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Discussion in 'MadVapes' started by dale1962, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Do these come with three different replaceable ohm coils(does not state on site if do or not)?I know these Smok Teck RCT, Blue - Vision Nova Tanks - Tanks - PV Parts are new to MV but has anyone tried them or the one's like them,how do they perform,wick,do they leak,durability.TIA, Dale
  2. JAY73

    JAY73 Super Member ECF Veteran

    i dont know but it looks like smoktechs version of the vn if you get it let us know how ut works...
  3. everman7

    everman7 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    the one I ordered did come with the three atty heads.
    a few weeks later I ordered a few replacement heads and they are the long wick ones, not cut like the images showed.

    was trying to order the new smoktech one, but I can't log in... :(
  4. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    How did they perform everman?Did u use 100% VG juice in them,how long did the heads last u....
  5. everman7

    everman7 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    The Vivi works OK. I don't think I like it as much as pbusardo did on youtube. If I use up 1 mil in it, it will dry out and it is difficult to re-wick. As long as I keep it topped off it works great, but it's a hassle. It is like having a carto that always needs to be topped off. I tend to vape like I used to smoke. Vape, vape, vape, vape......wait a while, vape, vape, etc. So, a few hits in a row, it wont keep up. After it sits a while it's OK. My wife has started using it and at her pace it seems to be working well. She just "sips" it all the time.

    As for 100% VG, yes it worked OK, but I got the same issues above with both VG and a mix. I believe MadVapes KickA$$Carmel is 100% VG, and I used that a lot in the Vivi.

    Atty heads lasted me about two weeks or so before I felt I needed to try another head. The replacement heads I ordered (1.8) don't seem to taste as good as the original, but they are still working.
    When I used it, it was on the Provari and anything over 4V with the 1.8 would burn (as expected). I currently have it on my bolt now that the wife is using it. It's fine on there. (sometimes I sneak a puff, cuz I like her juice).

    Now that I think about it, at my wife's slow pace, I haven't replaced the second head in a very long while...I would guess at least a month.

    I just ordered the Smok Tech version, we'll see how that works next.
  6. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Well went ahead and ordered the new Smok tech RCT would still like to know if comes with replaceable heads HOOG...went ahead and ordered the replacements heads 1.5 ohm Dual coil on site(really dual coil) in case does not.Also thought I would try the vivi nova tank sure hope these do alot better than regular clearomizers.Will soon see.
  7. seadooman

    seadooman Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Please let us know how the Smok Tech works and what ohm the carto is.
  8. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Well the the replaceable head that came with it read 2.0ohms and I got only the one with the tank by the way...first off keep in mind never used clearomizers much but I put some 100% VG juice in the tank and let it sit a bit and slapped on the VV gripper at 3.7v and definately getting alot of dry hits had to keep dipping the wick.When works, works well and has a good draw and no leaks.

    Hindsight probably should'nt have put 100% VG juice in there but what I had alot of.Did vape it down to half full and put some DK TAB in there to thin it out and worked a little better.After vape this down will try some all thinner liquid and let u know how that works out.If anybody with some tips with these type of tanks to make them work better let me know.

    On other hand also ordered the Vivi Nova and it has been working flawlessly....
  9. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Update I took the 2.0ohm head off the tank that came with it and put on the 1.5ohm DC head I purchased separately from MV and put some 65pg-35vg juice in it and put it on the VV Gripper at 3.7v and performing better.Let it sit just a few minutes and no dry hits at that voltage yet.Will turn up the voltage a tad later and will report back.

    The head that came with it must have been a dud but was reading 2.0ohms..
  10. seadooman

    seadooman Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Which one are you talking about? The Smok Tech or the VIvi?
  11. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Smok tech RCT..............................
  12. Wrxwabbit

    Wrxwabbit Full Member

    I have the vivi nova and the smoktech Rct looks quite similar. I'm very tempting to buy it because it offers the dual coil head. But does anyone know if the heads are rebuildable (wick and coil replaceable) like the vivi nova??? and any leaking issues?
  13. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Not to tech savvy but they look easier because the head is bigger hopefully Hoog will chime in and let u know for sure.I have had no leaking issues with my RCT...
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