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Syringe tank mod for GG Penelope

Discussion in 'Tank Mods' started by shan57, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. shan57

    shan57 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 22, 2010
    Midwest USA
    I seem to keep missing out on the clear windows for Penelope by Kir Fanis sold thru Avid Vaper - so I made up a couple of temporary ? ones which are working nicely for us. I had this stuff around the house from other syringe mods, etc. I just couldn't stand not seeing my juice level - Desperation is the mother of modding or something like that :laugh:

    Parts needed:
    Excel (Central Tractor has them) 10 ml syringe cut to approx 1 3/8"
    10ml Plunger with hole tapped out using old 306 atty or cart
    Buna-N 70 O-ring, 1mm x 10mm (The O-Ring Store) slid under Penelope upper connection nut
    aluminum perfume bottle cap 5/8" Diam cut to 3/8 - 1/2" length, center drilled out at 5/16"
    fine steel wool for polishing cap
    pipe cutter and sockets for reinforcement when cutting syringe/bottle cap
    optional 1mm syringe plunger end for fill hole made by drilling 5/8" a little below where top cap will sit
    (tank can also be filled by removing bottle cap and a using a syringe between plunger and syringe tube)

    Using pipe cutter and some type of reinforcement, cut syringe tube to 1 3/8" length. Numbers/lines will come off by rubbing with damp cloth.

    Invert plunger end from 10 ml syringe onto hard surface, insert fill end of 306 atty or cart into opening. Use a hammer and tap the
    connection end of atty to punch through syringe end.

    Test aluminum cap to be sure it will fit over syringe piece, then cut aluminum bottle cap to approx 3/8" to 1/2" length with pipe cutter - reinforce for straighter cut and so it won't bend in. If it does warp, use sockets to straighten and widen back into shape. Drill out center to 5/16" to accomodate Penelope flow/stem valve. Use fine steel wool to polish any gold paint off. Wash. May be sharp at first from cutting, use caution. The material should be safe because it isn't in contact with the juice and the Penelope valve/stem is long enough that your mouth doesn't touch the cap.

    Slide 1mm x 10mm O-ring right below Penelope upper connection nut so that when you turn juice flow/stem valve it will not effect performance.

    Moisten O-ring and work syringe tube over tightened stem and O-ring all the way. Insert 10ml syringe end, raised number side facing out. Fill with e-liquid using syringe inserting needle between syringe end and tube.

    Slide bottle cap over stem.

    For optional fill hole, mark a little below where cap sits and drill out about 3/8' - use 1mm syringe plunger for filler.

    clear syringe tank for GG Penelope.jpg assembly of tank.jpg

    assembled syringe tanks.jpg
  2. artt

    artt Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 14, 2011
    I like the regular ss tank on my Penelope, but for those who like see-thru this is really clever. Well done!
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