Totally Wicked Site and Billing Issue?

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by vapingmusician, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. vapingmusician

    vapingmusician Full Member

    So without much perciflage here is what I had happen to me Friday.

    I logged on to the Wicked site. Added up 93 dollars worth of goodies into my basket and headed for check out. The checkout site took my card number and other info. It went to" a contacting the card company screen" and then went back to another screen and it said please wait and if this takes more than 10 minutes it will time out. I waited 10 minutes and it timed out and took me back to the wicked site and in big red letters it said the checkout had timed out because I didn't give the checkout the right amount of info. So I tried it again. And waited 10 minutes again. Then it went back to the site and gave me the same info that I had indeed timed out. Well enough of that! I went back and emptied out my cart and cancelled the order and rolled to another company for my supplies. It was there that I discovered that I had indeed paid wicked two times. So without my email getting an invoice or anything. But I did get an email when I cancelled my order. Well I called Visa and the gum popper on the other end told me to take it up with Wicked :confused: ....ok can do.

    I called them and they were closed for the weekend so I fired off an email asking why I never got a conformation email on my order if I did indeed pay for it and why it kept asking me to pay for my items when I had already paid for those items. And please fix your site before it causes other people to tie up 200 bucks. And so on. Maybe I wasn't really nice about it, but I was lengthy. :oops: Needless to say I haven't heard anything about my billing issue and my money that was going to be used on vaping supplies is now tied up with Wicked.

    So I started looking around and found another billing issue happening by another person and they had used partner@wicked (ect) and had a reply from that email. I sent them a much nicer and not so lengthy mail explaining the whole problem and to please refund my money so I can get my stuff. But still nothing from them. I saw where they used to have a live chat but have since shut it down.

    I know that some sites use 3rd party hosting for their CC orders and stuff, but if they use that excuse for what happened I may lose my mind. If the kid at the burger joint spits on your burger it is the kids fault and they just so happen to be working for the burger joint...So it is the burger joint that needs to fix the problem. Maybe that was a bad comparison and a disgusting comparison but you get my drift. I guess I am steamed about this and was just expected someone to be checking some sort of mail from there. Then to TOP IT OFF! I got an email today around four PM telling me that THEY had cancelled my order because I didn't pay for it. :facepalm: Now now now Wicked your HAL 2000 has went bananas or something because I cancelled that order last night and.....nevermind you are a automated email doo hickey so I guess I will send yet another email in a vain attempt to catch Pedro working the night shift at Wicked and maybe just maybe. But nothing has arrived.

    I have bought from them before back in O9 but that was only for some e-liquid that was supposed to be the strongest or something. It was alright but tasted kind of like sasquatch droppings. And I do remember that it took a while to get my order but I have never had problems like this with anyone. But when you buy something from Wicked they hit you with the spam and I guess it worked on me because I went back to them and wish I hadn't at the moment.

    So much for the lacking of persiflage.

    Has anyone had problems like this with them?
    I have also seen on a their own forum where they urged someone not to use visa for their first order.
    Does someone know where they hang out so I can go get my money all Ike Turner style? :p

    And I know people loooove Wicked and I am not flaming them at all. Just wanted to get some help or maybe an email of someone who could clean this up for me so I can get my supplies before I am forced to drink my liquid. We maybe I would never go that far. But I would dig some help.
  2. vapingmusician

    vapingmusician Full Member

    Got this on my blackberry while I was out this morning.

    I am sorry for the issues you have been having and no of course you do not need a lawyer to get your money back. The payment is pending, we do not have the money and have no absolute reason why this is happening. The money goes into a type of "limbo" and we can provide screen shots to show we do not have the money, effectively the bank holds it but it will be release back into your account very soon, if not already.
    We have a new payment system and it appears to be causing problems for a very small percentage of customers, I realise even one customer is one too many. We were told the problems were fixed and restated the payment gateway on Thursday, it appears that there are still issues as your experience pays testament to.However it It is not a Visa card issue, we do know that, as almost all payments have been via Visa
    I cannot give you the money back as we do not have it. but need to reiterate how sorry I am for the inconvenience this has caused.
    I will be very happy to send a free bottle of fluid as compensation
    Kindest regards

    Wow! A free bottle of fluid from a company I hate! Sqweeeeeeeeee!

    Checked my card and still no money back from LIMBO. Can't order anything elsewhere. Can't do anything. So when it gets back from where ever it is I will be super mad and smoking analogs because I ran out of everything.

    Why wouldn't they check their mail more than every 48 hours if they knew there was a glitch in the system?

    More to come I guess.
  3. vapingmusician

    vapingmusician Full Member

    Still have 2 pending charges holding up my card from Wicked for 93.19 each. I am checking each hour to see when they come off. I read on another post where this happened with Wicked and it took almost 2 weeks to get it off there. I am going to contact the BBB and some other places before I get suits involved. But I think in any legal action I would spend much more than my 200 dollars just to get anything done.

    But TW insists they do not have my money and it is in "limbo". But it is UP TO THEM to contact Visa and dismiss those charges pending or otherwise. I contacted visa again and have been on the phone most of the morning to find a quick way out of this mess. But it rests on TW at the moment.

    So now I have to rush order something when my money is cleared again and have it shipped red, costing me more money.

    I don't want TW's free e-juice they offered me ( I don't care how overpriced it is) I just want my original order, or my money back.....But come to think of it, I don't want anything from them. I would love for them to drag their feet and put blame on everything except their lousy customer service so that I can spread the word here and everywhere else that I can. I am saving every letter from them (right now it is only one from a live person) so I can enthrall and inform and hopefully do some good out of this mess and save some other people from this horror.

    WICKED ADMITS their checkout has problems!!! You have been warned.


    Pending -$93.19


    Pending -$93.19

    There is a copy of my card with the back to back charges still stuck to it. TW said they do not have the money so it is out of their hands.

    More later.
  4. vapingmusician

    vapingmusician Full Member

    Awoke to this.

    Money still tied up, nothing has changed at all in that dept.

    One email from TW....

    Thank you for contacting us. I do not show a current order for you. The order # shows deleted. Has the payment shown on your bank as of yet? I will await your response.

    Now maybe someone will help me over there at TW.

    Let's see how this plays out.
  5. vapingmusician

    vapingmusician Full Member

    While I am writing this I am on HOLD with TW using my phone. TW if you are reading this, please change your hold music because it sounds like circa 1981 porn music. I know getting license free music is hard. But really? ewwww.

    Well I talked to Alex ( a woman) and I was told that it could take up to 4 days to get my money back on my card but to help me out she was going to send me the multi-charger that I was originally trying to get. No mention of the batteries...but I can be bought off with cheap Chinese plastic as I am a child of the 80's, and I accepted their offer as a gesture of good will. Now let's do the math. Let's say I have lost touch with 180.00 US...They are sending me a 25.00 charger to calm me down. I will get my money back someday and be a 25.00 charger richer in the process. But I have spent way over 5 hours combating this problem. I bet I spent 25.00 in cell charges calling VISA. So let's say that if I work for 10.00 and hour ( and I have before) I will be out the 25.00 anyway even after the charger arrives. Sounds convoluted and a bit almost metaphysical for math doesn't it? Well it is that kind of thinking and fringe science that credit card companies use when you are trying to reason with them. It is madness and the rules of the cosmos get tossed into the trash along with things like THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

    But let me start my last post on this thread with: If you buy from a company that uses the mythological embodiment of evil as their logo you have it coming. As I sit here and talk with Alex I can't help but look in to those cartoon eyes of Satan as he puffs away. I had it coming. This whole carnival feel of the site should have been a warning. A big red warning to stay away from something that is evil and proud of it, a beautiful and dazzling poison frog that displays it's color to warn of it's deadly toxic innards. Image is everything now, and the rules are bent for the house, you have been warned by nature herself.

    I now have 20.12 to live on until the pending charges come off my card. So I could be living on twenty dollars for 4 days because someone wasn't watching the store while they enjoyed their weekend. That is kind of my fault for being a musician and not getting a real job so I can have more money to be reckless with. But it is still very much the fault of a failed site that was taking money and giving nothing in return. TW will suffer from this backlash I am sure and many a potential buyer will be swayed away from the big red devil and the color of danger not because of an primal instinct to beware of the red berries but because they read this post or the other posts that will come from the other people who had this happen to them over the weekend. And let me tell you from what I heard I was LUCKY to limp away with what happened to me. So in a way I kind of feel sorry for TW but not enough to ever buy anything from them ever again. I would rather chew on broken glass, I could heal in 4 days from that and I don't expect to see my money back until Thursday, almost a full week from the time I unfortunately hit the checkout button. And letting myself be calmed down by a 25.00 piece of Chinese plastic has my shoulders drawing up around my ears. A self protective stance that will protect ones neck but deafens ones self in the act. I should have demanded one of their better products and been a total wiener about it, but I was weak and civil.

    So my review of Totally Wicked is:

    This company is Totally Wicked as advertised. They are Totally out of the office during the weekends and totally do not care if you have an emergency with their billing department. They will totally not send you a reply if you send them an email. And they are wicked to the bone when it comes to fixing problems that are TOTALLY their fault. Their prices are totally too high and I was mad to think that paying more would equal better costumer service, I was TOTALLY wrong about that. Their cuddly mascot Satan should be a warning to all of those who use their credit cards that if there is a mistake in their TOTALLY useless checkout screen, you will have to get in line and wait with the rest of the WICKED world.

    If it wasn't for the skills in modding that this site taught me I would be TOTALLY back on analogs. I cobbled together a little home-brew vape box and I am getting massive hits from it. So thanks modders. But I could never use it outside because it looks much like a detonator box from a movie.

    If anything changes I will be back on this thread letting it all out. And when the charger comes ( at this moment I give it a 10 percent chance of happening) I will be back in the saddle with my 510 batteries. But whenever my money comes back, if it comes back, I will not be going back to Totally Wicked. I will go back to my old stores with their bland non mythical creature emblazoned on everything ways, their constant updates on my order sent to my emails, their mature and dry way of making sure my order is correct and that I am happy. I will miss out on the glitz of being in league with the dark prince but I will get my supplies.

    Thank you all for following this thread and make your own informed decision using your best judgement and research those vendors before you hit that checkout button. But as I have pointed out before, I have made one successful purchase from TW and it went off without a hitch. Friday's ride through the high seas of internet commerce was an unexpected event from what I am told and didn't just happen to me. Buy local if you can!!!!
  6. vapingmusician

    vapingmusician Full Member

    Still waiting on those errors to leave my card. It is Wednesday, maybe by Thursday.

    My charger from TW made it but my card still reflects the 2 charges in error. Can't get to my money. what a horror show. More later I guess.
  7. vapingmusician

    vapingmusician Full Member

    A week later and still the charges remain. I got the mega charger ( a $25.00 value) as compensation from them, but they never called or wrote to see if my card was ok. The charger arrived in a flimsy envelope and the box had been crushed to death. I can't believe someone would package something like that in a envelope. Maybe it was their way of being wieners or something back to me, but not very smart if they were trying to show me they can do even one single thing right. The charger works well, I guess and my wife will enjoy it. I have turned to modding as a way to never rely on another vaping vendor for jack squat. But I can't make attys yet, or fluid. So finding vendors that do the right thing is important!

    They assured me on Monday my card would be cleared in 3-4 days. I think they knew better and just wanted to get me off the phone. I would have asked for something around my 180.00 bucks if I knew I would be inconvenienced like this. Maybe they should have been a little more generous with there good will gift giving if they knew I would be reminded of their failure for 7 days of constant watching of the card.

    I sent yet another email to Alex today explaining that the charges where still there, and how this was getting to be ridiculous. But this being Friday I won't hear from anyone until Monday ( I would like to see me go wrong on that) and even then I might have to be the one that uses my cell phone minutes yet again to get any answer. I told her that it was cool they sent me the charger but if they knew it was going to be a longer wait than 3-4 days why not offer me a kit so I would be taken care of while I waited. I do not think this will garnish me a screwdriver kit or so much as a return email. But it would be the thing to do since they say they don't have my money to refund me, and they can't make the pending charges vanish. It was my fault for trying to buy something off them in the first place I guess.

    It is getting close to the time where I guess I should start looking in to legal means of getting some satisfaction out of this. I hate to be one of those guys that shout lawyer. But I am getting real sick of my money being messed with by Totally Wicked and it's failure of a site. I know it would cost me more than my 180 to hire representation, so that will never happen. Those who have money get to do whatever they wish to you. Ahhhhh aint it grand?

    I do get to talk to a bunch of Phoenix Vapers tomorrow and spread my story. I wonder if I have caused 180.00 worth of damage yet to their sales? I know that they have taken up 180.00 of my time already. In fact I would have given that much to not have to go through all the checking daily of my card, asking people to order stuff for me why my card is locked up, and the frustration of not being able to just shop online when I want to.

    The little smug demon on my charger might have to get a little Ramones sticker placed over him. I want to knock his little cartoony teeth down his red evil neck.
  8. vapingmusician

    vapingmusician Full Member

    In a M. Night Shyamalan type twist. My wife lugs in a big envelope from Wicked today. I couldn't believe it.

    Inside were thoughtful and amazing peace offerings from Jason. I was stunned. I am still stunned. It was like Christmas. Actually it was better than Christmas because you can ask any struggling musician what Christmas is like and they will all agree that it is never good. This however was good. Believe me.

    I am a cynical person. I am a pessimistic person by nature and I am sure this was a learned behavior also, but this shook me. Wicked made up for their mistake. In a big way. Thoughtful, generous, kind, and even hung it out to see if I would chop it off. That is guts, that is more than ANY other company would have done. Sure I *****ed like there was no tomorrow, but they could have sent me my charger and let the money be tied up and go on about their stuff. NOPE! They did me right, they did their company right, they did their name right.

    The money is back on my card. It was there when I checked it this afternoon. SCORE!!! Now I can pay my damn bills. But then I get this package with a letter and a card and some gifts and the WHOLE ORDER! WOW! I felt like the Grinch and my little heart was growing two sizes. I am a cynical person, but I know when to give respect to those who do the right thing. And Wicked did the right thing. So HOPE they mess up your order. HOPE that your card gets pummeled. WISH for a mistake my internet readers and doubtful naysayers.

    Now I kind of want to pinch little Satans cute red cheeks and maybe have him drag up some fallen sinners for a good rock and roll vape party. When Old Scratch is putting the fork to your rump he is your worst enemy, but if he is just there to party he is cool.

    But levity aside Wicked did me right. Well right my friends.

    Bravo Totally Wicked. All is forgiven. But I am shy with my card number now. And on my salary how can that be a bad thing? I am back in black but used to the red.

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