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Discussion in 'VAMO' started by flavorfart, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. flavorfart

    flavorfart Full Member

    Do I just bought a vamo to upgrade from a little non spinner ego lets just say its amazing even tho its a v2 big big vapes comparing to my other one with a aspire bdc tank looking to get a nautilus tank soon probably anyone else have a vamo that would like to say how awesome this is?

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  2. theinlawjosie

    theinlawjosie Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I have a v2 and a v5. I really like them, I paid less for both of them than I did my two 1100mAh Spinners and I still use them all the time. They are pretty tough and reliable. Enjoy!
  3. Dandreid

    Dandreid Senior Member

    I love my Vamo. I have a V3, and when I'm not using a mech, I usually use the Vamo.
  4. flavorfart

    flavorfart Full Member

    Yea mine was about twice as much as my non spinner plain battery setup so pretty cheap for what you get pretty awesome mod for cheap

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  5. SonHouse

    SonHouse Vaping Master Verified Member

    I have V2's and V5's. Very happy with them.
  6. tnash

    tnash Ultra Member

    Well I also have a v2 aand a v5. Got the v5 recently as a back-up, but my v2 has been used steady for several months. Still remember the first time I tried it..wowza!

    KYBLUE Senior Member Verified Member

    Love my Vamo.

    Don't put it in your back pocket. You may not remember to remove it before sitting down.:facepalm:
  8. deanthemachine

    deanthemachine Super Member

    Congrats, natural progression and you picked a good one!
  9. joecil

    joecil Super Member Verified Member

    I've been very happy with my v5 and also have a Lambo v6 coming with the correct batteries as my second to the v5. I've a big believer in backups.
  10. eMats

    eMats Senior Member

    V5 here. Good purchase - one of the best for the money IMO.
  11. Bill220

    Bill220 Full Member

    Love my V5! I also have a Vision Spinner that I'm fond of.
  12. Plumes.91

    Plumes.91 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Awesome to hear! I bet the transition was incredible, from little unregulated Ego batteries to a VV/VW mod! Haha you must be siked! The Vamo is a fantastic mod for the low price tag. Just be careful with it and it's threads and it will serve you well. Enjoy your vape journey.
  13. retired1

    retired1 Curmudgeon Staff Member Admin Verified Member

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  14. JohnnyDill

    JohnnyDill Super Member Verified Member

    I just got my Vamo V2 yesterday. AW IMR batts of both sizes. Surprise, the current V2s have the replaceable top cap now. The 510 threads are excellent, at least on this one. So far, so good. I went from Halo Tritons to this. It is a nice upgrade! Now if I can only find a 510 to Halo atty connecter! The 510 to Ego one I have does not work. ;) -Vape on!
  15. Gunner83

    Gunner83 Super Member

    I used a V1 for over a year, and loved it. After much abuse, it finally starting giving out just recently. Just replaced it with a V5, and am loving it just as much. Maybe even more, because I like the OLED screen over the LCD screen.

    You really can't go wrong with a Vamo. My first mod was a Bolt. Going from that to a Vamo was a huge difference, and since I don't sub-ohm, and love the consistent hit on VV/VW mods from full battery to a dead battery, I can't bring myself to go back to a fixed volt mod or mechanical.
  16. flavorfart

    flavorfart Full Member

    Just got a kanger aerotank with adjustable airflow ******** its awesome the flavor and vapor production is simply amazing with my vamo and looks awesome!

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  17. Zurd

    Zurd Ultra Member Verified Member

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    love my Vamo V2, great price and has VV, VW, ohms checker, battery checker!
  18. edyle

    edyle Vaping Master Verified Member

    Then you sir might be interested in THIS:
    Use your Vamo AND your Mech!!

    Vamo 5S Variable Volt/Watt Control Head for Mechanical Mods OLED screen / stainless steel
  19. Gunner83

    Gunner83 Super Member

  20. ut1205

    ut1205 Super Member Verified Member

    I purchased a Vamo V5 in November and was so impressed that I purchased another one as a backup. My Spinner is now my third backup.
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