When do you change coil heads?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Vodge, Oct 31, 2013.

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  1. Vodge

    Vodge Full Member

    Do they suddenly stop working? Or will I suddenly notice? Or is it more gradual..

    I've been using the same one for probably a month now, and I think I remember reading they should be changed sooner than that.
  2. Weizenheimer

    Weizenheimer Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The degradation is usually gradual. The improvement when changing one that has gone too long is huge.
  3. Vapoor eyes er

    Vapoor eyes er ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    When they either start to taste "funky" or when fresh juice in the tank goes dark. I clean them a few times before replacing and usually replace them when the silica wick begins to shard/ disintegrate.
    As the coil gets coated in juice gunk they won't be able to fire as well. Juice gunk has to be removed by soaking in PGA and/ or dry burning.

    My Vision Vivi Nova heads last about 10 weeks and are still firing great but wick is beginning to fall apart :D
  4. quiter76

    quiter76 Full Member

    New one will taste better after "old" one is about a week old, 2 weeks will be significant difference. A month! Juice will REALLY have burnt flavor compared to new one.

    BTW, we discussing tank type unit, or plastic clearomizer? I'm referring to the latter...and I believe the wicks and all are "contaminated" after a week or so...filling fresh juice into old dark stuff will still taste "off" till it's cleaned/replaced.
  5. H Niemand

    H Niemand Super Member ECF Veteran

    That is the same method I use.
  6. Mark Anthony

    Mark Anthony Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I try to clean mine every 2 to 3 tanks.... it seems to me anyway to prolong the life a bit..... but yeah, there is nothing like putting a fresh one on......
  7. nova_did_it

    nova_did_it Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I end up changing mine when the flavor tastes funky or very muted even after cleaning. I usually get about 3 weeks out of my coils.. but a few times it was only a week before I had to change. With my darker juices, I tend to have to change more frequently especially if I'm getting dry hits suddenly meaning the wick isn't absorbing as well any longer.
  8. JacV

    JacV Full Member

    I change mine every 2 or so weeks.
    You can prob use them a bit longer if you "wash" the coil in Vodka. It gets rid of the burnt bits on the wick. Leave the coil in Vodka for about an hour or so, take it out rinse it and your good to go. It wont taste funky cause Vodka doesnt really have any flavour, unless you use flavoured vodka(not recommended).
  9. H Niemand

    H Niemand Super Member ECF Veteran

    Just had one of my EVOD coils blow out. It was about 3-4 weeks old with at least two PGA soaks. Ahh, the flavor of anew coil!!!:vapor:
  10. Pork Dragon

    Pork Dragon Full Member

    I've had a kanger Protank head last me about 45 days at max...that's mainly because EVERY time I went through a tank, I would clean it and dry burn the head.
  11. Thegimic89

    Thegimic89 Full Member

    Def depends on the coil but no more than 1-3 weeks company's like innokin recommend 14 days you'll notice it produces less vapor and taste a little toasty
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