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Discussion in 'Switching' started by firefly0434, Nov 6, 2013.

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  1. firefly0434

    firefly0434 Full Member

    I have been trying to make the switch for a year this month. I have an entire cabinet FULL of various vaping supplies and just can't seem to find something that doesn't make me cough the instant I inhale. Its this horrible tickle chocking feeling like when you accidentally inhale ammonia or something. Has anyone else had this problem? How do you get around it?
  2. rjp1983

    rjp1983 Full Member Verified Member

    are you vaping pg/vg blends? are your blends more PG than vg? You could be allerigic to pg. Also, your nicotine level may be way too high.
  3. firefly0434

    firefly0434 Full Member

    Im am vaping a 70/30 pg/vg blend. It does the same thing with 4mg nicotine.
  4. Snapdragon

    Snapdragon Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Could be the quality of the juice you're vaping. As a noob I just vaped what my ecig supplier carried, which was definitely lower end, and I coughed till my throat was sore. Trying juices from different vendors cleared that up and now I know what works for me.

    Maybe trying some samplers from a few different companies will help you out.
  5. Wmmeese

    Wmmeese Dedicated Lurker Verified Member

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    Try a supplier that has 100% VG. Johnson Creek and Ahlusions come to mind. Some people are allergic to PG and others are just sensitive to it.
  6. firefly0434

    firefly0434 Full Member

    Thank you Snapdragon, I will give that a shot!
  7. firefly0434

    firefly0434 Full Member

    I will look for some vg liquid. I stayed away from it because everyone says it clogs everything.
  8. 03FXDWG

    03FXDWG Super Member Verified Member

    I would try a variety--all vg, all pg, unflavored & different vendors. Nicotine & PG can both cause your issue. It's also possible that you're getting dry hits & that will definitely feel like breathing ammonia. I accidentally cranked my vv too high & was getting dry hits. Coughing, gasping, eyes watering & afraid to try it again until I figured out the issue.

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  9. firefly0434

    firefly0434 Full Member

    How do you know the difference between a dry hit and a regular hit? Like how would I know if that is my problem is what I am asking.
  10. The Rebel

    The Rebel Ultra Member Verified Member

    Regular hits are usually warm and smooth with good flavor and good vapor. Dry hits tend to be hot, burnt tasting with little or no vapor. Basically means you're inhaling the essence of burnt wicking material. No pleasant at all. If this is the case, you may want to check your juice delivery system to see if it is clogged or set up wrong.
  11. chapeltown

    chapeltown Ultra Member Verified Member

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    Ha! Yeah! To me, a dry hit is an awful lot like lighting a cigarette from the wrong end!
    For Higher VG or PG free stuff, you would do well to go with Johnson Creek (red oak line), Heather's Heavenly Vapes ( purity line) or ECBlend Flavors (AN&O- all natural and organic) They have a 100vg Pecan I got with double extra flavor that is so good, I vape some every day! Good luck, and get us an update soon!

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  12. jelder227

    jelder227 Full Member

    Dry hit = lighting cigarette from wrong end . . . best description I've heard! You will know if that is the problem. It's terrible!

    Assuming that is not your problem, my husband has the same issue. He has quit smoking, but occasionally would like the nicotine. Also he loves the smell/flavor of some of my juices. I think I'll try some straight VG and see if that works for him.
  13. firefly0434

    firefly0434 Full Member

    Well I finally figured out what it was that makes me cough so bad... its the nicotine... I went to a vape shop to see if I could try some of their flavors (no nicotine)and never coughed once, as soon as I bought the bottle, took it home loaded it up and it was the same thing coughing and hacking. I can't figure out why it would be different than smoking a cigarette with nicotine? I only had 8 mg juice so I am not sure what to do? Buy 4 or 2mg and just vape more?
  14. Snapdragon

    Snapdragon Super Member Verified Member

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    I don't know what type of gear you're using but was it different from what you tried at the vape shop? I know with genny tanks and some drippers, the throat hit can be pretty harsh if the air hole is too small or not directly over the wick/coil.
  15. patkin

    patkin Vaping Master

    Try a 50/50 juice first and if PG, which delivers a stronger throat and lung hit, is the problem you'll know. But I wouldn't jump to 100% VG right off as for some, myself included, it can makes the chest feel "heavy" because the vapor is thicker... fills up the lungs more I guess. 100% VG also means cleaning heads more often or replacing so if 50/50 works, why go there? In fact, you could go to Walmart (pharmacy section) and get some VG to try... then dilute what juice you have with it rather than throw it away.
  16. firefly0434

    firefly0434 Full Member

    I used my battery and attached it to their tanks, I use (for lack of better description) a giant Carto. I actually didn't see any difference between 100% VG or a PG blend so I don't think its a PG problem.
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