

    DeeDee1234 Super Member Verified Member

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