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The Echo from Cool Vapes: a beautiful, automatic MEGA fat batt

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by DonDaBoomVape, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. DonDaBoomVape

    DonDaBoomVape Reviewer / Blogger ECF Veteran

    Jun 5, 2009
    South Florida
    [photo courtesy of www.elcigg.se]

    Last week, JohnnyBass of Cool Vapes (a brand new supplier and one of the handful that carries this model), sent me a chrome 1300 mAh Kr8/901-compatible Echo (plus an eGo-compatible Echo-e cartomizer) to review. Although I will mention the other sizes and versions, this is a review of that 1300 mAh “Echo.”

    I did not pay for it, but probably would have purchased one anyway, because I’ve been intrigued by all that I’ve read about it, e.g., in txtumbleweed’s http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/electronic-cigarette-reviews/188005-new-echo.html review thread.

    For the past several days, I’ve been putting the Echo through its paces and I am very impressed. It may not be everything I want in a PV, but it is a lot of things … including some that are not to be found in any other e-cig.

    So what is it?

    In broad strokes, the Echo (1300 mAh size) is kinda like an iGo with an automatic battery, i.e., it is a long Kr8/901-compatible fat batt with high mAh and 3+ ml capacity cartomizer. [Unfortunately (for the sake of this review), I’ve not used the iGo, so I can make no comparative comments on their respective performance.] In addition to the automatic battery, another obvious difference is a large red LED at the end of the Echo batt: Beep beep, comin’ through!

    [iGo photo (prior to my markup) courtesy of NHaler.]

    It’s manufactured by Hangsen, located – in of all places – China.;-) Not as big a name as say, Joye or Sailebao, but then who had heard of Smok Tech until recently.


    The cartomizer is one of the new generation of mega capacity ones like the Leo, Go-Go, iGo, and Get-Up-and-Go (I made up the last one). According to Hangsen, the Echo carto utilizes a “new technical breakthrough – Cup shaped matrix to get rid of the burnt smell of atomizer/cartomizer following e-liquid depletion.”

    Here is Hangsen’s video demonstration of that “Cup shaped matrix” … along with other features of the Echo. [FYI: Listening to the computer synthesized speech alone is worth the investment of two minutes of your time.:laugh:]

    Hangsen further states that it is “refillable with e-liquid for over hundred times.” I’ve not had mine long enough to confirm, but my first carto still tastes good and performs well after several refills and top offs.


    Notice the non-recessed battery connection.​

    Although the Echo carto has a Kr8/901 battery connection, it takes an 801 mouthpiece. It is 2.8Ω (+/-.1) resistance and holds 3 ml of e-liquid, however users have said that – unlike most capacity claims – 3 ml is conservative. [But see my comment about flavor and topping off under “Cons.”]

    The batteries are true 3.7V (i.e., 4.2V hot off the charger) and are available in 650 mAh, 1100 mAh, or 1300 mAh.


    [composite photo courtesy of Northwest Vapors]

    That 2.8Ω and 3.7V generates ~5 watts of power (i.e., intensity of the vape): about a half watt more than a standard resistance 2.3Ω 510 atty on a 3.2V eGo. So: decent, but not overwhelming. However, during the first few hours of vaping a freshly charged battery, that’s more like 6 watts: an advantage of true 3.7V combined with high mAh (you vape at higher voltage for longer than with a low mAh batt or on a throttled voltage batt like the eGo). And the amps current generated is much less than an LR atty or carto on the eGo. [FYI: High current is what fries atomizers and mosfets. For more information about volts/ohms/watts/amps, see this article.]

    The 1300 mAh battery yields an assembled unit the same 14mm diameter as an eGo and about a quarter inch longer than my 155mm DSE801 penstyle, so say about 165mm. I use this approximation, since I don’t own a metric ruler and since the information on the Hangsen site – 137mm – obviously is way off. [I’ve seen this kind of thing before on manufacturers’ websites. Are metric measurements different in China than elsewhere?]


    [The above is stainless steel (available somewhere in the world, I suppose). It is not the chrome Echo that Cool Vapes sells.]

    The 112mm shown on their site for the 650 mAh unit may be closer to the truth (but still on the low side). I don’t have one, but it’s probably slightly longer than the eGo-T.


    Here is Scott Bonner’s review of that 650 mAh size. [NOTE: The cartos in Scott’s demo kit from the manufacturer were prefilled. The cartos in kits sold by U.S. suppliers like Cool Vapes are blank.]

    “Echo” (shown on the left of the three cartomizers below) is the Kr8/901-compatible version. “Echo-e” (in the center) is the eGo compatible (but also uses an 801-sized mouthpiece). [NOTE: The Echo-e’s juice capacity is somewhat less than the Echo’s.] Supposedly, there also is a VGO-compatible “Echo-v” (shown on the right) but exactly what that means and who carries it, I don’t know.


    Cool Vapes carries the Echo and Echo-e: in chrome or black … and at 650, 1100 or 1300 mAh. [NOTE: As I write this, his current stock is more limited, but the complete lineup will be in shortly.] Each kit includes two batteries, two cartomizers, USB charger, AC adapter, and requisite mini instruction manual. Johnny supplements that manual with some relevant additional information and tips ... including recommended suppliers of e-liquid, which he does not sell. The 650 mAh kits are $50; 1100 mAh are $55; 1300 mAh for $60. [I regard the price for the 650 mAh kit as quite reasonable; $60 for the 1300 mAh kit is a steal!]


    Cartomizers sell for $5; somewhat less when purchasing five or more. Certainly more than most cartomizers, but – considering their capacity (and potential for a great many refills) – not bad. Spare batteries are not yet available.


    Pros and Cons

    No PV is perfect (at least in my experience) or certainly for every vaper. Here is what I think are the strengths and weaknesses of this one.


    • Outstanding vapor – rivaling LR atomizers and cartomizers.
    [image ripped from Scott Bonner’s review video]

    • A smooth vape with an easy draw. And, unlike some cartomizers (and tanks), the taste is pleasing, not bitter.

    • The TH is solid and strong enough for most of my vaping and, probably, for most vapers. [See my additional comments under “Cons.”]

    • An all-day vape: The 1300 mAh battery combined with 3-ml capacity cartomizer enables vaping throughout the day and evening, uninterrupted by battery charging or carto refilling. [Depending on how heavily you vape, you might need to top off occasionally or swap in another cartomizer.]

    • Effortless vaping: As Scott observed, the automatic battery functions perfectly – no primer puff necessary and no accidental engagements. And it is addictive. I often forget to press the button on my other PVs now and am aware of the extra effort when I do.

    • A beautiful sleek PV: It is a relatively slender, long-legged honey – handsome in black and pretty in chrome. In contrast, to me, the similar-capacity Go-Go is fat and stumpy.
    BTW, for whatever reason, the beautiful chrome model is not a “fingerprint magnet.”
    • The cartomizer (which is very easy to fill and doesn’t leak) is fully compatible with Kr8 batteries. [I’ve tried it with the Elegant and the VOLT. It looks kinda weird on that skinny 65mm VOLT battery;-) – or on the “Express Batteri” shown here – but it works.]
    It also is compatible with 901 fittings on mods … as long as they aren’t recessed.
    • The battery is fully compatible with Kr8 cartomizers and 901 atomizers.

    [photo courtesy of dput of Mountain Vapor]

    • And – with an inexpensive adapter (e.g., $1 from Good Prophets) – these are great batteries for 510 (or 801) atomizers and cartomizers. I don’t know of any other 3.7V, 1300 mAh automatic battery. [I used to rave about the standard 3.7V 280 mAh Kr8 auto batt.] These batteries alone (whatever use you put to them) are worth the price of the entire kit.


    • Long charge time (9 hours): Your 1300 mAh battery will fully charge overnight … if you get a good night’s sleep. This is made up for by the high mAh, i.e., I don’t fully discharge my battery during the day. And remember: the kit includes two batteries; long before one battery has faded, the other is fully charged.

    • Flavor is subdued (unless I top off frequently): Something about the Echo cartomizer mutes the e-liquid’s flavor somewhat. [For whatever reason, I experience that lack less with the Echo-e carto.] And the taste is not as deep and rich as my Leo (on its good days; the Leo is inconsistent) or East Mall 801 atomizer (which requires frequent dripping).

    • As with most prepackaged PVs (coordinated, proprietary battery and carto/atty) like the Leo – but to a lesser extent than the Leo – I sometimes wish it hit harder, i.e., had more TH. And there are no LR cartos yet available for it.

    • Not for stealth vaping: That large bright LED commands attention. It is pretty neat though. And you could always cover it with your fist.
    [another image ripped from Scott’s video]

    • Since it is automatic, the battery is (necessarily) unsealed. The cartomizer must be removed from the battery prior to filling or topping off. However (other than an initial drip-through if overfilled), the carto doesn’t leak, so the chance of battery damage is minimal.
    [original image ripped from Scott’s video]

    • This last “con” may be dismissed as my personal idiosyncrasy and applies to all large-capacity cartomizers: I don’t have an “all-day vape” e-liquid. I like to switch among a half-dozen different flavors as the mood hits me. That is more easily accomplished with atomizer dripping or even with lesser-capacity cartos like the MaxX Fusion and VOLT.


    The Echo is not for everyone (e.g., read about washvaps’s disappointment), nor am I yet sure whether it my “desert island vape.”* But it is for many vapers … and for me most of the time.
    * If I were marooned on a desert island – assuming that I had some way to charge batteries – and could only have one PV, would I choose the Echo? I think I might … especially if I had a couple adapters and other atomizers and cartomizers with me to use on the fantastic Echo batteries. And, of course, on a desert island, I need not be concerned about stealth vaping.:D

    Obviously, if you want an analog cigarette-sized PV, the Echo is not for you. Nor is it for you if you only like high-watts vaping, e.g., high voltage mods or LR attys and cartos. And it is not the PV to turn to for an intense burst of flavor. [Although the Echo batteries might be great for your LR attys/cartos.]

    But if you want a long sleek “fat batt” with high mAh and juice capacity, which effortlessly delivers a smooth vape with solid TH and massive vapor – get out your credit card and click on this link!

  2. txtumbleweed

    txtumbleweed Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Dec 7, 2009
    Walla Walla
    Great Review and illustrations. I'm glad to hear you like it also. I don't know about the 100 refills but time will tell on that. I used the Go-Go for several months and if I have as good of luck with these cartos I will be very happy because I really like the auto battery and looks of the Echo better.
  3. prof beard

    prof beard Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 29, 2009
    Stafford UK
    It's worth pointing out that the eGo compatible ECHO-E is a MANUAL device - here is my review of it:

    The Hangsen ECHO and ECHOmiser - UK Vapers

    Also the VGO is a Hangsen made 901 threaded device - so I don't know how an ECHO-V differs from an ECHO (I though they were the same thing)

    Probably also worth pointing out that Hangsen are an even bigger juice manufacturer than Dekang - so not really an obscure name.
  4. DonDaBoomVape

    DonDaBoomVape Reviewer / Blogger ECF Veteran

    Jun 5, 2009
    South Florida
    Thanks, TX! That means a lot – coming from the father of Echo reviews. [Well, a fatherhood shared with Scott.]

    Thank you, prof! I missed that somehow.:confused: [In my own defense, Johnny didn't get his site up (showing a photo of that Echo-e) until after I had completed the actually writing of the review.]

    And I missed seeing your excellent review ... with those great photos! [Gee, it could have been another source for me to steal from.;-)]

    Hangsen may be (and, I'm sure, is) the major player in e-liquid manufacturer, but is not the household name (at least to those of us in the states) that Joye, Boge, or DeKang is. [Why is that?]
  5. borockster

    borockster Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 12, 2011
    Western Ky.
  6. txtumbleweed

    txtumbleweed Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Dec 7, 2009
    Walla Walla
    By the way a 801 driptip works perfect on them. I especially like the aluminum 801 whistle tip from Ikenvape. It looks very nice and the larger hole allows excess vapor to escape without causing condensation like you can get with the standard whistle tip. It allows you to grip it with your teeth when both hands are busy and being an auto you can continue to vape away while working.
  7. prof beard

    prof beard Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 29, 2009
    Stafford UK
    I think it is partly that they are, despite their market share, fairly new and partly because they have concentrated on selling to vendors - most of whom rebrand...
  8. DonDaBoomVape

    DonDaBoomVape Reviewer / Blogger ECF Veteran

    Jun 5, 2009
    South Florida
    Now you tell me! The metal 801 drip tips I got from Good Prophets don't fit!

    Well, I like Isaac's 801 Fusion cartos – and I've been looking to try that LR 801 1.8Ω Mini Atomizer of his – I'll have to add in one of his 801 Aluminum Whistle Drip Tips (in silver, of course).
  9. MrBobVapor

    MrBobVapor Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 23, 2009
    Robert from Florida
  10. sierrabravo

    sierrabravo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 18, 2010
    MA/NH Border
    Yup. Hit the nail on the head. From their Alibaba profile:

    Hangsen, with a 10-acre tobacco extraction factory based in one of the biggest tobacco farming province, and multiple years of research, marketing and sales in the E-liquid field for China domestic market, starts to engage in E-liquid supply internationally. We supply the safest, most consistent and best flavoured E-liquid. Our E-liquid is tested and certified by SGS and our customers are ensured of its safety.

    With the broad network and experience of our management team and aiming to provide our customer a one-stop-shoping solution on e-cigarette/e-liquid procurement from China, Hangsen is now expanded into the manufacturing of e-cigarette related product while continuing and ever developing our core business on the e-liquid manufacturing.

    Main Customers: NJOY, Vapor 4 Life
  11. ControlledChaos

    ControlledChaos Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 4, 2011
    New York
    This is a really nice PV. I miss my automatic for when I have both hands busy :(
  12. DonDaBoomVape

    DonDaBoomVape Reviewer / Blogger ECF Veteran

    Jun 5, 2009
    South Florida
    It is kind of big though to just hang out of your mouth. My MaxX Fusion and VOLT work well for that. The Echo is easy vaping, but not hands-free.
  13. sierrabravo

    sierrabravo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 18, 2010
    MA/NH Border
    I agree. With the rubber drip tip, you DO NOT want to attempt to hang it out of your mouth! The tip will separate from the carto.
    Apparently 3rd party 801 drip tips hold much stronger. I am not sure how heavy the 650 is, but the 1300 would cause some serous jaw strain too.

    And Don, thank you for the review! Awesome as always!
  14. cyberwolf

    cyberwolf Reviewer / Blogger Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 22, 2009
    Coral Springs, FL
    Great review, Don! That is a nice looking PV.

    Thanks for including the instructional Hangsen video - I'm embarrassed to admit that I have apparently been pronouncing atomizer wrong all this time :).
  15. txtumbleweed

    txtumbleweed Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Dec 7, 2009
    Walla Walla
    Not really, I hold mine in my teeth quite often and with the 801 aluminum whistle tip you can hold it quite easily like right now while i'm typing. lol
  16. VaporTrails

    VaporTrails Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 29, 2011
    Somewhere High.
    Wow what a great thread and review on this! Lots of good info. The Echo kit's I've had for several weeks now have held up really well, including dropping one of my 1300 batts on a rock. Still works fine. I've had one carto get a little lean as of late, though it's holding the flavor I use the most. I'll run it though the ultrasonic to see how it works out.

    I'm looking forward to when seperate components can be purchased for these, i.e. mainly batteries. Also wondering when a stainless 1300 will be available as well. The kits I've purchased from Cropduster have been great and have the blue led's. (Black 1300 kit and two 650 stainless kits) I've noticed in the videos in this review that some of the batts have red leds. Interesting. Humorously thought about having my blue batt and a friend using a red batt in a car in traffic at night, these led's are so bright drivers in front of us would be pulling over, lol.

    Looking at getting a chrome 1300 kit from Coolvapes, they look pretty slick!

    I've also found that a double A maglite flashlight holster works great as a case for either the 650 or 1300 while working or on my pack.

    Again thanks for the quality thread and review!
  17. EchoNC

    EchoNC Full Member

    May 17, 2009
    North Carolina
    Great review. I just got my Echo in the mail yesterday from cropduster, have to say this is exactly what I wanted in a no hassle PV. Great TH, easy to fill carts, and a very enjoyable vape!
  18. mwa102464

    mwa102464 Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Don try Issac's new Cannon series they come in 1.8,2.0,2.5,3.5 ohm you like your 801's you will really enjoy these little puppies.
  19. washvap

    washvap Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Apr 2, 2011
    It's not whether it's not for everyone. It's for no one that wants a good vape. I really don't know what anybody is saying is the truth or not but, the rip-off mall e-cig that I bought has better vapor production. Where's this fog bank that yall speak of? Because I don't really get any, if I did than I wouldn't be complaining.

    Seriously, I can get pointed out and I just don't care anymore. I tried for a week and grant it. I don't know any of the tricks to make it work better or work at all as a matter of fact. There's barely any vapor and I mean BARELY. It's no fog bank like some claim it to be. It's the truth, if the echo was the only e-cig that was available.

    I would be back to smoking a pack a day until the day that I die and that's the horrible truth. Might have gotten a dud but I HIGHLY doubt it.
  20. txtumbleweed

    txtumbleweed Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Dec 7, 2009
    Walla Walla
    Well mine works great. I get lots of flavor and vapor and I've tried lots of PV's and this works better than any of the others overall. I don't know how long the cartos will last but mine are holding up so far. I cleaned two and one is still vaping good after three more re-fills and the other didn't perform quite as good so I've set it aside for a more thorough cleaning someday.
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